What is the Executive Administrative Assistant Role at Virtudesk?

Aug 10, 2021
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What is the Executive Administrative Assistant Role at Virtudesk?

Starting and running a business can be overwhelming. An Entrepreneur who has an executive administrative assistant understands this and the importance of getting the necessary help.

With someone to attend to other time-consuming and tedious tasks, CEOs get to stay focused on their core tasks.

Find out in this blog what Executive Administrative Assistants are and what tasks you can delegate to help you focus on running and growing your business.

What are Executive Administrative Assistants?

An Executive Administrative Assistant is an empowered professional who functions as the CEO’s right hand. They are trained and capable to handle the demands that complement the CEO’s tasks.

On top of that, they’re also able to answer to the administrative needs of other members of the organization to keep the workflow running smoothly.

A skilled executive administrative assistant enables entrepreneurs to stay on top of their core duties, allowing for more productivity and growth opportunities for the CEO and the business as a whole.

Virtudesk EVAs

An Executive Virtual Assistant from Virtudesk (EVA) is trained to be capable of prospecting, administrative, and marketing tasks.

They can assist you with organizing, contacting, and filtering through all of your leads and prospects. EVAs can also manage paperwork, appointment scheduling, data entry, and other administrative tasks.

On top of being able to take on leadership duties and managing teams, Virtudesk EVAs are also capable of accomplishing marketing tasks for your business.

General EVA Tasks

In this section, learn about the different tasks you can delegate to a Virtudesk EVA, classified between prospecting, administrative, and marketing services.

Prospecting Services

Outbound Cold Calling 

  • Conduct outbound calling to establish contact with a list of marketing qualified leads 

Client Relationship Management

  • Write and launch email campaigns 
  • Respond to emails, phone calls, and text messages 
  • Resolve customer complaints and concerns 
  • Update information, contact and manage contacts on your company’s CRM 
  • Follow-up with leads 
  • Nurture relationships with leads, prospects, and customers 
  • Keep customers updated on the latest products to increase sales 

Script Library 

  • Use of provided scripts and custom training (optional) 

Lead Generation and Nurturing 

  • Generate leads through marketing campaigns such as social media campaigns, digital advertising campaigns (e.g. Facebook ads), email campaigns, content marketing campaigns, and more 
  • Research companies and contacts as per target market specifications (data mining) 

Lead Processing 

  • Establish contact and qualify all leads 
  • Follow preferred seller scripts 
  • Probe for motivation and convert leads into appointment/lead gen/sale etc. 
  • Determine if non-converted leads will go on drip campaigns Send a follow-up email, text, or call to potential leads or existing leads 
  • Transfer hot leads to experienced in-house team members
  •  Filter through all leads and provide an organized list of current lead status and other notes 

Administrative Services

Email and Calendar Management

  • Manage your business calendar and coordinate any appointments to ensure that you are on track with your schedule. 
  • Manage company email inbox by responding to incoming emails and following up with internal and external stakeholders Setting up Autoresponders 
  • Filtering emails and managing spam 

Data Entry 

  • Create and update spreadsheets 
  • Update and manage a company database 
  • Upload contacts into databases, spreadsheets, or company CRM 
  • Keep digital records of your financial transactions, upload receipts, and enter cash flow data for your accountants 
  • Prepare customer spreadsheets and keep online records 

Admin Tasks

  • Calendar management including scheduling appointments 
  • Organize to-do lists and calendars 
  • Manage current and potential leads 
  • Gather information or make a data analysis 
  • Conduct company research 
  • Prepare presentations, reports, and other company documents 
  • Respond to customer inquiries and concerns by answering phone calls, emails, and webchat inquiries 
  • Organize technical support tickets 
  • Coordinate the purchasing of office and marketing supplies and other purchases for business operations 
  • Create and update business operations manual 
  • Create and update all job descriptions and employment contracts for any future hires 
  • Oversee aspects of the administration of the company Sort out and compile documents 
  • Proofread company documents and marketing collateral 

Database and Process Management 

  • Systematically maintain all standardized operating procedures in handling contracts for your business. 
  • Manage interactions between current and potential leads based on the strategic, collaborative, and operational platforms of your business 
  • Organize cloud-storages 
  • Manage and clean up files 
  • Update contacts and CRM management 
  • Organize a contact list of clients and prospects 

Virtual Sales Support 

  • Assist customers with products or services and after-sales concerns 
  • Manage automated website and social media chatbots 

Marketing Services

Social Media Management

  • Set up social media accounts 
  • Design engaging graphics (with tools like Canva or Adobe) and write social copy for social media accounts 
  • Schedule social media posts using a social media management system (e.g. Sprout Social, Hootsuite, etc.) 
  • Engage with followers on social media 
  • Manage and respond to comments and direct messages 
  • Prepare reports from social media analytics and offer insights 
  • Manage social media ads campaigns that will promote your product or service (e.g. Facebook Ads) 
  • Monitor trends in social media using social media management tools and applications 
  • Monitor online presence by developing and expanding community and influencer outreach efforts 

