50 Social Media Content Ideas and Topics For You To Use to Grow Your Social Media Engagement

Apr 18, 2022
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50 Social Media Content Ideas and Topics For You To Use to Grow Your Social Media Engagement

Running out of content? Social media marketing can sometimes exhaust your creative juices. 

Digital marketing today needs businesses to be on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more. That can be a lot of conceptualization, repurposing, and creation for someone already running a business.

To help you out, we’ve listed 50 social media content ideas to help you get to creating faster. Read along and find out fresh content that works for social media marketing and how you can consistently distribute them without burying yourself in marketing work.

50 Social Media Content Ideas

Never run out of social media updates again with this list of content ideas.

1. Show Yourself!

People want to see more of you so show them you! Post pictures of yourself. Your followers would love to see who you are beyond your social media updates and announcements. Let them know who’s behind all of the great content they love to see and post photos or videos with you in it.

You can also shoot a video of yourself telling your story of how you started your company or tips and tricks for your followers.

Virtudesk CEO Pavel Stepanov gets in front of the camera to share business and productivity tips on our YouTube channel. We also have other team members making video announcements and mock interviews on social media on a regular basis.

2. Host a Q&A Session 

Be sure to announce it a few days before and make an event out of it on Facebook. Invite your followers to it and be sure to make it an interesting topic.

You can do this via live streaming or letting your followers know where to send their questions, then shooting a video about it. Many content creators continue to benefit from these videos, and you should too!

You can catch Virtudesk’s live Q&A sessions with our CEO Pavel Stepanov on TikTok and IG or watch our YouTube Shorts playlist! Just tune in for one of these posts on our social media!

social media content idea going live instagram announcement

3. Do a Thank You Post 

This is probably the easiest one and the one that will get you the most love. What you want to do is post a simple thank you picture or a thank you GIF and thank everyone you feel thankful for in your life. Tag them and let the engagement begin.

Instead of just personal connections and family, you could also tag and thank your partners, customers, and vendors as a way to show recognition and goodwill. 

Plus, this kind of post will not only encourage engagement from followers but encourage your partners to share you in their feed more often too.

4. Predict What’s Next In Your Business

Your business is different in different parts of the nation and if you’re any good at it you can tell how it is doing. Do a video about how it’s doing locally and where you think it’s heading.

Involve your followers by letting them know that they’re part of your plans, success, and community so they also feel invested in the future of your business. You may even get brilliant suggestions from them. 

5. Bring a Guest on Facebook & Instagram Live 

Find a local business to interview and ask them how they got started with their business and how they chose to work in this community. Get creative and don’t think you have to plan this out, it can be spontaneous. 

You can even bring over celebrities and influencers if you’re well-connected. Finding guests who can resonate with your audience is crucial here so always think about your audience first.

6. Talk About a Book That’s Impacted You, Your Employees, or Customers

Talk about a book that you read recently that changed your outlook on life or taught you a lesson. Put the link to the book on Amazon in the post. You can do a video or you can write about what you learned. 

This can help your social media page gain traction from book readers, while also entertaining your followers.

At Virtudesk, we regularly share about our favorite book, The 4-Hour Workweek, where author Tim Ferriss talks about how to automate and delegate your life and business for the ultimate time freedom. 

He also talks about the new rich and leveraging virtual assistants. That is definitely something we can get behind!

7. Share an Event Invite

Got an event? Share your invites repeatedly before the date of the event!

Make videos and posters and share them on social media to get your event buzzing and invite more people to come. Here’s an example invite from our latest event, the Leverage Summit 3.0.

social media content ideas event invite leverage summit 3

8. Give an Inspirational Quote 

People love quotes. They’re easy to find and they’re quick to read. Find ones that are witty, funny, or motivational, and you will get people loving and sharing them. You can just google “leadership quotes” and copy-paste the quote into Canva to create a quick graphic.   

9. Show People What You’re Working On

Behind-the-scenes content helps your followers understand what your business is all about, and also fosters trust. Engineers, chefs, and creative professionals post content on how they create their final products.

Real estate professionals also shoot tours or pictures of the neighborhood they’re working in. Some professionals even create step-by-step videos on their production or creative process. 

People need a sneak peek into your business world. You might even convince some to get on a call with you for another deal.

10. Offer a Free Download

Free downloads, otherwise known as lead magnets, are materials you come up with and invite your audiences to download, usually in exchange for their information.

You can create checklists, whitepapers, spreadsheet templates, or whatever material that is highly useful to your target audience.

This can help you start establishing thought leadership with your expertise and experience. Check out this onboarding checklist we created for our clients and other virtual assistant employers.

