Virtudesk Launches New Virtual Call Center Service for Growing Businesses

Jul 20, 2022
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Virtudesk Launches New Virtual Call Center Service for Growing Businesses

Virtudesk launches its new virtual call center service in response to the growing demand for outsourced call center operations.

With this new service, businesses of all sizes are able to get a call center solution that helps them stay connected with their customers.

You can now outsource your call center operations to Virtudesk and experience the benefits of outsourcing, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Read along to discover what this new service can help you with and how you can get started.

What is a Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call center is composed of a team of phone operators who are geographically dispersed. Unlike a traditional one, a virtual call center team handles the company’s phone and chat inquiries outside of the company’s headquarters.

Nowadays, virtual call centers are comprised of phone agents working from home or from an offshore office, giving businesses the chance to experience the benefits of outsourcing while having call center operations.

Instead of setting up a call center operation within the company’s office, virtual call centers allow for phone agents to remotely join the team and provide their services to your business. 

The call center agents don’t need to go to a physical location even in their region but set up their workspace from home. All agents use a VOIP dialer that connects them and other call agents in your virtual call center together to receive inbound calls from your customers.

This can make it easier for businesses to set up a call center, effectively reducing the budget required to get started.

Virtudesk Launches New Call Center Service

Virtudesk’s virtual call center aims to provide a solution for small and large companies who want to scale their operations and provide round-the-clock support to their customers by leveraging virtual assistant expertise in these services.

Customer Service

Virtual assistants are known to help businesses provide customer service and support to their clients. As such, you can delegate customer service tasks to a team of virtual assistants through Virtudesk’s virtual call center.

Inbound call support tasks revolve around resolving service or product-related issues, ensuring that your customers are satisfied with your business, and improving your retention rates.

Tech support involves providing assistance to customers who need guidance during the setup or installation of a product or service and troubleshooting their equipment. Providing this can also help your business increase customer satisfaction and retention.

The order management aspect of customer service allows customers to call to create, modify, or cancel orders, and have their complaints and order processing issues resolved.

Virtual receptionists in customer service teams are in charge of answering incoming calls and following up with the appropriate administrative task. This can be by booking appointments, transferring calls, or simply updating customer info in your CRM.

Live Chat Support

An alternative route to providing consistent customer care is to have live-chat agents for your customers. This role can be fulfilled by Virtudesk’s virtual assistants responding in real-time to your customers.

Among their tasks will be answering customer inquiries both about your services or product, and finding support for troubleshooting.

Virtual assistants in a virtual call center can also be hired as booking agents for businesses in the hospitality industry. Through chat, they will be assisting customers with their ticketing, accommodation, travel services, or payment inquiries. Part of this is also helping them find availabilities and confirming reservations.

Chat support virtual assistants can also help your clients manage their accounts with your business. This involves handling billing inquiries including credit checks, refund requests, payment details and channels, invoicing, billing management, and other account management processes.

Sales Representatives

Inside sales agents or prospecting virtual assistants can perform the role of sales representative agents for your virtual call center.

This will involve tasks like setting appointments for demo calls or meetings with your prospects, sending confirmation invites, and keeping track of their progress.

Finding opportunities to promote ancillary products through cross-selling and upselling is another task for your virtual sales representatives. This can help increase your business’s purchase value and generate more revenue.

Dedicated Subject-Matter Experts

If you need it, you can hire dedicated subject matter experts for the rest of your virtual call center team. Executive virtual assistants from Virtudesk can be trained to handle escalations and support others with special concerns, similar to a subject matter expert.

Their duties will cover answering product-specific questions and discussing your product line with your customers. This will include handling unique, high-priority customer concerns, in order to properly address situations while maintaining a successful relationship with your clients.

