24 Projects To Delegate to a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant

Jun 16, 2022

graphic designer virtual assistant tasks usa 2022

Outsourcing projects to a graphic designer virtual assistant can help your business grow in many different ways.

Offshore outsourcing provides businesses with an inexpensive approach to filling skill gaps and accomplishing more projects.

Choosing to outsource to a graphic designer virtual assistant gets content creation going for both print and digital marketing needs. This allows marketing specialists in your company to have more time for strategic tasks and planning.

Read along to discover which tasks you can outsource to a graphic designer virtual assistant to boost marketing and promotions for your business.

24 Projects To Delegate to a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant

It takes 50 milliseconds to visually appeal to audiences, making images vital in promoting your brand and growing recall among audiences.

About 90% of consumers are heavily influenced by colors when purchasing. With excellent and high-quality graphics, your products and services can better compete for your target market’s attention and value perception.

Here are the tasks you can delegate to graphic design virtual assistants to create meaningful and appealing visual representations for your brand.

1. Brand Kit

When it comes to establishing brand recall, having a branding kit is the strongest strategy you can implement.

Your branding kit should be comprised of rules and guidelines on how to use your logos, colors, fonts, and other visual elements for all of your digital and print graphics.

A graphic design virtual assistant can help you prepare a document to serve as your branding kit. They can also compile it in a repository with all the necessary files any other team member will need to create posters, images, etc.

2. Logo Study

Your company’s logo represents more than just its name. It should also evoke emotions, represent your company’s mission and how you want your customers to feel when thinking of your brand, and the values that convince them to choose you over your competitors.

Your graphic designer virtual assistant can execute a case study to evaluate your logo’s performance in representing your brand, and cite areas of improvement.

It’s like having an in-house consultant on branding and logo-making, which is useful if you haven’t consulted with experts on how to create an impactful logo.

They can help you out with branding and logo work using tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Logo Rank.

Logos are important in making strong first impressions with your customers so don’t forget to leverage your virtual assistant’s expertise to create an iconic logo design for your business.

3. Image Editing

Your brand kit should also include how and what images should be used for your marketing efforts. Following that, all images you will use in marketing will require editing to fit your brand’s appeal.

As this task may take more time, you can have your virtual assistant work on editing your images. Have them find and edit images on apps like Canva, Visme, Adobe Spark, Adobe Lightroom, or Photoshop.

They can make it as vibrant or as calming as your brand needs to convey, or they can take the time to find appropriate stock photos aligned with your brand’s values.

4. Mock-Ups

Mock-ups are digital models of your product’s final concept including PR packages, promotional templates and materials, and other concept art. These are used to help investors, producers, buyers, and marketers visualize goods and materials that have yet to be produced or purchased.

Product mock-ups are essential in creating project briefs, production requests, and public presentations. Creating digital mock-ups is another task you can outsource to a virtual assistant.

This way, you can keep focusing on other expansion and financing activities as a business owner, while your creative tasks are getting worked on.

5. Social Media Templates

From your branding kit, your virtual assistant can also create social media templates to speed up content creation across all platforms.

They can prepare frames, infographic templates, banners, headers, YouTube thumbnails, carousels, and other templates for a variety of content. This way, your content doesn’t always have to be created from scratch, and your brand keeps a consistent look across channels.

These templates help your brand establish a well-rounded and consistent social media presence across the internet.

6. Digital Assets

Those small elements that let you truly customize graphic posts are called graphic assets. These can be small shapes, prints, text, watermarks, or other visual elements that recur in your promotional materials.

These digital graphic assets can be created by a graphic design virtual assistant so your templates can be more dynamic. 

You can also use these in emails, ebooks, print materials, and website design, making it a valuable addition to your library of digital media.

7. Motion Graphics

Similar to digital graphic assets, motion graphics are also visual elements you can add to dynamic posts. The difference is that these assets are prepared in formats that can be added to videos and gifs.

You can have your virtual assistant try out programs like Adobe Premiere and Adobe Illustrator to create highly engaging motion graphics for your marketing activities.

Having a virtual assistant prepare these assets ensures that your content creators can continuously produce branded content to increase engagement in your social media posts and digital ads.

8. Blog Graphics

Writing blogs for thought leadership helps brands grow. You can elevate your readers’ reading experience by inserting graphics that make your blog articles more digestible and readable.

These can come in the form of visual lists, blog headers, diagrams, charts, graphs, and other illustrations that help your articles deliver information to readers.

Have your graphic design virtual assistant create graphics for your blogs so you don’t have to worry about making sure your graphics are prepared well and on time.

9. Infographics

Creating infographics and publishing them on social media also helps build your brand’s thought leadership and credibility. You can insert them into blogs or make them downloadable to capture lead information. 

