5 Best Virtual Call Center Agent Roles You Should Start Outsourcing

Aug 2, 2022

best virtual call center agent roles

Outsourcing call center operations is a very common practice nowadays for enterprises and small businesses. Virtual call center agents allow businesses to have the peace of mind that their customers receive the care that they need, others even round-the-clock.

Apart from customer experience support, there are other roles that you can outsource to the best virtual call centers today.

Read along and discover the five call center roles you can start outsourcing today.

Outsourcing Your Virtual Call Center

As your business grows, so does the demand for timely and quality customer service. If building an in-house team of call center agents looks like a significant increase in expenses for your company, you have the option to outsource your call center.

Call center outsourcing is the process of contracting a team outside of your organization to provide their services on behalf of your company. You should look into call center outsourcing if you need customer service agents, sales agents, or any other phone or messaging team for your business.

Beyond the instant expansion of your workforce with a team of agents and the cost savings from not having to build a new business operation, you can further increase your savings by outsourcing to countries where labor is inexpensive – offshore outsourcing.

Another way to lower expenses when looking for a call center solution is to find a virtual call center. This is where your agents are dispersed, typically working from home, saving you from spending on equipment costs, office rent, and other administrative costs that typically come with business process outsourcing.

Read further to find out the top 5 virtual call center agent roles you can and should outsource when you start your call center operations.

Top 5 Virtual Call Center Agent Roles

If you’re looking into working with an outsourced team of call center agents, these are the top roles your team should include.

1. Live Chat Agent

Addressing channel preferences and the continuous growth of mobile as a preferred device by web users, having live chat agents in your call center is a must.

If you want the best virtual call center team for your business, live chat agents should be part of your team. They can immediately respond to chat inquiries and provide valuable real-time support for your customers.

Live chat agents help out customers through messaging channels on your website, your app, or your eCommerce platform if it supports such an option. 

Having live chat agents also means you have people dedicated to incoming chat requests, and documenting them properly in your CRM. This will be impactful in gathering information on frequently asked questions and concerns with your product or service.

Overall, live chat agents help you improve your customer experience statistics with customer satisfaction ratings coming in second only to phone support.

2. Customer Service Representative

The impact of a 5% increase in customer retention can increase your profits by at least 25%, making customer service representatives a key hire in your call center.

While price and quality continue to be key factors in clients’ purchase decisions, customer service has become another determining factor. Having virtual call center agents always there for the customers immediately gives your brand an edge over your competitors. 

You can have customer service representatives handle account and tech support issues, perform eCommerce order management, and virtual reception among many other tasks.

The role that customer service representatives play in customer experience management is central as they’re the ones handling incoming concerns, as well as documenting these calls for data-driven insights.

Make sure to include customer service representatives when you’re hiring virtual call center agents for your business.

3. Inbound Sales Representative

A study has proven that 64% of sales teams using inbound selling are able to reach their quotas, compared to only 49% of teams who only rely on outbound channels.

This means that meeting prospects halfway through their journey with inbound sales representatives increases your business’ profit margins.

Hiring virtual call center agents as inbound sales representatives equips your brand with the capacity to convert more organic leads and also increases brand value.

Make sure you’re adding inbound sales call center agents to your team to boost your conversion rates and increase profits for the growth of your business.

4. Subject-Matter Expert

The role of a subject-matter expert (SME) in a call center revolves around providing holistic, real-time support to the rest of your team. Depending on the company, this role may go to a senior agent or the immediate team lead.

SMEs are crucial in making sure your customers’ highly unique concerns are handled, especially in situations where they need it escalated to more knowledgeable team members.

While your other agents are trained in the work that they need to do, subject matter experts should be there to help them in case something outside of their scope needs immediate attention. Outside this role, they also take regular calls or assist in coaching or leading the team.

Highly reliable executive virtual assistants from Virtudesk are able to take on this role in your virtual call center. As a virtual call center agent with the responsibility of an SME, they are able to handle high-priority issues while maintaining a great customer experience throughout the entire process.

Do not miss out on hiring a reliable subject matter expert for your virtual call center team so you can rest assured that someone can assist your agents in times of need.

5. Call Center Manager

The best virtual call center provides a well-rounded service to its clients. As such, make sure you’re hiring a call center that also helps out in the management of the agents in your team.

Taking the responsibility off your plate, a call center manager leads your virtual call center agents to successfully hit the targets you’ve set and provide a positive experience for your customers.

Having a call center manager in your virtual team also means you’ll have less work to do even as you outsource your business’ call center operations.

At Virtudesk, account managers are skilled and experienced in providing support to clients’ virtual assistants while also helping clients find the best way to work with their VAs.

Hiring with a virtual call center through a VA agency like Virtudesk means your team already comes with an account manager who will help bridge the gap between your team of agents and their goals.

5 virtual call center agent roles to outsource

Finding the Best Virtual Call Center 

If you’re set on finding the best virtual call center for your business, make sure you’re outsourcing to a company that is trusted by its clients and find the best ways to help you expand your business.

At Virtudesk, you’ll be hiring a team of virtual assistants headed by an account manager. As these virtual assistants are located in the Philippines, you’ll also be benefitting from the cost savings of offshore outsourcing.

You also won’t have to pay for equipment to get started, and there are already data security practices as well as cybersecurity insurance in place.

If you’re interested in outsourcing with Virtudesk’s virtual call center, fill out this form and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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