Things To Know Before Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant in the USA

Jan 11, 2022

The journey towards hiring a real estate virtual assistant in the USA can be unique for every business owner or agent. However, there are common signs that lead up to it. Virtual assistants for real estate agents also have common tasks that can guide realtors to finding the right one. In this article, we’ll lay out telltale signs that you need a real estate virtual assistant and list some tasks commonly delegated to them.

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What Is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?
Real Estate vs. Property Management Virtual Assistant
Signs You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents
1. Fully Booked Schedule
2. Overflowing Inbox
3. Influx of Clients
4. Piled Up Paperwork
5. Lengthy To-Do List
What Tasks Can a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents Handle?
1. Post, Design, and Maintain Listings
2. Conduct Property Research
3. Respond to Messages
4. Verify and Set Up Appointments With Buyers and Sellers
5. Manage Social Media Accounts
Which Company Should You Turn to for Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services in the USA

What Is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant is a remote professional who provides various services to real estate companies and agents. Their services include handling administrative tasks, sales prospecting, marketing assistance, and much more.

For real estate professionals, having a virtual assistant means recovering a whole lot of time that they could instead use to focus on closing contracts, nurturing relationships in person, and a huge selection of high-level tasks.

What Is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real Estate vs. Property Management Virtual Assistant

Property management specifically deals with the management of an investor’s property, renting it out, and taking care of repairs and maintenance, among others. Real estate focuses more on the buying and selling of properties. As such, virtual assistants for both industries may have similar assignments and also unique tasks.

Like real estate virtual assistants, a property management virtual assistant may also take care of marketing activities. They can both perform administrative tasks and help out in transactions, prospecting, checking emails, and schedule management.

Property management virtual assistants may be tasked with rent collection and tenant issues and resolutions. Real estate virtual assistants would, on the other hand, be transaction coordinators for agents or customer service representatives for buyers and sellers.

In essence, adapting to either industry, a real estate virtual assistant would focus more on helping a brokerage or an agent take care of selling property listings. A property management virtual assistant, on the other hand, would assist a property manager with the hands-on management of a property’s leasing. Some companies hire virtual assistants to be property managers themselves.

Signs You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents

Among the indications that you’ll observe are five common signs that you should hire a real estate virtual assistant. Here they are:

Signs You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents

Fully Booked Schedule

When your schedule stops having space for ad hoc tasks or even small breaks, it’s probably time to get a real estate virtual assistant. More importantly, when your business starts growing, and you need to make room for bookings, a virtual assistant can be of huge help.

To start with, they can take over administrative tasks, prospecting, or even transaction coordination. With transactions averaging multiple hours each, that’s a huge chunk of time you’re getting back. You can use it for more important tasks or even some personal downtime.

Overflowing Inbox

Is your inbox overflowing with bookings, inquiries, newsletters, and so much more? It’s probably time to start looking for a real estate virtual assistant.

Minutes spent sifting through emails and organizing them could add up to hours, days even, in the long run. In any case, we all have just 24 hours in a day to get tasks accomplished.

Having a virtual assistant for real estate agents could save you so much time with inbox management tasks! Imagine your inbox translated into appointments, messages, and more precise inquiries all the time. That’s called efficiency, and all businesses want that.

Influx of Clients

Particularly for growing businesses, an influx of clients means growth, but it also means more tasks to handle in a day. Scaling a business is not easy work, and when growth comes, the responsibilities also increase.

When your bandwidth no longer matches the traffic of incoming clients, you could lose a lot of potential revenue. By having someone attend to your leads, placing them on your calendar, and making sure they can all be accommodated, you can ensure your business will be able to sustain the growth you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Virtual assistants for real estate agents specialize in doing this for scaling real estate businesses. Through delegation of smaller tasks, business owners can focus on what their business really needs them to do.

Piled Up Paperwork

Paperwork is inevitable for any business. However, it can be automated and delegated. When paperwork starts to grow and become unmanageable, virtual assistants can come in and help out real estate agents.

Even as early as the moment you put up your business, you can get executive virtual assistants or transaction coordinator virtual assistants to ensure your paperwork is always thorough and on time. Moreover, if doing paperwork isn’t generally your strength, you can focus on selling and leverage delegation through hiring a virtual assistant.

Lengthy To-Do List

We all have daily tasks, and as an agent or business owner in the real estate industry, you probably start with more than enough already. When your to-do list grows past your capacity, it’s a good idea to look for a virtual assistant who can attend to your other tasks.

Try starting out with an administrative assistant who can take on your inbox, schedule, and CRM management. Perhaps someone who can also help you classify leads and listings, or even a marketing virtual assistant for your social media ads.

What Tasks Can A Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents Handle? 

From the long list of tasks that a real estate virtual assistant can handle, there are key functions that remain essential for busy real estate agents. Here are the top five tasks you can delegate to your real estate virtual assistant:

What Tasks Can A Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents Handle

Post, Design, and Maintain Listings

Your real estate virtual assistant can take care of creating listings online. With that, they’ll also be responsible for keeping them updated. During onboarding, you may also provide training so they can design your listings the way you want them to.

Delegating this to a virtual assistant could mean massive time savings while making sure your listings remain attractive and relevant to your target audience. 

Conduct Property Research

Here’s a time-consuming task you can and should delegate to your virtual assistant. Let them research relevant information on listings for your target market or area. This way, you remain informed on current affairs within your market or neighborhood while you still get to follow up and close deals. 

Respond to Messages

A quick response time is essential for any business. Virtual assistants are great communications managers, making them great at responding quickly on your behalf. Just provide them training on your business’s tone and voice to make sure they deliver the service your customers expect and deserve at all times.

Verify and Set Up Appointments With Buyers and Sellers

Real estate virtual assistants can also sift through inquiries from all points of contact and translate them into appointments. This means verifying their legitimacy and also preparing all pertinent information that leads include in their initial inquiries.

Manage Social Media Accounts

If you’re using social media to grow your business (which you should be), it’s a great idea to delegate the management of your accounts to a virtual assistant. They’re known to be efficient at helping real estate professionals maintain content production consistently. 

Having a real estate virtual assistant attend to your accounts also means you can have multiple accounts running at the same time without getting too stressed. Your reach expands while your time for revenue-generating activities also increases.

Which Company Should You Turn to for Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services in the USA?

If you’re looking for virtual assistants, your best bet is to find a company that provides thoroughly screened candidates. Doing this ensures that you find someone reliable faster compared to running an ad on your own.

Virtudesk provides pre-screened candidates matched with your business’s demands. We use tools like the DISC Assessment and our very own Virtudesk Academy to provide our clients with the best virtual assistant services.

Our virtual assistants always have access to company resources and are highly trained before matching with a client. Our coaches are also available for clients and their virtual assistants to help create a great dynamic between them. That’s how Virtudesk provides one of the best real estate virtual assistant services in the USA. You can find out more on our FAQs page.


Real estate virtual assistants have helped successful companies scale in the past, and they continue to do so. By outsourcing small tasks that add up to a lot of hours and days, entrepreneurs and agents are able to leverage delegation for the benefit of their real estate businesses.

If you’re interested in taking the same approach, fill out this form, and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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