We Picked the 28 Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses of 2022

Mar 3, 2022
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We Picked the 28 Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses of 2022

We’ve walked you through the important steps in hiring, training, and onboarding virtual assistants. Now, here is a selection of handpicked resources to help you and your virtual assistant access the best training material to help your business.

Depending on their preliminary set of skills, and the nature of your business, you will need to provide extra training for your virtual assistant as their responsibilities grow with your business. 

Below, we list down a variety of resources and courses you can give your virtual assistant, depending on their specialty.

Administrative Virtual Assistant Courses

First off, here are essential virtual assistant training courses to help your administrative virtual assistant work more efficiently in providing support to your team, leveraging automation, and processing internal data.

1. Alison Administrative Support Assistant Training

alison virtual assistant training course

Alison is a free learning platform that offers a plethora of learning material, with purchasable certifications and diplomas for its students.

Their administrative support course is a multi module program that can help your virtual assistant master the fundamentals of office support, improve their liaisons and organizational skills, and expand their bandwidth to accommodate more tasks efficiently.

If you want an administrative virtual assistant who can work independently and with precision, as well as tailor and facilitate impactful changes specific to your team’s workflow, you should have them take this course.

2. HubSpot Reporting

hubspot reporting usa virtual assistant course

HubSpot Academy is another top pick for free online virtual assistant training. Their simple and sophisticated approach allows anyone to up train themselves in practical skills easily.

Their Reporting Course for Data Literacy certification will train your virtual assistant in providing insightful, data-driven reports that can help you make smart business decisions more quickly.

The course uses HubSpot’s platforms for its demonstrations, but their mastery of one tool can help your virtual assistant more efficiently use whichever CRMs you’re using.

If you want an administrative virtual assistant who can help you gather, analyze, and present the right data and insights, let them take this three-hour course from HubSpot Academy.

3. HubSpot Automation

hubspot automation Virtual assistant training

You’ve already made a wise decision in hiring a virtual assistant to save time and money, and expand your productivity.

Imagine working with one who can not only take over your time-consuming tasks but also effectively automate your business and office processes? That’s even more time saved!

HubSpot Academy’s free Automation Certification Course can help your virtual assistant understand and strategize data-triggered workflow automation for your business and CRMs.

Ask your virtual assistant what they’ve learned from this 16-minute course and discover how you can leverage automation to help your teams work faster.

Executive Virtual Assistant Training

Our next picks are training courses for executive virtual assistants. Known for their capability to accomplish management-level tasks, an executive assistant can elevate your business processes after taking these courses.

4. Alison Project Management Diploma

alison Virtual assistant training

This free project management diploma course from Alison will familiarize your virtual assistant with the intricacies of project management as a method.

Letting your executive assistant take this course can equip them with the skills to handle bigger responsibilities for your business. After this course, you can have them research, plan, and manage an entire marketing campaign, even set up a remote sales department, or manage multiple workflows.

5. Udemy Project Management Templates Creation

Udemy Project Management Templates Creation virtual assistant training usa

Complimenting their understanding of the project management methodology, you can have your virtual assistant upskilled with project management templates with this free creation course from Udemy.

After taking the course, you can expect your executive virtual assistant to be able to understand and create detailed project management templates for the rest of your team. 

You may also have them handle communications with third-party service providers, given their understanding of how to handle a project and take care of the necessary documentation.

Having a virtual executive assistant who is capable of ensuring projects are running even when you’re attending to other business processes is a huge advantage, making this free course a great investment for your business.

6. edX Introduction to Business Architecture

edx virtual assistant business architecture course usa

Here’s a free introductory course to business architecture for your executive assistant. Choosing the audit track can help them gain all the knowledge in this course for free.

Based on the Design and Engineering Methodology for Organizations, this course will equip your executive assistant with the knowledge to help you better design systems and processes as your business grows.

Having an executive virtual assistant with the training results from this course can help you in growing your business, so consider having them take this course too.

Marketing Virtual Assistant Training

The next three recommendations are for marketing virtual assistant tasks. We recommend these three considering the impact that these activities could provide on your business’s growth.

7. LinkedIn Learning SEO Competitive Analysis

LinkedIn Learning SEO Competitive Analysis virtual assistant usa

First is LinkedIn Learning's SEO course on competitive analysis. If your virtual assistant is already doing optimized content writing for you, this course can help them strategize their approach to search engine optimization according to the top competitors in your field.

You can expect your virtual assistant to help you build a better strategy for your site’s optimization based on competitive analysis, and even help you discover and target profitable market segments with tried and tested SEO techniques.

Your virtual assistant can finish this short course on their one-month trial period, or purchase the lifetime access for $29.99.

8. LinkedIn Learning Market Research Foundations

LinkedIn Learning Market Research Foundations virtual assistant usa

Here’s a beginner-level course from LinkedIn Learning on market research to help your virtual assistant better understand and execute impactful market research strategies.

