Power Dialer Features That Drive Business Growth

Sep 21, 2021
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Power Dialer Features That Drive Business Growth

The right power dialer can give your business the edge it needs to hit numbers you need for massive growth. You need one that has the basic features that connect you with your clients in the best possible way.

Whether you’re outsourcing to virtual assistants or delegating to local staff, you need a dialer that has the right combination of features and usability to give you that necessary boost.

Here are power dialer features that will drive your business towards growth and success.

What is a Power Dialer?

First, let’s define what a power dialer is and what you should expect from it. A power dialer is a phone dialing software that automates outbound calls for your agents and salespeople.

It increases your team’s connected time by automatically dialing numbers from your database. Manual dialing may take up seconds, but it accumulates to minutes and hours as your team grows and carries on their work.

A power dialer is an essential system for sales teams and call centers focused on making calls and connecting to prospects.

Having one for your team increases the number of leads contacted. This increases your chances of finding your next client without adding more hours of calls for your reps.

Power Dialer Features

Automated Calling

The main function of a power dialer is to automate the preliminary part of a phone call. Some apps are just auto-dialler integrations for VoIP platforms like Skype. Others are actual virtual telephone tools. 

Call Analytics

Dialers also typically track call metrics. These are measurements of aspects within a call that can be used to gauge effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity among others.

Analytics allow you to see which parts of the process are doing well, and which ones need work. These measurements can then be used to enhance the overall approach toward conducting the business.

Data integration

Data integration means you can import and export data you need to and from other programs. It can be as simple as integrating your database of contacts, to integrating your CRM and other productivity tools your business uses.

Power Dialer Choices 2022

These are our top 3 choices for power dialers this year.


tymbl power dialer

Tymbl is a simple power dialing tool that offers a pleasant experience for those looking to increase productivity. It has calling capabilities, analytics, and a few other features. If you have a team of a few prospecting reps, this can be a great tool for all of you.


cloudtalk power dialer

CloudTalk offers a very robust power dialing tool. It has an auto-call back function that ensures no leads are lost. The app integrations can also be highly useful for multitaskers. Through CloudTalk, you may also create an interactive voice response (IVR) customized to your business’s services.


aircall dialer

Aside from the basic functions of a dialer, Aircall also includes call recording, commenting, and transferring. They also offer a browser extension that truly increases the integration between your workflow and the app.

This is a great choice to increase the productivity of a big sales team tasked with calling up prospects.

Other combinations of features are offered by different providers. What you have to do is find which one can empower your team to deliver the right numbers for your current growth phase.

Here at Virtudesk, we’ve partnered with Tymbl to provide our clients with highly-trained virtual assistants who have power dialer knowledge. 

Tymbl vs Other Dialers

Tymbl is a simple power dialer with added features to supercharge your business. It lets you or your team make calls and talk to more of your prospects faster.

The dialer also lets you work more effectively with its in-built analytics tool. This lets you gain insight into how well your current system works with the dialer’s functionalities.

On top of it all, Tymbl has a very user-friendly interface which is great for both virtual assistants and clients new to using a power dialer for prospecting.

The app is a great example of leveraging simplicity for progress and efficiency. By lowering the learning curve, clients and virtual assistants alike are quicker to pick up on how it works and begin the actual work. Check out its other features below and see why we chose Tymbl.

Benefits of Using Tymbl

Here are our favorite features and benefits from the Tymbl power dialer.

Unlimited VoIP Calls

A Tymbl subscription comes with unlimited calls with its voice-over-internet-protocol telephony function. There’s no need to integrate it with another tool like Skype or Teams.

This is a brilliant feature that comes with the platform and helps prospecting reps stay focused by also letting them work on just one platform. 

DNC Scrubber

Tymbl also comes with a DNC Scrubber tool to help your agency remain compliant with the federal mandate of having a company-specific DNC list. This feature lets you access relevant DNC lists and manage your own company-specific list.

Call Analytics

The power dialer also tracks call analytics. This provides our clients access to reports that help them evaluate the effectiveness of their strategy.

As a user, you can analyze metrics such as call conversions, total time spent on the phone, average time per phone call, analytics on lead categorizing and campaigns, and more.

It can also be used to observe the individual performance of your reps. By having access to call analytics, businesses can make the correct adjustments that promote revenue growth.

Local Caller ID

Consumers are more likely to answer a phone call from a local phone number. That’s why Tymbl also lets users choose a phone number with a chosen area code.

This promotes a better answer rate, thus increasing your chances of finding your next client. The number can also be used by customers to give you a callback, which is a great feature so you can stay connected with your customers.

Lost Lead Capturing

This feature retrieves inbound calls that may have been missed by your team or are marked as “unknown number” on the caller ID.

The numbers are then moved into a new campaign so you can take back the opportunity and call your prospective clients back. Overall, this is a great feature for prospecting reps to take care of inbound calls as well as they do the outbound calls.


Tymbl's 5 for 5 Trial

Have a virtual assistant try out Tymbl while you just observe which dialer helps your business the most. Our virtual assistants are already knowledgeable in using Tymbl because of our partnership.

This can make it faster for you to find the best tool if you know someone familiar with power dialing. Consider your role as the business owner who needs to decide on a tool for your team.

For $5 you can try Tymbl for five days. See what it’s like to work with our favorite power dialing features and more. Discover from the trial which of the features are relevant to your business’s growth to help you decide the best automatic dialing tool for your business.

If you are interested in leveraging your productivity with a virtual assistant, then simply fill out this form, and one of our consultants will reach out to you.

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