Content Management

  • Identify customers’ needs and recommend new topics Conduct keyword research 
  • Create a content editorial calendar 
  • Create an outline of drafts 
  • Write drafts of content 
  • Create graphics for content 
  • Edit and proofread written content 
  • Finalize into a final document to share with customers via different channels 
  • Coordinate with marketing and design teams to illustrate articles 
  • Ensure content is consistent regarding brand guidelines and optimized for target markets 
  • Create content guidelines and process documentation to maximize the quality of content 


  • Choose the hot topics and ideas 
  • Create a blog editorial calendar 
  • Do basic keyword research 
  • Create keyword-optimized titles 
  • Write the post 
  • Create the accompanying graphics 
  • Publish posts on your blog 
  • Share it on all the social media platforms 
  • Send it to your audience in a newsletter 
  • Filter and reply to comments on your blog 

Marketing Strategy

  • Develop campaigns to increase digital presence 
  • Improve SEO and drive website traffic up
  • Optimize paid advertising campaigns 
  • Assist with overall digital marketing strategy 
  • Develop, implement, and track marketing campaigns across channels 
  • Collaborate with other internal teams (e.g. product and sales) to develop and monitor strategic marketing initiatives 
  • Create and monitor retargeting campaigns 
  • Analyze and report on the performance and efficiency of campaigns 
  • Conduct market research and analyze trends to identify new marketing opportunities 
  • Research competitors to learn how to stay ahead of the competition 

Email Marketing 

  • Setup email funnels in your company’s CRM 
  • Create email campaigns around product launches and special offers 
  • Send monthly newsletters 
  • Market product or services 
  • Manage, update, and organize CRM contacts 
  • Update email templates using graphics, personalization, and advanced features 

Benefits of Having an Executive Virtual Assistant

Having an Executive Virtual Assistant gives your business the necessary edge to grow and develop into the company that you want it to be. Here are some of the key benefits of having an EVA.

Multiply Productivity

Working with an EVA can be a life-changing experience. Instead of getting frazzled over all your appointments, taking calls, and attending to other tedious tasks, working with an EVA lets you take a step back to breath and focus on entrepreneurial tasks that are impactful to your business.

You can attend more meetings, make meaningful connections, and make wiser decisions when you delegate all that administrative work to an executive assistant.

Increase Workflow Organization

The organizational skills of an EVA allow them to become the backbone of a growing business.

With someone who takes care of scheduling meetings, and getting all necessary arrangements in order, your entire organization can work more efficiently. Having a skilled EVA do that for your business impacts your workflow positively. 

Have Constant Support

The EVA is a member of your team who knows the needs of almost everyone in the organization. They’ll be trained in handling both executive and administrative tasks for you.

This means you have constant support for your and your team’s needs. With the right training, your EVA can be the point person for your teams, as well.

Complement Your Weaknesses

A great way to work with an EVA is to train them to do tasks that you have a hard time doing yourself. If your business needs email marketing or social media management, but you struggle with the tasks that build up to output in those areas, you can have your EVA do that for you. 

Anticipate Needs

Because your EVA knows the ins and outs of your business, they’ll be able to anticipate needs as they schedule future events for you and the rest of your growing organization. A skilled and empowered EVA will be proactive in making sure that work gets done with the right people, tools, and resources.

Build Company Culture

For a growing business, an EVA can also greatly contribute to building the company culture that you want to enrich within your teams.

Delegate employee engagement and other community and rapport-building activities and tasks to your executive assistant.

Train them to write congratulatory emails to top employees and even have them set up team-building activities for everyone once in a while.

Save Upwards of $60k a Year

In a previous blog, we’ve discussed the cost savings entrepreneurs get to enjoy from hiring a virtual assistant. You can also get the same benefit for your business by hiring virtual executive administrative assistants.

Get the same work done, or even more, for a much lesser cost. Increase productivity, and save your resources for even more growth.

Executive Administrative Assistant

Discover the Executive Administrative Assistant Role at Virtudesk

Behind successful entrepreneurs of any industry is a trusted team member who can keep the workflow running smoothly.

Executive Virtual Assistantsat Virtudesk provides entrepreneurs with remote right-hand personnel who is ready to help businesses grow.

Having an executive administrative assistant means more than just getting one more person to do things for your company. This role specifically saves you from working a 100-hour workweek, while still getting to accomplish what your business needs you to do.

If you have plans to grow your business with the help of virtual assistants, fill out this form and someone from our team of consultants will get in touch with you.

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