11. Interview a Local Vendor

Find a local vendor that is valuable to the community and interview them to bring value to your audience. 

This can help establish your business’s place in your community or area. It’s also a great way to expand your reach to customers of the local businesses you feature on social media.

You could also interview one of your vendors or supplies if that makes more sense to your audience and give them the inside scoop on your back-end systems and processes.

12. Talk With a Leading Authority 

Interview a leading person in your industry that can bring good insight to your audience about your product or service and what you do. You can interview influencers or leaders of companies.

This fosters trust among your target audience, given that a trusted leader just helped promote your business. In the Leverage community, we invite speakers like Jason Pantana, Mally Roncal, and Jeff Pfitzer to share their expertise and blueprint to success. Catch them on the replay of the Leverage Summit 3.0.

13. Interview a Customer or Prospect

You could interview a customer and ask them how they like your product or service, and how they are using it in their lives or business! This could be a great way to show others how people can integrate your product or service into their lives and get the most value.

You could also interview one of your prospects that don’t know what you fully do and have them ask you questions.

Interviews like these are a great way to introduce your products to people who may not be very familiar with what it is.

14. Share a Cool Tech Breakthrough   

You can google the latest tech or check out Engadget and find interesting tech breakthroughs and innovations that will resonate with your audience. You can also set alerts on Google to alert you when there is new news that affects any industry. 

Doing this can encourage your followers to rely on you as a source of relevant information, and take the initiative to stay updated on your newest posts.

If you have your own research and development team, you can post what you are currently researching and working on, and publish new breakthroughs your company discovers itself! 

15. Show a Picture of the Office or Your Work Space

This gives a peek into your work world. People want to know what your office looks like, where you work and how it feels. Take a picture of your desk, your workplace, or the office itself.

You can even share the concept behind your workspace’s design or your favorite productivity gadgets and tools! You can also take pictures or shoot videos of people working in the office.

For bigger companies, show the building or headquarters where your office is located and show off all the cool amenities. This is also another great strategy to get people potentially interested in working for you.

16. Re-share Others’ Content  

When you see a fellow partner or business that has a great video or amazing content, don't be shy to share it. Especially if it’s news, inspirational, or just something that you think is great.

They might even mention you for resharing their content, introducing you to their followers in effect.

17. Share Beautiful Pictures  

Don’t hesitate to share beautiful photos that let you appreciate the world you live in and the work that you do. 

It’s not just photographers and architects who can do this. Share a great photo from your coffee break, the city where you work, the items or properties you’re selling, or even your store’s interior design!

18. Promote a Sale or Discount

Don’t forget to promote your sales and discount codes repeatedly! Share what you’re celebrating with the promotion to encourage audiences to get in the same vibe and check out what you’re offering.

Right now, Virtudesk is running an Easter promo, and here’s how we shared that on social media.

virtudesk easter promo

19. Post a Link to Your Blog

If you have a blog to share then it’s time to share it. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

You can even create graphics from your written content, publish it on social media and use it as a visual aid within your blog!

This will also help drive traffic to your website and readership to your blog. Here’s an example of one of our new blog announcements.

virtual assistants for therapists blog announcement tasks infographic

20. Share Your Wins  

People want to know when you win and they want to cheer for you, so make it easy for them and let them know when you have a win in your life.

If you or your company has achieved an exciting milestone, then share it! Did you get higher than expected earnings for the quarter, did you achieve certain KPIs in the last year (company growth, ROI, etc.), or did you establish a new partnership? These are all wins you can share!

At Virtudesk, we are proud to announce that we achieved 162.53% company growth in 2021. In the same year, we made the INC. 5000 and got recognized for achieving 454% growth in a 3-year period. This is the social post we shared for our announcement.

virtudesk inc 5000 50 social media content ideas

21. Reveal Your Losses

Guess what…people like to know when you lose too. Don’t be shy on this one, because when you get real with people, people start getting real with you and begin to trust you.

Become an inspiration to others by sharing how you deal with setbacks, how it affects you, and how you plan to move forward and bounce back.

You can even show how you, your brand, employees, or close friends are affected by current events, join mental health and gender equality movements, or share injustices you’re addressing through your corporate social responsibility projects.

22. Features of Your Product or Service

Never forget to share your product’s benefits and features! Your customers will always be happy to know more about what you’re offering. Plus, it’s a great way to explain why they should go with you over your competitors. It shows them how you differentiate.

You can hire influencers or get your employees to test your products, taste your recipes, or just create static images or motion graphics that highlight your product or service’s unique features.

