Top 10 Real Estate Agent Video Ideas for 2023

Dec 13, 2022
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Top 10 Real Estate Agent Video Ideas for 2023

Looking for real estate agent video ideas to keep your social media content interesting and effective for lead generation? Look no further! Check out this list with some of the best real estate social media icons you should be following right now.

Why Create Video

When it comes to real estate content marketing, video remains as the best format to demonstrate expertise, share knowledge, and build trust with audiences. 

This makes it a big goal for content creators to make real estate video content that not only gets the attention of watchers, but also imparts knowledge in an impactful way that carries a realtor, agent, or team’s brand values, personality, and credibility.

Here are the top 10 real estate videos you should start creating for 2023.

Top 10 Real Estate Agent Video Ideas for 2023

1. Property Tour

Touring a property will always be interesting to buyers and investors. Creating a visual tour for your listings will always work when it comes to getting the attention of prospective buyers.

This will also help hot leads prepare their questions for when they get in touch with you via phone or personal showings.

Check out this quick tour of a property from Miami-based Sarah Desamours Group, giving the perfect sneak preview of what life can be like for the next buyer of a penthouse in Midblock Miami.

2. Beginner Tips

If you’re aiming to connect with first-time home buyers, sellers, or investors, you should be creating real estate video content with helpful tips and tricks for them to get started.

You can share tips on what they need to start selling, how to find the best realtors for first-time buyers, or topics that investors should know about before getting in touch with an agent.

If you want to really resonate with your target audience, spend a lot of time getting to know them and the pain points in their journey. This way, you can create videos that will be very beneficial to them and will establish your brand as their go-to for all things real estate.

3. Selling Tips

If you’re really niching down on sellers, you can share more in-depth knowledge about selling real estate. This can be information on what they can do on their next sale, how to get better prices for their property, or anything you think will benefit them.

In this video from Chicago-based realtor Diana Matichyn, she shares educational advice for owners planning to sell their properties while there are tenants currently renting inside. 

Not only does Diana answer the question of possibility, but she also offers advice on how to make it a better deal for both the lessor and the tenant.

4. Buying Tips

In this YouTube Short, seasoned realtor Robert Garcia quickly shares buyers' multiple options when it comes to property inspections.

Just like Robert, you can nurture your audience of prospective buyers by educating them on what they can and cannot do when transacting. This will help you establish thought leadership among prospective buyers, and is a great way to generate more leads for your team.

5. Podcast

Do you have a real estate podcast? Just like many other podcasts today, you can add a camera to your setup so you can post entire episodes on YouTube.

You can then repurpose your content into shorter videos on Instagram Reels, TikTok, or YouTube Shorts so you can get the most out of one episode.

Content repurposing is a powerful strategy you can use in real estate video marketing, allowing you to produce more content from one taping session. That’s hours of views and multiple leads from just a few minutes of shooting one video.

6. Agent Profile

One of the top real estate agent video ideas that should be on your list for 2023 is your agent profile video. This is a video that should introduce your business to the world. Here you can give audiences a background of your experience as an agent or realtor. You may also opt to showcase members of your team and what makes your team unique.

You can pin this on your YouTube channel as an introduction video, add it to your website, or use it at conferences or speaking engagements.

7. Client Testimonial

If your work truly speaks for itself, make sure to involve some clients and get their testimonials. This is a great way to build your credibility as a real estate professional within your network and among new contacts.

You can prepare some questions you want to ask and create an interview-style video, or you can have a client testimonial video featuring multiple clients and their stories.

8. Neighborhood Tour

Selling a property is also selling a lifestyle. To do this, you can create videos that preview the type of neighborhood surrounding your listing. This helps prospects imagine the lifestyle they’ll have in the property you sell, and will help you position a listing in the right perspective among your audiences.

Check out this amazing video from a series of neighborhood tours by the Los Angeles-based real estate team Ivan Estrada Properties.

9. Market Update

Creating market update videos and sharing them with your followers, subscribers, or mailing list will establish your business’s thought leadership in your target community or market.

This is a great opportunity to help viewers understand how national and local market updates affect the real estate market you’re working on, and position you as a thought leader.

Make sure you’re not using too much jargon, but also using the right words that will help you connect with your audience and establish credibility.

Check out this clip from the Byron Lazine podcast, featuring Glennda Baker, discussing some housing market predictions from 2023.

10. Entertainment

Entertainment is undeniably a powerful tool for marketing today. With TikTok creators starting out as entertainers and growing into affiliate and influencer marketers, there’s enough proof that entertaining your audience is a great way to build a relationship with them.

You can make short entertaining clips unique and relevant to your niche, or you can create your take on a trending topic or hype. Watch this video meme from Broke Agent Media and then try to challenge yourself and get the creative juices flowing.

Pro Tip: Use Storytelling

Knowing your target audience, establishing your area of expertise, and having a list of ideas are great steps to get started in real estate video production.

To put everything together and lower the risk of losing your audience’s interest, try to create a story for every video you produce. 

Presenting facts about a property, neighborhood, your team, or the real estate market are smart ways to show your level of expertise. Weaving all your facts together into a narrative creates a cohesive story that better drives viewers into action.

Without storytelling, you can still establish thought leadership in real estate, but with a powerful narrative supporting your content, you can sell your listings and services better.

Which video do you think will be more impactful: “Luxury Downtown Condo for $1,000,000” or “Inside a $1,000,000 Downtown Miami Condo with the Most Breathtaking Views?”

Bottom Line

Finding success in real estate video production is common to creators who take a hyperlocal approach to nurture a niche audience. You can do this by being available to your target audience through an omnichannel approach, and by investing time in researching real estate video topics that truly resonate with your audience.

Real estate video production can take a lot of time and add to the already full plate of a real estate agent. For that, you can hire a real estate virtual assistant to outsource all of the research, storyboarding, content planning, video editing, and omnichannel social media management and scheduling.

You can also opt for a virtual transaction coordinator or a prospecting VA if you’re more interested in being hands-on with video production. Soon enough, you can outsource all the work to a team of virtual assistants and just focus on finding listings and closing deals.

With the cost savings of outsourcing, delegating work you don’t want to do to a real estate virtual assistant will help you be more organized and productive, and grow your business much faster.

Find real estate virtual assistants you can trust by filling out this form and getting on a discovery call with one of our Consultants.

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