How To Double Your Business With One Virtual Assistant

Nov 15, 2021
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How To Double Your Business With One Virtual Assistant

Increasing revenue and profit margins are common goals for any business organization. The challenge remains in discovering the best way each business can do that. In this article, we enumerate ways on how to double your business with one virtual assistant.

We’ll go over first how to find and hire a virtual assistant, then go over the steps you need to take in order with your new hire that will enable your business to double in growth.

Read along to find what benefits they provide and why organizations of any size continue to offload tasks to virtual assistants. Plus, we’ll go over some business strategies that you can implement that will help you grow your business.

Finding the Perfect Virtual Assistant

1. Document The Tasks That You Want To Outsource

Start by making a list of all the tasks and processes that you plan to delegate to your virtual assistant. This can include projects that you don’t have time to work on, haven’t started yet, tasks you don’t enjoy doing, or are good at.

2. Create A Job Description

Create a job description that includes background information about your business and a list of duties and responsibilities for your ideal candidate. Include the level of education, experience, and skills required for the job, and list any apps or platforms they will be using.

3. Submit To A Hiring Directory Or Virtudesk

Submit your job description to a hiring directory. Popular directories to find virtual assistants include Virtual Assistant AssistantPriority VAQuickMondayVirtual Staff, and Virtudesk. If you want to hire from Virtudesk, just submit your job description to one of our coaches.

Other places you can go to look for virtual assistants are posting to Facebook Groups or posting your job ad on LinkedIn.

4. Interview Your Top Candidates

Interview your top candidates, and ask the right questions. Ask questions about their experience, how to prioritize work, how they keep data safe and secure, and more. Check out this article on questions to ask.

At Virtudesk, our team will hand-select the top 4-5 candidates that match your job description.

5. Select Your Virtual Assistant

After you conduct interviews, truly evaluate how that virtual assistant candidate would be a good fit for your team. Will they do the job well, get along with your team members, and be productive and proactive with their work? Once you can positively answer these questions for a particular candidate, you are ready to select your candidate.

4 Tips to a High-Performing Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are remote professionals known for offering businesses a cost-efficient way to get things done. They do this without sacrificing quality and productivity. While success is achieved with the right help, we also recommend honing your virtual assistants’ talents to what your business specifically needs.

 1. Outline Tasks and Duties

In a previous blog, we talked about outlining the tasks of every hire. This list will first come up in your search for a capable assistant. It will also be discussed during the interview and the onboarding process. Make sure to make a list of daily and weekly tasks they are responsible for completing. This will set expectations and allow your virtual assistant to be more independent and productive.

Overall, providing a clear outline helps both you and your virtual assistant. They’ll know exactly what to do and why. You’ll also know how much time you’ve gained and what outcomes you expect from their work.

2. Communicate Often

In this article, we also talked about the importance of communication with virtual assistants. It starts with business owners clearly communicating their needs to candidates. This allows them to observe who can respond well to those needs.

Virtual assistants are trained at being efficient communicators. Regular communication helps develop a healthy dynamic of delegating tasks and submitting reports and inquiries.

Here at Virtudesk, we encourage our clients to touch base with their virtual assistants on a regular basis. They can have conferences on ZoomSkype, or Teams. Real-time collaboration can also be improved with productivity apps like ClickUpAsana, or Google Calendar.

3. Hold Training Sessions

At the center of this previous article is the goal of equipping virtual assistants with the right knowledge and tools specific to your business. We recommend using these three apps to help with productivity and continued learning.

Further training can be provided via 1-on-1 sessions and online course recommendations. Doing this helps guarantee that your virtual assistant is at the top of their game with the latest tools and information relevant to your business.

4. Hold Accountability

Accountability is a key ingredient to a healthy working dynamic. It’s most important that this is established during the primary training and onboarding process. Set ground rules with your virtual assistant on how accountability is tracked and managed. Let them know the scope of their work and what output they are accountable for.

You can create templates for regular reports, use time-tracking systems, or even include this in your daily/weekly calls.

Finding The Right One

Before doubling your business with a virtual assistant, you first need to find the right one. It may take a few tries, but learning curves are never too steep for successful leaders.

Nurture the talent that you find with your current virtual assistant. If it’s still not a match, you may go through the vetting process again.

Here at Virtudesk, we have a thorough screening process to match clients with candidates. This increases the likelihood of finding the right one for you on the first try. If it truly doesn’t work out, you may easily find a replacement, contrary to seeking freelancers by yourself.

How To Double Your Current Business

Here are low-cost, high-value activities you can delegate to your virtual assistant. These can help you expand your productivity and double your revenue.

Have a Client Retention Program

Existing customers spend 31% more than new ones. They’re also 50% more likely to try new products than prospective clients. More importantly, a 5% increase in retention efforts reflects a 29-95% increase in profits. That’s the value of retaining customers for all businesses, big and small.

That is also why having a customer retention strategy is one of your best approaches to doubling your revenue growth. You can hire a customer service virtual assistant who can help you develop and execute a fruitful strategy.

Boost Your  Cost Savings

Hiring a virtual assistant can save you upwards of $60k a year. That’s on a per hire basis. Especially with remote work conditions now part of the new normal, there’s not a lot of reasons stopping businesses from outsourcing to virtual assistants. If something can be done remotely, you should consider hiring virtually.

Expand Your Market

Expanding your market reach is definitely on your to-do list for the growth of your business. There’s no perfect time to do this, so why not get the help of a marketing virtual assistant or an executive admin for market research? You can keep focusing on high-level tasks while they find new markets and new ways for you to expand your customer base. A prospecting virtual assistant can also help you find and reach prospects faster, providing more activity for your sales funnel.

Dominate a Niche

High-growth businesses (upwards of 20% annual growth) practice niche marketing more than their competitors. This strategy heavily relies on content marketing to a specific segment in a market. With social media connecting businesses to audiences, social media marketing can be a low-cost, high-return strategy. Working with a social media virtual assistant boosts your strategy with specialized services at a lower price point.

Optimize for Search Results

Improve your organic visibility with search engine optimization strategies. Use on-page techniques on all your web pages. Then execute a backlink-building strategy for off-page SEO.

This approach banks on creating content for your target audience. You’ll be optimizing those with keywords for high organic visibility and traffic. The target here is to be on the first page of Google search results, as one of the top choices among your competitors.

Search engine optimization and Google My Business listing management are the tasks that need to be done for this. Marketing virtual assistants can take this off your to-do list so you can watch your organic traffic grow along with your conversion rate.

how to Double Your Business


A key ingredient in growing a business is working with the right people. This ensures that all your resources will be used efficiently. Effective communication saves time and high-quality hires bring back more than your money’s worth. Outsourcing work to reliable virtual assistants is a solution that is proven to grow businesses effectively.

If you wish to know more about our services, visit our FAQs page. You may also fill out this form and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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