The Busy CEO’s Guide to Content Marketing

Explore the key components of a successful content marketing strategy. Learn how to define your target audience, create valuable content, and distribute it effectively. Discover how to measure the success of your content marketing efforts, and how to make adjustments to optimize your results.
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Checklist for Prospecting Virtual Assistant

Tasks to Delegate to Virtudesk’s Prospecting Virtual Assistants

The average new business owner prospects up to four hours a day. You have to spend that much time on prospecting if you want to generate enough qualified leads for your business. But how can you work more efficiently, so you can have more time in the day for revenue-generating activities? A prospecting virtual assistant...

Cover for Tasks to Delegate to Virtudesk’s Executive Virtual Assistants

Tasks to Delegate to Virtudesk’s Executive Virtual Assistants

One of the leading qualities of an executive virtual assistant or executive admin is that you delegate team leadership. If you don’t have the time to watch over whole teams of people, executive admins can hold team members accountable, implement ideas, and ensure deadlines are met. We often recommend designating them to be your Director...

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The First 3 Hires a Business Owner Should Make

When you start building your team, it’s hard to know where to begin. What are the first three roles you should hire for in order to set up the rest of your future team and business for success? That’s why, in The First Three Hires a Business Owner Should Make, we outline their job titles...

How to Hire and Train a Virtual Assistant

Taking on a new project like outsourcing to a virtual assistant abroad can seem like a daunting task. Where do you even begin? You must start internally and identify what your business needs are, before starting your search for the perfect virtual fit. That’s why, in How to Hire and Train a Virtual Assistant, we...

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Byron’s photo

Byron Lazine

Co-Founding Chief-of-Operations at BAM (Broke Agent Media)

I’ve been using Virtual Assistants for years throughout all of my companies. Once we found Virtudesk the process got even easier and allowed us to scale out our hiring. Highly skilled and accountable professionals. 100% recommend!

Rebecca’s photo

Rebecca Julianna James

Realtor / Content Creator

Before getting started with Virtudesk I had my doubts that they would find what I was looking for. I needed a very particular person to add to my team and let me tell you I am highly pleased! My virtual assistant Myril is the best! I am excited to grow my socialmedia accounts with her. Thank you Virtudesk!

Chelsea’s photo

Chelsea Erickson

Realtor La Belle RE Group

I am very happy with the assistance Virtudesk is providing for my real estate business. This is a newer position for my company and we are working through the creation and efficiency.