What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an actual human being and a professional who is located remotely. Virtual Assistants often possess impressive track records spanning significant time on a job or assignment. VirtuDesk selects the best of the best when it comes down to hiring Virtual Assistant talent.

I work with sensitive and confidential documentation in my work. How can I trust a Virtual Assistant to work for me, if they can access this documentation?

We have a Cyber Security Insurance that provides $1,000,000 coverage for negligence associated with our work. Besides the insurance, all Virtual Assistants perform work by logging in to our platform named Timedly. Timedly monitors Virtual Assistants’ activity during their log-in sessions, thus providing us with a view of their working day. Finally, all our Virtual Assistants are trained to adhere to the company policy detailing the utmost significance of handling client files, documents, and all communications with highest discretion and confidentiality.

Do Virtual Assistants work from an office setting?

No, our appeal to Virtual Assistants is the flexibility that comes from working from home. Avoiding a time-consuming commute, time spent on the physical aspect of leaving their house, and arriving at a workplace allows our Virtual Assistants to be on standby.

What tasks do Virtual Assistants perform?

Foremost, any task that can be done remotely falls within the ability of our Virtual Assistants. Possibilities are endless, but the main idea is our Virtual Assistants are much like regular office employees, but are based elsewhere. From menial day-to-day tasks to rigorous marketing or prospecting campaigns, Virtual Assistants are extremely versatile in the range of tasks they can shoulder and deliver great quality of work.

Is there a way to ensure Virtual Assistants working hours?

Yes. VirtuDesk provides our clients a free-of-charge, in-house developed time tracker called Timedly, mentioned above. The software also takes automated screenshots of Virtual Assistants' monitors on an interval basis. Our Virtual Assistants also fall into teams under a Team Manager. Every Team Manager oversees daily operations of their staff and ensures work efficiency and consistency while receiving daily reports of Virtual Assistant sign in and sign out times.

How do I know I need a Virtual Assistant?

We naturally advocate for leveraging VAs for most situations. However, there are simple signs that a Virtual Assistant will alleviate pressure off your workload. When you experience more stress, reduced free time, and you're working 12-16 hour days, then it might be time to hire a VA. If you are not picking up new projects and initiatives (like starting social media marketing), simply due to time constraints, then you need to start considering hiring a Virtual Assistant. The majority of, if not all, non-revenue generating activities are appropriate to delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

Does a Virtual Assistant work in the same time zone as I do?

Yes. Our Virtual Assistants work on a schedule you select for them.

What are the advantages of a Virtual Assistant vs. a regular employee?

Usually an in-house employee commands a salary and requires an overhead cost of an office infrastructure that includes rent of a commercial space, furnished and operational office (cubicle, computer, Internet, printer, etc.), office security, and so much more. Whereas hiring a Virtual Assistant eliminates the overhead costs. In addition, since we’re a U.S.-based company we have a US tax ID. Services rendered through VirtuDesk usually fall into a business expense category and can be written off with Form 1099. More information is available during our onboarding process.

What tools and platforms do Virtual Assistants use to effectively perform their work?

The sky’s the limit. Literally. It depends on the type of a Virtual Assistant package you select. Every industry and sector have specialized software, tools, platforms, etc. However, some tools include various CRMs like Follow up Boss and Firepoint, design tools like Canva, and other tools like Docusign, Mailchimp, and social media schedulers. We ensure our Virtual Assistants are up-to-date on the latest trends and are efficient.

How does Virtudesk select their Virtual Assistants?

Being a leader in offering Virtual Assistant services, we receive a great number of applications. Our talent team is tasked with identifying top talent and performing due diligence in picking candidates with extensive experience, in-demand skill sets, and great personalities. We emphasize how a right fit between a client and Virtual Assistant is crucial to their relationship and consequential success. For that we employ a DISC assessment when screening all Virtual Assistant candidates. We also vet the candidates against an FBI-grade check to ensure our staff are trustworthy, discretional, loyal, and professional.

Does your Virtual Assistant speak good English?

Absolutely. All our Virtual Assistants speak English natively and offer knowledge of various regional dialects and accents. You always pick a Virtual Assistant candidate based on your match with them.

Are your Virtual Assistants assigned to clients?

For most of our packages we offer dedicated Virtual Assistants for our clients. We select 3-5 candidates for onboarding clients that meet their requirements. Then, clients get to interview each candidate and select the one that's the best fit for them and their company. You can learn more about this on our Pricing page.

Do you uptrain your Virtual Assistants?

Constantly. Our coaches monitor the performances of all our Virtual Assistants and collect feedback from our clients on it. The Team Manager’s team exists to develop our Virtual Assistant capabilities and bolster their skills.

What are the benefits and advantages of hiring your Virtual Assistant?

All our Virtual Assistants represent our company. When you hire a Virtual Assistant from VirtuDesk, you hire the company itself. What it means is that besides a competent and professional resource, you get the company infrastructure built to ensure smooth and highly efficient operations to support our Virtual Assistants.

Can I hire more than one Virtual Assistant?

Definitely. Depending on the areas you’re looking to address, we offer many solutions. Here’s one example of a real estate agent delegating work to Virtual Assistants. One full-time Virtual Assistant covers the agent’s schedule and appointment book. This Virtual Assistant also monitors the email correspondence and online inquiries coming in through the agent’s website. Their Marketing Virtual Assistant creates content for the agent’s business, updates the website, and manages all the social media channels (Facebook, Google business page, Instagram, and TikTok) with consistent posts (i.e., reels, stories, feed posts, etc.) to keep the agent’s online presence active and growing. Their third Virtual Assistant assists the agent with Transaction Coordination tasks to ensure the real estate transaction is properly executed from contract signing to close. Clearly, the tasks (that don’t pertain to the real estate industry) can be performed for any professional business and person(s). Our Marketing Virtual Assistants bring the skills to boost any business’s online presence and digital properties.

What is the pricing for your Virtual Assistants?

Please visit our Pricing page to learn more about different options for Virtual Assistant coverage.

What time commitment do I need to fully see the results of hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Although there is no universal time frame to answer this question, we recommend a 90-day period to see the successful metrics. In many cases the Virtual Assistants commence demonstrating their value a lot earlier than this. It isn’t uncommon for a Virtual Assistant to make an impact in the first month or even two weeks by alleviating pressure of administrative tasks or creating net-new and exciting marketing content to attract more business inquiries and qualify new clients.

What are your agreements for Virtual Assistant packages?

Minimum package is 90 days with the first month prepaid prior to Virtual Assistant selection process during onboarding.

Am I stuck with the same Virtual Assistant?

Although there is no universal time frame to answer this question, we recommend a 90-day period to see successful metrics. In many cases the Virtual Assistant starts demonstrating their value a lot earlier than this. It isn’t uncommon for a Virtual Assistant to make an impact in the first month or even two weeks by alleviating pressure of administrative tasks or creating new and exciting marketing content to attract more business inquiries and qualify new clients.

Is there an affiliate program for referrals?

Yes, we provide a time-based discount on Virtual Assistant services, if a referred contact signs a 90-day agreement with VirtuDesk.

Where are your Virtual Assistants based?

Our VAs are located in the Philippines. However, all of our Virtual Assistants have to pass an English proficiency exam before being hired to Virtudesk and being placed with a client.

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