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Our Leverage online community is a hot spot for learning and sharing fresh ideas, tips, and strategies to grow your business, industry insights, the latest tools and methods, and inspiring stories. It's for like-minded entrepreneurs in all industries to connect, network, and learn how to leverage tech and talent in order to scale their businesses.

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I can always rely on the Leverage community to show me the best ways to delegate tasks through talented hires or the latest tech. What I’ve learned about scaling and growth for my business here is pretty powerful. I love the people here.

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Tristan Ahumada

We are here to help you scale through leveraging out your duties. Our goal is to give you the systems and processes to be able to scale and maintain your growth.

The community is led by VirtuDesk, a virtual assistant company headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Scale Through Competent And Knowledgeable Support

Scale your business with help from a community of industry experts and successful business owners to answer your queries. Join live webinars and get updates on new business trends and advice from the Virtudesk team and the Leverage community.

Extension Of Your Team

Treat the community as an extension of your team and your network of professional connections for advice on business development and decision-making.

System Through Delegation

Find out from leaders and virtual assistants how great delegation systems are made. Strategize your chain of command with opinions from experts on how to create a virtual assistant team that thrives and scales your business.

Optimization Through Efficiency

Optimize your business for success with advice from our team, our clients, and other business influencers with knowledge and experience in working with virtual assistants. Learn new ways to work and increase productivity for yourself and your entire workforce

Competitive Cost Arbitrage

Find out the best offers in the market from community members who have experience working with other service providers. Ask your questions and find out which services are best for your current growth phase.

Invaluable Human Resources

Joining and participating in the community is absolutely free. Learn about networking opportunities, get free checklists and guides, ask questions and participate in professional knowledge sharing to experience a new level of making connections on social media.

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Lorraine Baldwin, Leverage Member

VirtuDesk is an amazing company to get a VA through. The Leverage online community has given me the tools, ideas, and so much more information I would not have had otherwise. I appreciate the people who contribute and assist with the community. Thank you!

Janki Patel, Leverage Member

Being a part of the Virtudesk and leverage community has certainly helped me grow my business. Not only has my business quadrupled but so has my staff and love every moment of it. if you train your VA’s to what you expect from them, treat them with respect, and help them grow as individuals you will never have to look for another VA. My team of 10 VA’s are my family and when it comes to business and goals they now keep me in check.

Pavel Stepanov, Leverage Member

I love seeing all great ideas being implemented by top producing agents.

Robert Garcia, Leverage Member

Since I hired my first virtual assistant from Virtudesk, my business has done so well. I have been able to create systems that allow my team to grow more. I have hired other virtual assistant companies before but their VAs lack training. Virtudesk is different.

Elias Diaz, Leverage Member

One thing I love about the Leverage group is that we have different industries coming together to discuss best practices on how to utilize a Virtual Assistant efficiently. I’ve been able to share my experience with others as well as grow my knowledge on various subject matters.

John Moscillo, Leverage Member

Being part of the Leverage Community is a powerful way for me to collaborate with others who are struggling with the same issues. This allows me to help others but also be helped by others too. It really is powerful.

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