They’ll also be handling general customer account inquiries and special concerns like disputes and change requests among others.

virtudesk launches new virtual call center service

What’s Included in Virtudesk’s Virtual Call Center

Here are the features you get when you set up your virtual call center with Virtudesk’s virtual assistants.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Aiming to provide peace of mind to its clients, Virtudesk includes cybersecurity insurance in its call center package in case of data or security breaches.

As working remotely can cause apprehensions in some business owners, cybersecurity insurance offers greater peace of mind, on top of implemented security protocols.

This means you’ll be compensated for losses in the unfortunate case of a cybersecurity infraction committed by members of your virtual call center team.


You won’t have to worry about funding equipment for your team as Virtudesk’s virtual assistants are required to have their own equipment before joining the talent pool.

There is already a team of talented virtual call center agents ready to take your customers’ calls.

Account Management Supervision

If you’re worried about having one more team to supervise and manage, you can sit back and relax.

An account manager from Virtudesk will help you manage your team by tracking their KPIs and making performance adjustments according to your requests. They will hold your call center agents accountable for attendance, manage any training, and make sure they get paid on time.

Agent Onboarding Process

Onboarding every new agent does take time whenever you decide to add more members to your virtual call center team.

This won’t be your problem after training your account manager with the onboarding process. While your business expands, they’ll take care of onboarding new team members if you decide to expand your virtual call center.

24/7 Service

If you need it, you can choose to set up a team to work your phone lines round-the-clock and provide your customers with 24/7 care. This is a great solution, especially if you’re a business that serves multiple timezones.

Time Tracker Access

For added security and accountability for you and your virtual call center team, you’ll get complimentary time tracker access for every call center agent. A time tracker tool tracks the hours that they’ve worked, helping with management and billing accuracy.

This tool, called Timedly, also takes timed screenshots of your virtual agent’s screen to document their progress and productivity. You will have access to this tool so you can easily extract the information you need at any time.

Virtual Assistant Replacement

As Virtudesk launches this new service, the promise of allowing you to replace the virtual assistants in your team remains unchanged.

This allows you to continuously build the best team for your business, helping your business grow and scale faster with all the benefits of outsourcing and having a call center without sacrificing time and resources to look for new people.

virtudesk launches new service virtual call center

Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

Wondering why you should outsource to a virtual call center? Here are some of the major benefits your business will experience.

Round-the-Clock Support

If you choose to set up a team that works your phones 24/7, your customers receive round-the-clock support for their concerns.

This can reward your business with higher customer satisfaction levels, purchase values, and retention rates! 

Significant Cost Savings

Because you’re outsourcing to the Philippines, you get to experience the benefit of saving on labor costs, apart from overhead costs.

Hiring one virtual assistant can save businesses up to $60k per year, imagine hiring a team!


With Virtudesk’s virtual call center, you have full support when you decide to expand your team. 

Your account manager will help you find more virtual agents and help you onboard them. That’s skipping a very long hiring process that could take months.


Need a call center team to perform different tasks? Experience the benefit of hiring virtual assistants who can be trained to specialize in different areas of your business.

You have the option to build a team of call center agents with a mix of different roles. That’s how easy it is!

Management Support

Virtudesk’s account managers are experts at providing the care you need to successfully work with your team of virtual assistants.

From building your team to managing them, and eventually expanding as your business grows, your account manager will give you operational support. This includes assistance during onboarding, training, and reporting on your team’s key performance indicators and metrics.

Lower Security Risk

Choosing Virtudesk also means choosing peace of mind because you’re working with a company that has already placed tools and processes in place to ensure your data’s security and confidentiality.

benefits of a virtual call center

Getting Started with Your Virtual Call Center

As Virtudesk launches its new virtual call center service, more and more businesses will get access to the help that they need to scale faster. 

This can be your business next if you choose to outsource your call center operations to a company that you can trust.

If you’re interested in building a virtual call center team for your business, you just need to sign up on this page, get on a discovery call with one of our consultants, and meet the account manager who will assist you in setting up the best team for your business!

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