The Top 3 Virtual Assistants You Should Hire First

Mar 25, 2022
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The Top 3 Virtual Assistants You Should Hire First

Remote work is here to stay, and so is the opportunity to outsource work. As of 2022, global outsourcing is practiced by both small and big companies. And due to the growing number of benefits, more and more businesses are outsourcing work to virtual assistants.

It’s a wise move to look at the statistics first if you’re thinking of outsourcing to virtual assistants in 2022. If you’re already deciding on your first hire, we’ve got tips for you!

Here are the top 3 virtual assistants we think you should consider hiring for your business first.

The Executive Admin

An executive administrative assistant functions like a remote personal assistant to executives and managers. Beyond administrative support like data entry, schedule management, and file management, executive admins can also conduct prospecting calls and take over marketing tasks for small business owners.

Also known as executive virtual assistants, they are remote professionals capable of taking on leadership and management roles as your business grows into multiple teams. They can become directors of operations, project managers, and so forth.

What Does an Executive Virtual Assistant Do?

Executive assistants typically start out by covering daily administrative work like taking care of your schedule, inbox, and file management. Once they’ve set up systems for faster, smoother workflow, they can dive into digital and email marketing tasks as well.

If one of your priorities is getting in touch with prospects, your executive assistant can also take over your call list and use a power dialer for a few hours every day. They can also help you manage and process incoming and acquired leads.

As your business grows, the executive admin’s role can evolve into a management role depending on their mastery of your operations. They can also collaborate with you in setting up new teams as well as training and onboarding new virtual assistants and local staff.

Here’s what an executive assistant’s schedule might look like.

virtual executive virtual assistant sample schedule

The Marketing Virtual Assistant

On the Top 2 spot is the marketing virtual assistant. Like an offshore marketing specialist, a marketing virtual assistant can help you accomplish a lot of marketing tasks for the growth of your business.

Email marketing, graphic design, video editing, and social media marketing are one of the most popular tasks typically given to marketing virtual assistants. These tasks help business owners nurture their audiences, as well as increase their reach on digital platforms.

What Does a Marketing Virtual Assistant Do?

In part to contributing to a strong marketing strategy, marketing virtual assistants can develop a unique branding kit for your business. This includes creating digital templates for both your digital content and printed materials.

They can also conduct research on market segments and trends to help you better create profitable relationships with the right audience. This can be used in strategizing content, copy, and budget for your digital ads.

Your marketing virtual assistant can also write blogs and help you create other digital content like podcasts, live streams, vlogs, and other digital marketing assets. This is complemented by their tracking of analytics to help you develop a data-driven marketing strategy.

Here’s what a marketing virtual assistant’s schedule might look like.

marketing virtual assistant sample schedule

The Inside Sales Agent

The third of the Top 3 virtual assistants you should hire first is an Inside Sales Agent. They are known for effectively handling the outbound call and email campaigns for sales teams.

Outsourcing your business calls to virtual assistants will allow your field sales agents to focus on handling face-to-face transactions, pitches, and demos.

What Does an Inside Sales Agent Do?

Like business development representatives, inside sales agents can use power dialers to go through your call list and introduce your business to prospective clients. These virtual assistants can also handle incoming calls and qualify them, similar to sales development representatives.

Beyond making and receiving calls, they can also handle your lead management by qualifying, scoring, and nurturing leads. This helps in keeping your contacts database updated at all times, and keeping an eye on which leads are closer to purchasing and need more of your attention.

An inside sales agent’s tasks can free up time for you, your account managers, and field sales representatives to focus on closing deals, instead of dialing and scheduling appointments for the rest of your team.

Here’s what an inside sales agent’s schedule might look like.

inside sales agent usa sample schedule

When you’re starting a business, the first people you hire matter a lot, considering the cost-per-hire and how that impacts your initial investment and revenue. As such, you need to carefully consider who your first hires are and where to place them in your organization.

Here’s a sample organizational chart with the core members of a startup, and the top 3 virtual assistants we recommend you hire first.

Organizational Chart virtual assistants to hire sample

Bonus: The Video Editor

As a bonus, here’s another virtual assistant hire who provides a lot of value to growing businesses nowadays.

If your business banks on creating content to extend your reach and increase your prospects and revenue, a video editor can be a valuable first virtual assistant hire.

What Does a Video Editor Do?

Video editing virtual assistants focus on producing high-quality video content for all of your digital platforms. 

Your hours of editing videos can now be covered by someone else who also knows how to make it more visually appealing with motion graphics, color grading, audio editing, closed captions, etc.

Video editing virtual assistants can take your raw footage and turn it into valuable content that best represents the value you want to communicate. They can also create impactful video ads for your marketing activities.

They can even strategize your YouTube channel for growth and monetization through focused management and video SEO. They can also prepare your longer videos and intermittently release snippets through TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.

Here’s what a video editing virtual assistant’s schedule might look like. (insert video ed Sched)

content video editor virtual assistant usa sample schedule

Bonus: The Remote Data Entry Assistant

Another valuable virtual assistant you should consider hiring is the remote data entry assistant. If your business deals heavily with paperwork, it’s useful to have someone take care of accurately inputting data and managing its proper and secure storage.

What Does a Data Entry Virtual Assistant Do?

Data entry virtual assistants focus on any tedious paperwork you can delegate within your business. They can help prepare and manage transaction templates, as well as invoices and customer data.

You can also hire a data entry virtual assistant to design a file management system for your business through services like Google Drive and Dropbox. This can go hand-in-hand with the responsibility of preparing weekly and monthly reports and updating your team’s calendars with relevant information on their appointments.

Like a virtual secretary, they can also send out meeting invites complete with the agenda, so your team members can always be prepared for team conferences.

Another valuable function of data entry virtual assistants is taking minutes during meetings, especially in brainstorming sessions. This can turn into valuable information for future projects and even new business opportunities.

Data entry virtual assistants can also help you organize your workflow by transcribing meetings and sending reports and follow-ups to the rest of your team. They can even turn your scripts into presentations that your staff and clients can easily follow.

Here’s what a data entry virtual assistant’s schedule might look like.

remote data entry assistant usa sample schedule

If you’re interested in working with these bonus hires as well, you should know where to place them in your organization. This will guide them on which tasks they need to prioritize on a daily basis. Here’s what your organization could look like.

organizational chart top 3 virtual assistants

The Top 3 Virtual Assistants You Should Hire First

Growing a business is not an easy task. Entrepreneurs typically have to perform all the roles until enough people are hired to work on other tasks. 

Virtual assistants offer professional skills to help entrepreneurs grow their investments faster and avoid burning out from all the work.

With the cost-savings from hiring virtual assistants, you can actually get more business and grow your teams without feeling the cost of hiring locally.

If you’re interested in growing your business with virtual assistants, feel free to fill out this form and one of our consultants will get in touch with you.

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