Grow Your Business's Online Presence by Delegating These 12 Tasks to a TikTok Virtual Assistant

Mar 15, 2022
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Grow Your Business's Online Presence by Delegating These 12 Tasks to a TikTok Virtual Assistant

TikTok is today’s most engaging social marketing platform. This makes it a powerful tool for businesses to use in connecting with their audiences.

While some new users still face the learning curve on how to use the app itself, there are professionals who are capable of growing TikTok profiles for brands. Some of them are virtual assistants.

Keep reading if you’re interested to know more about how a TikTok virtual assistant can help your business.

What is a TikTok Virtual Assistant?

A TikTok virtual assistant would be a remote team member who contributes to your marketing activities by working on your TikTok account.

They can manage your account to engage with others, strategize and create content, edit videos, and work on any activity related to growing your business through TikTok.

Not everyone has the time to create videos. Even TikTok creators say this a lot. Marketing through TikTok isn’t just posting something related to trends. You will need to switch things up so your content resonates with your target audience, and is in line with your brand’s values.

This increases the time it takes for you to successfully execute a growth strategy on TikTok.

TikTok virtual assistants help you achieve more by doing the bulk of the work so you can keep your account active and relevant. With TikTok trends coming up left and right, you’ll need someone who can focus on helping your brand stay on top of trends.

With strategies like niching down to your audience’s preferred content, hyper localization techniques, and other marketing tactics, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

A TikTok Virtual Assistant's Weekly Schedule

Here’s an example of what your TikTok virtual assistant’s schedule will look like. It’s important to know what your TikTok virtual assistant will do for you and your TikTok account on a daily and weekly business. That way, they can fully maximize their time in growing your account, brand awareness, and lead generation.

Tiktok Virtual Assistant Weekly Schedule Sample

How Can a TikTok Virtual Assistant Benefit Your Business?

Aside from the productivity and cost savings benefits of having a virtual assistant, a TikTok specialist can have more specific impacts on your business.

By outsourcing your marketing through TikTok, you can have a consistent presence on the platform. This is fundamental in growing your following, traffic, and overall brand awareness. At Virtudesk, we have our own TikTok virtual assistant who has been able to grow our following on TikTok to almost 100k in a little over a year. 

By having a TikTok virtual assistant, you also get to have curated and strategized content on your profile. This means your viewers will keep getting content relatable to them, positioning you as an information resource and building thought leadership for your brand.

That’s the traffic, visibility, and engagement that you aim to have, but may not have the time to consistently work on. Down the line, your TikTok virtual assistant can even grow your brand big enough to join the Creator Fund and start earning you money just by posting on TikTok consistently.

12 Tasks to Delegate to a TikTok Virtual Assistant

Here are 12 specific tasks you can delegate to a TikTok virtual assistant to help your brand and community grow on the platform.

Tiktok virtual assistant shoot raw footage clip videos

1. Shoot Raw Footage of TikTok Content

Your TikTok virtual assistant can help you shoot video clips for your content. This means you get to have more variety as to what you’ll be posting on TikTok, without having to add more to the clips you’re already filming.

Plus, you’ll get to save time shooting raw footage yourself, since your virtual assistant will take care of it.

2. Create and Manage a Content Editorial Calendar

The first step to having a consistent presence on TikTok is to plan everything. Your virtual assistant can help you with that by creating and following an editorial calendar.

This calendar should let you and your team track content being prepared for publishing, and videos that are scheduled to be published. Your virtual assistant can even strategize this according to the best times to post for audiences in your industry.

3. Edit TikTok Videos

This time-consuming task can be delegated to your TikTok virtual assistant. This way, you can have videos that maximize the time limit allowed on TikTok.

Your virtual assistant can also be the one to study the newest trends and how to edit videos so you can tap into the audience base that follows the current trends on TikTok.

They can edit videos directly in the app or use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Canva, or Filmora

Watch this video, based on a blog article that breaks down Executive Virtual Assistant services. This is a great way to repurpose content while getting more visibility on your company’s services and values.

4. Send Pitches to Influencers

Influencer marketing is another powerful strategy you can execute on TikTok. Your virtual assistant can do the bulk of the work by finding influencers in your niche and sending them pitches for collaborations.

This way, all you have to do is approve their plans and shoot a video if you need to be on the post as well. That’s hours of research and sending pitches saved!

tiktok influencer marketing

5. Establish Partnerships and Collaborations

In line with your virtual assistant’s responsibility to grow your following, solidify your presence in your industry, and execute influencer marketing strategies, they’ll also be the ones to take care of your partnerships and collaborations.

They’ll do this by being your representative when your business account reaches out to others, and by managing your editorial calendar for scheduled meetings, shoots, and posts for collaborations.

They can also negotiate terms in your agreements with your partners and influencers.

6. Upload TikTok Stories and Videos

Part of a virtual assistant’s responsibility in handling your TikTok account is to upload your stories and videos after they’ve edited them. This way, your content follows your editorial calendar without you having to add more reminders onto your already busy calendar.

Check out this video from a series created and directed by our very own TikTok virtual assistant.

Hashtag traffic is key to finding out which ones you should use to tap into your target audience. Trending music allows you to get traffic from the general public.

Having a virtual assistant work on both of these can help your content stay relevant in terms of leveraging the platform’s algorithm for discoverability. This can be a huge factor in your account’s success.

8. Grow TikTok Following

Growing your following on any social marketing platform is a basic goal. This can be achieved faster with the help of a virtual assistant.

Ask them to research how much of your target market is on the platform. From there, they can look for ways to best connect with them, and have your content end up on their feeds using the algorithm.

They can also look for accounts that fall under your target audience that they can engage with, thereby increasing the chances of other accounts following yours.

9. Engage with Followers on Posts

One way to nurture your followers, gain new ones, and establish thought leadership is through engaging with others. This is a task your virtual assistant can do for you on a regular basis.

They can engage with other’s posts by creating duet videos, posting reply videos from your profile, or even just like, commenting, and sharing other users’ posts so you can boost engagement through interacting on the platform.

Tiktok virtual assistant reports analytics insights metrics USA

10. Create Reports on TikTok Performance

In any social marketing platform, analytics help in developing the best strategies for growth and other opportunities.

Your virtual assistant can use these metrics to create reports and provide you insight into your account’s health. This will be in terms of how well you engage your followers, how much growth there’s been, and which videos get the best results and why.

11. Create and Optimize TikTok Ads Campaigns

If you’re also designating a budget for ads, your virtual assistant can conduct the research to create and optimize ad campaigns on TikTok. This helps ensure that whatever money you put into running ads on TikTok will be at its best use.

They can even do the necessary research to design templates, write scripts, and create storyboards for your campaigns. They’re also able to input and launch campaigns and monitor the campaign’s success.

12. Direct Strategy for TikTok Growth and Brand Awareness

By managing your account, your virtual assistant will also gain the capability to create and direct a holistic marketing strategy for your TikTok profile. They can systematically target follower growth, brand awareness, conversions, and other goals by using the best techniques they’ve gathered through research and observing your follower’s interactions with your content.

Tiktok virtual assistant tasks

Growing Your Business with a TikTok Virtual Assistant

Video marketing is an essential part of connecting with audiences nowadays. About 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to see more marketing videos from brands in the future.

This leaves TikTok a very bright future as a social media and video marketing tool for companies big and small.

As any marketing work takes time and energy, it’s a wise choice to delegate it to a virtual assistant for the expansion in productivity and cost savings.

If you’re interested in tapping into TikTok’s user base with the help of a virtual assistant, fill out this form and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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