You can delegate the research and creation of data-rich infographics to a virtual assistant to save time and still have the output.

10. Brochures

Virtual assistants specializing in graphic design can also prepare digital and print brochures. You can add this to an online resource for your audiences, as lead magnets, or print them out to hand out during events.

Your virtual assistant can create brochures that explain your services, products, how to get in touch with you, or one that promotes a specific product’s use and benefits. 

11. White Paper Design

A white paper is typically more analytical, formal, and research-intensive. This doesn’t mean it wouldn’t benefit from a design that makes it more digestible and readable.

Your virtual assistant can design your white papers to highlight the problems and solutions you’re writing about.

12. e-Book Design

Publishing e-books? Make sure it’s always on-brand, presentable, and visually appealing. The content in e-books can help you position your brand as a thought leader, but the presentation also matters.

While templates make it easy to produce a visually appealing e-book, a branded one also helps you maximize the opportunity to promote your brand to your readers.

Here’s an example of an e-book from Virtudesk, designed by our graphic design virtual assistants.

13. Email Templates

Email marketing can also get a boost from your graphic design virtual assistant. With visually appealing graphics, headers, and overall layout design, you can nurture your audience and increase your open and click rates.

They can create templates for you, or original graphics to be inserted into each new email campaign.

14. Print Design

Preparing print ads, branded stationery, and other promotional print can be your virtual assistant’s job, too!

With your brand kit and a few instructions specific to the print’s purpose, you can count on your graphic design virtual assistant to produce beautiful branded prints for your business.

15. Product Description Pages

If your business is in eCommerce, you may want to pump up your branding and customize your product description pages.

With some edits using your digital assets, a graphic design virtual assistant can help your eCommerce site become a recognizable, branded experience for your customers.

16. Reports and Slide Decks

Reporting won’t bore your employees, investors, and clients when you make them engaging and visually appealing.

Ask for help from your virtual assistant to prepare templates that reflect your presentation’s content and your brand. This is very useful in impressing new hires, investors, and clients instead of drowning them in numbers, lists, and graphs.

17. Packaging Design

Make your product stand out by getting well-researched design concepts from your graphic designer.

This helps in coming up with unique designs that impress your customers and convinces them to purchase your products instead of your competitor’s.

Have your virtual assistant design everything from primary packaging to wrappers, manuals, and everything else your customers see when they unbox your product.

18. Memes

Believe it or not, memes are also very helpful in keeping your audience engaged with your brand. Delegate meme creation to your graphic design virtual assistant and have an in-house meme master. 

19. Merch Design

Shirts, hats, posters, pens, chapstick, mugs, and other exclusive merchandise can also be designed by your virtual assistant to have your brand placed in the right positions.

You can then use this as giveaways on social media, live events, company events, conferences, and other ways you see fit to promote your brand or enrich company culture.

20. Animations

Just like motion graphics, your virtual assistant can also create quick animations you can use to promote your brand.

These animated graphics or videos can be used on your website, social media pages, event booths, or even your office lobby.

21. Brand Character

Does your brand need an iconic character to better communicate with your target market? You can have your virtual assistant design an illustrated character for you!

They can create concept art and then produce your chosen character in different poses and expressions to make your brand more engaging for your audience and even your employees.

22. Business Cards

Business cards are small, but their designs can create big impressions. Have your graphic design virtual assistant design your business cards in different styles and pick out which ones will help you stand out and be remembered.

23. Conference Materials

Did you know that graphic design virtual assistants can also help you prepare for conferences? They may work remotely, but they can have a big impact on your fieldwork.

Have them design all promotional materials for your conferences including table cloths, giveaways, promotional videos, stickers, and even your booth!

Leverage your virtual assistant’s skills and expertise to make sure your brand stands out and creates a positive impression during conferences and expos!

24. Digital Asset Management

Find a graphic design virtual assistant who can also help you stay organized with your creative and promotional materials.

Have them implement a system to manage your digital assets and make sure everyone and everything is updated at all times. 

Even better, you can have them get started on using a digital asset management system like Brandfolder or Canto for your business.

graphic design virtual assistant projects usa 2022

Weekly Schedule of a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants specializing in graphic arts and design can do a lot of tasks for your business. Need help in organizing their schedule? Here’s what their week can look like, working full-time for your business.

sample weekly schedule graphic design virtual assistant

Outsourcing to a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant

Finding the right graphic designer virtual assistant can be a challenging journey for business owners. It may take some time to find someone who can align with the artistic vision you have for your brand.

Hiring from Virtudesk can make this process easier for you. Choosing Virtudesk means you get access to a pool of talented graphic designers. You can find the one who can deliver and evolve the brand image you want.

If you want to hire a graphic designer virtual assistant from Virtudesk, fill out this form and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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