Why You Need A Virtual Personal Assistant

Aug 24, 2021

Why You Need A Virtual Personal Assistant

If you’re a busy individual, that’s probably enough reason for you to need a virtual personal assistant.

We all have 24 hours in a day, and it’s important to learn how to leverage that to create more opportunities for the productivity our endeavors need from us.

If the thought of having a cost-efficient way of increasing output personally resonates with you, keep reading and find out if getting a virtual personal assistant is for you.

What is a Virtual Personal Assistant? 

A Virtual Personal Assistant is a remote professional who fulfills the work otherwise done by a personal assistant or secretary.

Having a personal assistant lightens one’s workload by a huge deal, allowing them to focus on bigger tasks that directly relate to achieving their goals.

A highly skilled personal assistant allows executives to optimize their time to achieve maximum productivity every day.

Virtual assistants are known to handle business tasks apart from administrative chores. It then becomes a smart choice to have a virtual personal assistant who not only manages your schedule but can also handle overflow work related to your professional activities.

Why Would You Need a Virtual Personal Assistant?

So why do successful entrepreneurs advocate for getting private assistance as soon as business owners can? A personal assistant guards your professional time and space.

The nature of their job revolves around controlling access to you and your professional services. In movies you see them taking calls and confirming appointments for their employers. That’s all true, but they can also do so much more. They guarantee that most, if not all, of your time, is spent on running your business and doing what only you can do.

Time is one of our greatest assets. Delegation allows business owners to focus on growing their business while everything else still gets done.

You could be a solopreneur, a venture capitalist, a social media consultant, an online seller, or a busy parent, and a virtual personal assistant could be the best help you can get.

With time block services from virtual assistants, additional productivity becomes even more accessible and affordable to you. Keep reading to find out key tasks you can delegate to a virtual personal assistant on a daily basis.

What are Their Tasks

Busy people are busy because their list just keeps growing. Here are a few important tasks that you can delegate to a private assistant.


Whatever field you’re working in, research is an essential activity. You could be looking for new investment opportunities, the best restaurant for an international client, or just competitors new and established you’d want to watch out for.

Having someone take over this tedious task can help you decide faster in both professional and personal situations. 

Daily To-Do List Assistance

Is there a team activity that needs to be scheduled within the day? How about a venue that needs to be booked for your next big event?

Maybe you just listed down that the office needs a better printer ordered ASAP. These are small tasks that take up a few minutes.

However, they also populate to-do lists like crazy and turn minutes into hours. Get someone else to accomplish the small tasks on your to-do list so you can prepare for that upcoming meeting with a client.

Social Media Management

Are you an influencer also offering your social media marketing services to others? Are you a business owner swamped with financing and operating activities, still needing to touch base with customers on social media?

A remote personal assistant can also help you grow your brand and conduct your business on social media. Find someone who is tech-savvy and maybe has skill in making graphics or writing copy.

Handling Emails and Calls

This is a famous task for personal attendants. Having someone take your calls and handle your emails filters spam from high-priority engagements.

This way you only focus on what you’ve set out to prioritize in your professional and personal life. You don’t have to pick up the phone every now and then, go through all your emails, and personally flag them.

A personal assistant makes sure only the important ones get to interrupt your work, and that all others are prepared when you decide to attend to them.

Scheduling Appointments and Travels

As your business or career grows, so do the number of travel arrangements and personal or virtual appointments. Instead of wasting time to find time for these activities to work and make sense, have someone do that for you.

While you work, your assistant already books you the most cost-efficient flights and hotels, picks the next best time for a meeting, and relays the information to you and your team.

Miscellaneous Online Tasks

Do you need someone to attend to concerns from a different timeline? Does your business need someone to manage it for you when you rest?

How about someone to review your voice clips and small notes and relay them to the right department? Depending on your need, a virtual personal assistant could be hired for full-time or part-time assistance!

Benefits of Having a Virtual Personal Assistant

With the huge list of tasks they can actually do for you, a personal virtual assistant can offer great value to your personal and professional life.

In both cases, the overall quality of your life can be positively impacted by having just a little bit of assistance in the smaller tasks. Here are the best benefits you can expect from having a virtual personal assistant.

Expanded Productivity

With someone taking over small and administrative tasks, you get more time to attend to profit-making activities for your business.

The free time also allows you to rest more, letting you focus when you need to, and allowing you to be at your best when needed. Having someone work on your other tasks while you finish others also doubles the productivity for that time. 

Imagine hiring a personal virtual assistant for three hours a day. That’s three hours of unbothered work for you while your smaller tasks also get ticked off of your to-do list.

Normally, it would’ve been just you balancing all that for six hours. With an assistant, you still have five hours in the office to spend on calling prospects, strategizing, or learning something new.

Cost Savings

You’ve probably heard that personal assistants can be very expensive. Going virtual gives you the chance to change that experience.

Compared to personal assistants who average at $21 per hour, Virtudesk virtual assistants will only cost you between $9.10-$12.10 per hour.

Check out this article on the total cost savings entrepreneurs experience with virtual assistants.

Do More, Work Less

With a virtual assistant, you get to experience success without having been overwhelmed.

Like Tim Ferriss teaches, virtual assistants help owners scale their businesses by letting them work smarter, not harder. With a remote personal assistant, you get to have more things done compared to working alone.

Delegation lets you work faster, and more efficiently, increasing your productivity for a cost that would not be too impactful on your resources.




Business leaders across the globe work with personal assistants to be able to use their time more efficiently and effectively.

We all have 24 hours in a day, and if you want to maximize that, emulate successful people by working with a virtual personal assistant.

It’s the cost-effective way of having a personal concierge and more, including boosting your productivity without exhausting yourself and overwhelming you with all the small tasks that are also necessary for your personal and professional success.

If you are interested in getting the help of a professional virtual assistant, fill out this form and someone from our team of consultants will get in touch with you.

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