With this kind of virtual assistant training, you can have a marketing virtual assistant who knows how to find the information you need from your market, and design and present it in a digestible format for you and your teams.

Have your VA take this course if your business and teams need help in making informed, data-driven decisions to approach and nurture your niche market. Lifetime access to the course is priced at $34.99.

9. HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot Email Marketing virtual assistant training usa

Email marketing is a profitable activity for your business, and training your virtual assistant on it is an investment we highly recommend.

With HubSpot Academy’s free email marketing certification course, you’ll only need to capitalize on a few hours to have a virtual assistant who can strategize, design, test, and execute high-performing emails and campaigns for outreach and lead nurturing.

Social Media Virtual Assistant Courses

Here are three handpicked training courses on social media marketing, to equip your virtual assistant with more practical skills for content marketing and social media management tasks

10. LinkedIn Learning Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn Learning Social Media Marketing virtual assistants usa

LinkedIn Learning’s social media marketing course is a great pick as it offers a refresher session on fundamentals, and adds training on activities such as selling, strategizing, making contact, leveraging analytics, and more.

You can access the course by paying a monthly fee for LinkedIn Learning.

11. Copyblogger Internet Marketing

Copyblogger Internet Marketing virtual assistants usa course

When it comes to content writing and marketing, the right words always help in getting the right results.

Copyblogger’s free Internet Marketing course can help your social media virtual assistant come up with better copy for your social captions, customer outreach, and overall written content marketing strategy.

This course can help your social media virtual assistant better leverage written content and social media outreach to communicate your brand’s true value and build profitable relationships with your target audience.

12. Udemy Canva Master Course

Udemy Canva Master Course virtual assistant usa

Udemy’s Canva Master Course is another virtual assistant training we highly recommend. With the practical sessions on this course, you can elevate your virtual assistant’s graphic design skills.

Who you’ll end up working with is a virtual assistant who can help create a branding template and guide that is recognizable and engaging to your audiences, and impactful in delivering your business’s unique value.

Lifetime access to the full course is available for $129.99. However, we recommend looking out for Udemy’s flash sales, where this course and others get marked down for anywhere between $10-$30.

Prospecting Virtual Assistant Training

Here are our top picks for training resources for prospecting virtual assistants.

13. Edureka Salesforce Full Course

Edureka Salesforce Full Course

After watching and comprehending the content of this free video training from Edureka, your virtual assistant will be able to help you maximize your sales management platform, especially if you’re using Salesforce.

14. HubSpot Sales Software

HubSpot Sales Software virtual assistant certification free

HubSpot’s free Sales Software Certification Course will equip your prospecting virtual assistant with the right skills to identify and connect with high-quality leads.

If you want a prospecting virtual assistant who knows what to do with which leads, and can implement changes to reduce friction in your sales process, we recommend this virtual assistant training course from HubSpot Academy.

15. Udemy How to Qualify And Get a Prospect's Interest

udemy prospecting virtual assistant training course

Here’s a free Udemy course on qualifying prospects. With this course, your prospecting virtual assistant will be better equipped to qualify your leads, deliver value during outreach, and even strategize communication and processing by identifying and creating the ideal customer profile for your business. The best part is that this course is free!

16. KWHV Group Prospecting

Williams Hudson Valley Group prospecting virtual assistant session usa

If you’re in the real estate space, this is the prospecting virtual assistant training we highly recommend.

From the Keller Williams Hudson Valley Group, this is a detailed and comprehensive class recording on prospecting for buyers and sellers.

If you want a highly-effective prospecting virtual assistant who can also collaborate with you in improving your outreach, consider having them study this free session and even the ones that come after it.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Training

Here are more resources for real estate virtual assistants. Find the ones you like best, depending on the tasks you delegate to your real estate VA.

17. Surge Real Estate Virtual Assistance Course

Surge Real Estate Virtual Assistance Course

If you want a real estate virtual assistant who can grow with your business, and eventually be dependable in training and managing other virtual assistants, this is the training they should take.

Surge is a global-level Filipino Virtual Assistance consultancy that provides high-quality training resources for other virtual assistants.

Their training course can help your virtual assistant gain a higher mastery of what it is to be a real estate virtual assistant, plus identify the right growth opportunities for your real estate business. The full course is currently priced at about $20.00.

18. KWHV Group Think Like a Transaction Coordinator

Williams Hudson Valley Group prospecting virtual assistant transaction coordinator usa

Here’s another free training session from the Keller Williams Hudson Valley Group that helps your transaction coordinator elevate their mastery of the transaction management process.

Designed for real estate agents, this video can help your virtual assistant have a very thorough understanding of the transaction coordination process from the perspective of an agent, broker, or realtor.

This means they can better understand the role and tasks they need to fulfill to help you manage transactions and communicate important details to you and your clients.

