8 Effective Ways in Building Business Connections

Aug 3, 2023
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8 Effective Ways in Building Business Connections

In a world that is rapidly advancing in technology, some may argue that the art of networking has become less significant. On the contrary, CNBC reports that 70% of jobs are not published publicly - which can be construed that networking is an essential aspect of any business.

The most effective business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals understand the importance of building robust connections. Networking, therefore, is not an obsolete art but an essential tool for business growth and personal development. 

Why Networking Matters

A recent Harvard Business Review survey reveals that 70% of professionals land higher-paying jobs via networking. It's about expanding your horizons and getting to know people who can help open new doors for you. Networking gives you the advantage of insight from professionals, potential clients, and like-minded individuals. In essence, it's the key to climbing the corporate ladder, fueling entrepreneurship, and promoting growth in today's business world.

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Indeed, networking is the cornerstone of progress. It’s not just about forging connections, it’s about weaving web of opportunities for growth, collaboration, and success. What involves networking?

Art of Business Connections - What it Entails

The success of networking includes knowing what must be done and improved. As a business owner, it is essential to cultivate the following traits or skills.

Relationship building

At the heart of networking lies the skill of relationship building. It's about forming authentic, long-lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial - a give-and-take process.

Communication skills

Strong communication skills are essential for successful networking. It involves clearly expressing your thoughts and effectively listening to others. The ability to communicate effectively allows for an exchange of ideas and knowledge that can prove invaluable in a business context.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is an integral part of building business connections. People with high EI are adept at understanding, using, and managing their own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and diffuse conflict. 

Consistency and follow-ups

Consistency in communication and follow-ups is critical to maintaining business relationships. Consistency in interactions and timely follow-ups indicate your commitment to the relationship.


Networking is a process, not an overnight miracle. It takes time to build meaningful connections. Patience is vital in nurturing these relationships.

the art of business connections

8 Effective Networking Strategies You Should Be Using

1. Be authentic: Authenticity creates trust, which is the bedrock of all relationships. People can sense inauthenticity, which can damage relationships. 

2. Listen more, speak less: Effective communication isn't just about speaking; it's about listening to understand and learn from others. 

3. Frequent follow-ups: Consistent and timely follow-ups show you're genuinely interested in maintaining the connection. 

4. Utilize social media: Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are excellent tools for networking. 

5. Ask questions: Asking questions indicates your interest in the conversation and opens up avenues for further discussion. 

6. Be proactive: Don’t wait for opportunities to come your way. Seek them out. 

7. Join networking events: Attend industry conferences, seminars, and meetups to meet new people. 

8. Strong personal brand: A strong personal brand makes you memorable. It’s your unique professional reputation.

networking strategies roadmap

Overcoming Challenges in Building Business Connections

Fear of rejection

The fear of rejection is a common barrier in networking. Remember, every rejection is one step closer to a meaningful connection.

Lack of confidence

Practice makes perfect. The more you network, the more confident you'll become.

Difficulty initiating conversations

Having a few conversation starters handy can help break the ice. Here are some conversation starters you can use:

“What inspired you to choose your current career path?"
"I love what your company is doing in [specific area]. Could you share more about that?"
"I read your recent article/post about [subject], it was really insightful. Could you tell me more about your research in this area?"
"What's the most challenging part of your job and how do you manage it?"

Maintaining relationships

Maintaining relationships is as important as building them. Regular communication and meaningful conversations can help keep these relationships strong.

Time management

Networking does take time, but remember, it’s an investment in your future.

Finding the right opportunities

Not all networking events are created equal. Choose the ones relevant to your industry or interests.

roadblocks in building business connections

Networking is indeed an art. It's an ongoing process of building, maintaining, and nurturing relationships that can lead to endless possibilities. It's about connecting with people to learn, grow, and succeed together. Despite the challenges, with the right strategies and perseverance, anyone can master this art.

Virtual assistants especialized in marketing can pave your way to building connections not just for your business but to your business. They can manage your social media, reach out to potential partners and colleagues, and introduce you to opportunities that need your collaboration.

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