11 Pinterest Virtual Assistant Tasks that Increase Brand Awareness and Traffic

Jul 18, 2022

Pinterest virtual assistant USA 2022

Having your business on Pinterest can impact your target market’s decision to choose your products and services tremendously. While executing a brand strategy on Pinterest can take a lot of time, you can hire a Pinterest virtual assistant to help you out.

What is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest is a largely visual platform that works like a search engine for photos and videos called “Pins.” You can think of it as Google Images that you can easily save without downloading or filling up your bookmarks bar.

Pinterest virtual assistants are remote professionals who help businesses establish and maintain their presence on the platform. Their tasks include strategizing a brand’s content distribution and design, growing your followers, directing traffic to your website, and content creation, which takes up most of their time.

If you’re interested in hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant to get the benefits of having your business on the platform, read along and discover 11 tasks you can delegate to this type of VA.

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant's Weekly Schedule

Here’s what a Pinterest virtual assistant (VA) schedule looks like when you hire one to work on your brand full time.

pinterest virtual assistant weekly schedule

How Can a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Benefit Your Business?

Businesses on Pinterest are able to drive greater traffic to their website when they’ve established a good relationship with their target audience on the platform.

This inevitably means more leads are funneling into your marketing and sales funnel, increasing your chances of finding your next purchasing customer. Not only that, but by repurposing your content on Pinterest, you get to maximize the content that already exists for your business.

Showcasing your business’s capacity to produce reliable, relevant, and engaging content on and off Pinterest helps build your credibility and overall helps build a loyal online community around your brand.

11 Tasks to Delegate to a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Solopreneur, influencer, blogger, or business owner, here are 11 tasks that a Pinterest virtual assistant can do to help your brand grow on the internet.

1. Set Up Pinterest Business Account

If you already have an existing Pinterest account for your business, that’s great. If not, your virtual assistant will take on the task of setting up a business account for you.

This includes preparing branded templates and graphics to use and solidify your brand’s impression on your visitors.

While setting up your account, they can verify your website and get approval for Rich Pins, directing users to your website or blog. As this can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours, it’s useful to get this done as early as you can so publishing Rich Pins will be faster in the future.

2. Optimize and Style Your Pinterest Account

Now that you have an account, it’s time to make it look professional and finished by adding your branded profile and cover photos. This is also the step where your Pinterest virtual assistant prepares a bio summary that encapsulates your business’s value proposition.

To get started, you should have at least two boards with Pins so you can have a visible cover photo slot on your profile. After creating your first few boards and populating them with Pins, your VA can update your profile with your branded cover photo.

When you hire a Pinterest virtual assistant, look for someone who is already familiar with your business’s niche so they can quickly build boards that are relevant to your target market.

3. Create Graphics for Pinterest Pins

One of your Pinterest VA’s ongoing tasks will be to create the graphics for your Pins. To get your audience to visit your website, you must have content that redirects them to specific pages on your blog, website, social media pages, or online store. Plus, you should be publishing roughly 10 pins a day, so you’ll need a designated person for this.

On Pinterest, those are graphics and videos in the form of Pins. To respond to the need for consistent publication on the platform, your virtual assistant will be continuously creating graphics to publish on your Pinterest account.

They’ll be taking content from your website and turning it into graphic lists or infographic cards so other people can pin them on their boards, and also have the opportunity to visit your website.

4. Manage an Editorial Calendar of Content

To keep up with algorithm demands for discoverability, your Pinterest virtual assistant should publish content according to an editorial content calendar.

They will be able to conduct keyword research and topic research using the platform’s keyword tool (only accessible on business accounts), and Pinterest Predicts.

This will help your content be discovered by more people, and your followers will also know when to watch out for your newest Pins.

To start out, have your VA research the best times to post for your target audience, and build a content calendar around that. As they begin content creation and publication, they will also be in charge of managing and updating this content calendar.

5. Schedule Pins with Tailwind

One important tool in Pinterest management is Tailwind. This tool lets you schedule your Pins for publishing and so much more.