19. Tina Caul’s Real Estate Listing Presentation Training

Tina Caul’s Real Estate Listing Presentation Training

Real estate mentor, Tina Caul, shares this free listing presentation training on YouTube for everyone in the real estate industry.

Through this video, your virtual assistant could gain a better understanding of how to present like a pro in listing appointments.

If you want your virtual assistant to help you prepare highly competent and impressive presentations that win listings, have them study this video as thoroughly as they can.

20. Ed Laine’s Real Estate Contracts and Forms 

Ed Laine’s Real Estate Contracts and Forms

Need help in fulfilling and preparing the appropriate documents for your transactions? Ed Laine can teach your real estate virtual assistant about all of it in his free detailed series on US Real Estate Contracts and Forms.

Other Resources:

21. Virtudesk Academy

virtudesk virtual assistant training academy usa

Virtudesk Academy is a free resource for all virtual assistants who are employed at Virtudesk. If you hire a virtual assistant from us, your virtual assistant can have unlimited access to this online academy to up train whenever they want. 

This is a library we curated to provide virtual assistant training that covers refreshers on fundamental skills and concepts, as well as higher-level functions and tasks that enable them to provide greater assistance to their clients.

Some classes include training on Canva and graphic design, real estate, prospecting and outbound calling, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, sales, and much more.

22. Coursera 


Coursera is a popular learning platform with free classes to help virtual assistants gain more practical skills, and master the ones that they already have.

It’s one of the most robust and professional-grade online learning courses out there. They partner with top institutions like Stanford, Google, and IBM to create training programs on key business topics and programs. This is one of our most highly recommended platforms.

Although this platform is a lot more spendy than the other two platforms recommended, it’s going to equip you with the best course material on the Internet, making both you and your virtual assistant prepared to be top producers.

23. Skillshare

skillshare virtual assistant trianing

Skillshare is a learning resource that caters mostly to those seeking to learn creative skills. If you want your virtual assistant to gain more creative skills for content marketing and template design and creation, have them check out free classes on Skillshare. This online resource is great for marketing virtual assistants!

24. Udemy

udemy how to be a virtual assistant usa

One of our team’s favorites, Udemy is a great online learning resource with lectures and courses from industry experts.

Udemy offers free courses that can equip virtual assistants with more technical skills, and even business development knowledge.

They have courses on social media management, writing, business growth, sales and prospecting, lead generation, and much more. 

Class length varies depending on the topic, being as short as 1 hour or as long as 20 hours. Their prices also vary from $10-$100+, but we recommend waiting for their flash sales when they mark courses low around $10, which is often.

Udemy also offers “Udemy for Business”, where you can have access to an unlimited number of courses for $30/month.

25. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

A few years ago, LinkedIn acquired Lynda Learning, a popular in-depth business training online platform. Ever since, LinkedIn Learning has been creating high-quality courses on everything business-related. Popular courses include graphic design, marketing, training on coding, and Microsoft products. The options are endless. 

Instead of paying a flat fee for each course, you can sign up for LinkedIn Premium, and get access to their entire bank of courses. It’s only $30/month.

LinkedIn Learning can help your virtual assistant up train themselves with in-demand skills to help your business grow using the latest and best techniques and strategies on the market.

26. International Virtual Assistants Association 

International Virtual Assistants Association training resource

The International Virtual Assistants Association’s blog is a free resource your virtual assistant can use to discover and learn better practices in delivering quality work and managing their tasks.

On the blog, they can learn about mobile SEO, time management, project management, and other soft and technical skills that would help improve their ability to handle multiple tasks and projects at once. 

27. IAP Career College

International Association of Professions IAP Career College virtual assistant usa

The International Association of Professions (IAP) Career College offers affordable online certification programs, including one for virtual assistants.

If you decide to pursue this investment on your best, most trusted VA, you’ll end up working with one of the best virtual assistants, able to deliver specifically what your business needs in every phase of its growth. 

They can even share their learnings with your next hires to provide them with the same level of knowledge and training.

28. Virtual Assistant Training Philippines

Virtual Assistant Training Philippines

This organization based in the Philippines offers affordable comprehensive training for various virtual assistant roles such as graphic designers, social media marketers, and more.

You can have your virtual assistant enroll in one of their programs to have them learn new skills that your business needs, for a very low cost. Their 15-hour class on social media marketing is only about $20.00!


Your virtual assistant is already a great investment for your business’s growth. Enhancing the mastery of their craft can make their employment an even greater investment for your business.

Especially with free online resources, you can easily have them upskilled to do more, higher-value activities for your business.

When you hire virtual assistants from Virtudesk, you get to hire from a pool of highly-trained professionals who will continuously have access and encouragement in up training from account managers and the Virtudesk Academy.

If you’re interested in growing your business with highly skilled and professional virtual assistants, fill out this form, and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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