At Virtudesk, we share graphics highlighting key tasks you can delegate to our virtual assistants or the benefit of having virtual assistants in a growing business.

virtual admin assistant infographic virtudesk 50 social media content ideas

23. Share a Youtube Video

When you see something inspirational or a great TED talk don’t hesitate to share it on Facebook. Write about what it made you think of, the resolutions you’ve come up with, or even ask a question to start a conversation with your followers.

Even better, share a YouTube video that you created! It can be an educational video on industry trends or a video that teaches your audience how to use your product or service.

24. Ask Your Followers to Get Involved

Ask your followers to post a picture of them using your product or service and have them use a special hashtag and tag your account.

Ask your followers on social media to share with you the cool places they’ve been to and ask them to share pics. People always love to share. You can even tell them to use special hashtags to get featured on your feed or stories.

25. Do a Poll

Ask your followers to fill out choices on a poll. Make them choose between your top-selling products, new features you’re planning to incorporate, or maybe what next product they’d like you to start working on.

The engagement from polls can have a long-lasting effect on your social media page, helping you get more exposure among your followers and their mutuals.

Polls and quizzes can also be used to know more about your audience’s pain points and help you come up with solutions to address them. 

26. Show a Picture of You When You Were Younger

People love seeing pictures of a younger you. You will get lots of love on this one. Don’t overuse this one though.

Maybe try it on #FlashbackFriday, #ThrowbackThursday, or #WaybackWednesday?

27. Share Repurposed Content

You can either do a quick video or create infographics from an old blog to repurpose written content. Longer videos can also be sliced into shorter ones for Reels, Shorts, and TikTok.

Repurposing content allows you to make the most out of something you already have, saving you time from preparing new content that requires research, proofreading, and multiple revisions.

Here’s a graphic on how you can repurpose one video into multiple versions for different social media platforms.

repurposing video content flowchart tiktok instagram reels facebook youtube shorts

28. Post Your Top 5 Books of All Time

If you don’t read much then go online and find book titles you like and share those. You can also just share any other top 5 books you can passionately talk about with your followers.

29. Your Favorite Podcast

Pick one podcast you love and share it with the world. Write or talk about why you like it so much. Don’t forget to tag your favorite podcast for the possibility of a feature on their social media page.

If you produce your own podcast, then share that too. Maybe even ask your followers what topics they’d like to hear about on your next episodes.

Virtudesk runs a podcast on The Power of Leverage, where we share productivity tips and how to leverage tech and talent to grow businesses.

30. Ask for Reviews or Testimonials

Most businesses need more reviews or testimonials on their social media pages or on Google. In fact, those reviews are worth their weight in gold.

Reviews help people make up their minds when it comes to purchasing. Ask your customers if you can share their reviews and feedback on social media! Here’s our collection of video testimonials from our clients. Try asking your customers if they’re open to doing the same!

31. Share GIFs and Memes

People always love a little bit of humor. Find gifs or memes that make you laugh and share those. 

You can follow Virtudesk on social media to get memes every Friday! Check out one of our favorites.

virtudesk halloween meme content ideas social media

32. Create a FAQ

Find out from your team what questions they get asked all the time. Ask your social media and sales managers to list down frequently asked questions and answer them publicly through social media posts or stories.

If you have a FAQs page on your website, you can also repurpose those FAQs and reshare them on social media in the form of graphics or videos.

33. Share Awards You or Your Company Have Won

This helps build your brand and trust, just be sure not to be too showy or flashy. Stay humble.

In the past few months, Virtudesk has managed to accumulate awards and recognitions from the Titan Business Awards, Growjo, Financial Times, INC 5000, and a BBB accreditation.

We shared these awards with our followers on social media, letting them know that the community is getting recognized for the hard work and support everyone has been putting in.

social media content ideas award titan business virtudesk

34. Recommend a Product or Service 

When you help promote another person or business because you feel grateful to them it will help you connect with your audience. It also helps your brand connect with new audiences and gain their trust.

If you find that an attorney has helped you out or a mortgage broker did amazing, don't be shy to let your audience know. You can also share your favorite daily products for productivity and even self-care.

35. Talk About Industry Trends and Predictions

Think of yourself as a resource to help others grow. Even though you have your job, it’s important that people can see you in a different light as well. 

Share your favorite industry news or predictions and how you think your followers could be affected by them. You want others to think of you as innovative and a thinker. It creates trust.

Towards the end of 2021, we compiled expert opinions on marketing trends and predictions into a blog and shared them on social media.

marketing insights from experts blog virtudesk instagram

36. Ask True/False Questions 

This one is a little different, but it works. You can also ask Fact or Fiction questions. You can use Snopes.com as a source of interesting urban legends.

You can find urban legends related to your industry or just amazing facts that can entertain your audience and get them to engage with you on social media.