As you delegate the management of your account to your Pinterest VA, they’ll also be in charge of scheduling your Pins for the best times to post. This responsibility includes writing captions and titles for your Pins, as well as finding the right hashtags to use.

Pinterest does have its own scheduling tool, but Tailwind is a popular, and industry-standard tool that most Pinterest creators use, because of its optimization and automation features. Plus, it offers features to grow your Pinterest following.

6. Edit Videos for Pinterest Pins

The best videos on Pinterest are between 15 to 60 seconds only. This means they have to be fast-paced, yet informative and entertaining. For that, planning and good editing are vital.

Your Pinterest virtual assistant can take up the hours necessary to come up with a great video Pin for your followers. Editing high-quality videos can take a lot of time. That’s time you may not have as a full-time business owner.

Having your VA prepare content ideas, shoot the footage, and edit the entire video can help you come up with content that gains massive traction and engagement, enough to go viral every now and then.

This can lead to not only more followers, but also more customers and revenue for your business.

7. Grow Pinterest Following

Your Pinterest VA can focus on micro tasks and long-term strategies to increase your followers on Pinterest.

One of them is joining Group Boards and creating content to contribute there. As long as they’re joining boards that are relevant to your target community on Pinterest, you should get a consistent increase in your follower count.

They can also continuously build boards that can attract more people to your profile using Pins they published and those from other users.

Your Pinterest virtual assistant can also join Tailwind Communities to introduce your brand to other members of your community. This is another great feature of Tailwind, allowing users to meet others working on similar projects.

By using Tailwind Communities, your VA gains access to a community of supportive content creators who can help get your content on the results and recommendations pages and help your VA continuously come up with fresh content ideas and strategies.

8. Conduct Hashtag and Keyword Research

Another task included in growing a Pinterest account is conducting research on hashtags and keywords.

Hashtags help increase your discoverability by nesting your Pins with others using the same hashtag. Users also search using hashtags, so make sure to target high-volume hashtags relevant to your Pin and brand.

Keywords are also necessary. As Pinterest works like a search engine, keywords are important so users can find your content. Your VA’s keyword strategy can help in both your on and off-platform discoverability.

This practice of search engine optimization on Pinterest can also help content on your website gain more visibility.

9. Run and Launch Pinterest Ads Campaigns

Pinterest also has ad campaigns that elevate your brand’s reach within the platform. Your Pinterest virtual assistant can be in charge of running such campaigns for you!

Have them do everything from research to concept, content creation, and budget planning for your campaign on Pinterest. Don’t forget to have a thorough understanding of your target market and how your ads can reach them for a successful campaign.

10. Create Reports on Pinterest Performance

Pinterest business accounts have Pinterest Analytics for free. Tailwind also has analytics dashboards for Pinterest marketing.

Have your Pinterest virtual assistant work on gathering these numbers and preparing a report with them. You can also ask them to research suggestions and strategies to work on improvements in your account’s performance.

11. Direct Content and SEO Strategy for Pinterest Growth

As they manage your Pinterest account, calendar, and analytics tools, it’s only natural that your Pinterest virtual assistant acquires the skills necessary to direct your content and SEO strategy for Pinterest.

This means they’ll be in charge of preparing yearly, quarterly, monthly, or weekly strategies and tasks that help grow your business on the platform. They may have it narrowed down to just growing followers or executing targeted campaigns, but they’ll have it planned in detail.

Apart from Tailwind, you can also have your VA use Pinterest Trends and Pinterest Predicts to gain foresight into what they should be doing for the future of your Pinterest account.

pinterest virtual assistant tasks USA 2022

Growing Your Business with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If your business will gain a lot from having more traffic to your website or blog, it’s highly beneficial for you to run a business Pinterest account.

Content creation does take a lot of time, so feel free to hire a Pinterest virtual assistant so you can still attend to the tasks that need your attention the most. 

If you’re worried about making that investment hire for your business, consider the fact that outsourcing to offshore virtual assistants is an inexpensive effort that saves businesses up to $60k on overhead costs annually, per hire.

That’s exactly what you’ll be doing when you hire a Pinterest virtual assistant from Virtudesk. If you’re into the benefits of hiring a VA for your Pinterest account, fill out this form and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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