37. Link to a Controversial or Trending Blog Post

Just like sharing industry news, share trending blog posts or controversial ones that can help you start conversations with your followers.

Add a question encouraging them to share their thoughts to further improve engagement.

38. Share a Personal Moment

Think of moments that are precious to you or that have challenged you. Some entrepreneurs usually share stories about their families or about something that changed their lives. 

Allowing vulnerability on social media allows us to connect deeper with our audience.

39. Use Data and Value-Driven Infographics

There is data about your business online, so use Google and find it. Then share it. You can also go on Statista and find industry reports you can turn into infographics.

You can even conduct your own marketing research to find trends and patterns in your industry. For example, our blog on marketing trends shows survey results from our respondents, giving more insight to readers about the industry’s current state.

50 social media content ideas marketing strategies data graphic datagraphic infographic chart graph

40. Do a BIG Giveaway 

This can bring a lot of attention to your social media page if done correctly. If you can afford to give away an iPad, an Apple watch, a Disney trip, or something that catches people’s attention, it will work well for people to tune in regularly and share your content.

You can use a like-follow-share-tag mechanic to get more followers on your pages when doing giveaways. Here’s how we did it for our giveaway from the Leverage Summit.

virtudesk leverage summit 3 giveaway social media content ideas

41. Share What You’re Doing on the Holidays

Tell people what you're doing, where you're going, and who you are spending the holidays with.. It’s a great time to connect deeper with your audience.

You can even share this before the holidays so they can stay tuned to your pages for scheduled updates.

42. Partnerships and Collaborations

Talk about existing and new partnerships your business has. Share why you’ve trusted your partner and how your followers can also benefit from your new partnership.

Virtudesk has partnered with Tom Ferry International to improve its presence in the real estate industry. We also have a partnership with Tymbl to promote each other and the skills Tymbl equips our prospecting virtual assistants with.

virtudesk tymbl power dialer

43. Share Your Story and History

People like to know where you’ve come from and what your background is. Tell them where you came from and how you got to where you are now.

Make sure to create a message that inspires your audiences by empowering them to do the same and take action towards success. 

You can also share your company’s founder story on a series of content, a podcast episode, guest blogs, or other content formats.

44. Your Customers’ Most Repetitive Challenges

When you work in a business for a while you tend to figure out the most repetitive challenges your clients have. Share those!

Also, share how you’ve resolved them, or even ask your audience how they’d like to have it resolved. This is a great way to learn about what solutions your customers want from you.

45. Event Highlights and Replays

Share highlight clips from events you attended or you’ve held in the past. This gives audiences a sneak peek of how great it is to be a participating member of your brand’s community.

Here’s an example of a highlight reel we created from the recent Ylopo Success Summit we attended.

46. Ask for Feedback

In any industry, you should conduct client surveys to find out actual client pain points. You can ask your followers what they think of your competitors and why they prefer your brand.

Don’t hesitate to ask your audiences about their opinions on your products or services as it will be very helpful in developing better solutions and increasing customer retention.

If you’re in real estate, try asking your audience what agents should be doing better as a whole? 

47. Ask for Pricing Advice

Before you place your product or service up for sale, ask your audience what they think the price should be. 

If you’re in Real Estate, before you put a home up for sale online, give your audience two choices on price and see which one they choose. This will help promote the home and will get your page more engagement. 

Similarly, you can do this to any new product or goods you’re about to release to get a feel of how valuable your market perceives our product to be.

48. Holiday Posts

Doing holiday-themed posts can help your brand tap into the larger community on the internet who are also celebrating the same holiday. Just add a few decors here and there on your greeting posts and you’re good to go.

Here’s one of our social media greetings from the holiday season.

50 social media content ideas holiday greetings virtudesk

49. Show People Your Back-End Systems

Here’s another behind-the-scenes content you should share with your audience. Share how your business delivers its promise by walking your audience through your production or operation process.

You can create a video on how you find products to white label, or how you find suppliers for your raw materials. In real estate, you can also show your audience how you search for homes and what your CRM looks like along with your marketing. 

50. Look at What Others Are Doing

Look to social media influencers, your competitors, or other companies in your industry, and see what is trending with them. Use that as inspiration and create content that resonates with you and share it with your audience.

It’s just like marketing on TikTok by using trending sounds and filters and putting a spin that is highly relevant to your audiences.

50 Social Media Content Ideas inforgraphic

Executing Your Social Media Content Plan

Now how do you do all this consistently and beautifully on social media? Check out this social media outreach plan to help you set clear goals for your marketing strategy.

You can also outsource to social media virtual assistants to leverage their skills and the cost savings that come with delegating tasks to virtual assistants.

If you want to conquer social media with the help of a virtual assistant, fill out this form and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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