Family Reunion: Virtudesk Celebrates Summer Con 2022

May 4, 2022


Celebrating growth, success, and most importantly, family, Virtudesk celebrates at Summer Con 2022, held at Subic, Zambales in the Philippines.

It’s become an annual tradition for the Virtudesk family to see each other to celebrate holidays or achievements together. This helps foster deeper relationships among a largely remote workforce spread across the globe.

Due to pandemic restrictions, only virtual gatherings have been held in the past two years.

With the Philippines recently opening up its doors for international travel, what once was a year-end event was prompted to happen during the local summer season.

Seeing each other’s smiles was just the cherry on top of this truly outstanding summer celebration with each other. Reliving the wonderful experience of getting to know teammates and new friends, here’s how the Virtudesk Summer Con 2022 went down.

Through the Pandemic

After two years of fostering friendships through virtual events, pandemic restrictions in the Philippines and United States finally eased up, allowing international travel and gatherings again.

More specifically, the Philippines finally lowered restrictions for international travelers after two years of pandemic-induced lockdowns.

The Virtudesk family immediately made plans to see each other again after having to skip annual in-person celebrations. CEO Pavel Stepanov was joined this time by Marketing Director Sera Chern and Sales Director Elias Diaz, both visiting Virtudesk Philippines for the first time.

Recognizing each other’s perseverance and achievements in the past two years, a grand reunion event was planned by the team. This was so everyone can take part in celebrating the entire Virtudesk family’s success in the past two years.

Also remembering how we’ve weathered calamities like Typhoon Vamco, quarantined holidays, and the Taal Volcano’s eruption that affected Filipino staff, it was exciting to finally, personally see how everyone’s been doing since.

Reliving how we’ve all weathered storms and quarantine measures together, everyone was excited as soon as the Summer Con 2022 was announced to the Virtudesk Family.

Virtual contests adjusted for the pandemic were once again going to be held in person, for everyone to see the talent among Virtudesk family members.

The anticipated weekend was coming up and members from the US, including CEO Pavel Stepanov, were already in the Philippines.

Finally, the Virtudesk family gathered for a spectacular 3-day-event at the White Rock Beach Hotel and Waterpark last April 22-24, 2022.

A Family Reunited

The first day was spent with team members getting to know each other, finally meeting for the first time after working remotely for 2 or more years, and preparing for the next day’s Amazing Race.

For Virtudesk’s marketing team, it was the first time to ever gather the team since its formation in 2020. Coaches and other managing departments were also excited to see each other again after two years.

virtudesk marketing team
Virtudesk’s Marketing Team at a sunset dinner

Among the hundreds of attendees were also virtual assistants hired during the pandemic who were looking forward to finally experiencing the Virtudesk team spirit in person.

Harnessing different levels of excitement, the culture of getting together as a family was immediately roused by CEO Pavel Stepanov, Country Manager Fatima Patricia Pablo, and all other tenured staff.

Day one’s enlightening leadership seminar was followed by a bountiful dinner for all and then a night of drinks at the hotel’s tropical bar. It was the perfect warm-up to get the ball rolling for another night of celebration by the beach.

It was a lot of fun seeing each other’s smiles, sharing stories, and hearing talented singers during the open mic bit.

The second day started with an energetic Amazing Race with members of the Virtudesk family. Everyone was divided into teams, encouraging more friendships among everyone, and fostering teamwork among those who just met.

The sun was ablaze, but that didn’t stop all the fun from happening. Multiple stations with exciting team challenges were set up across the entire resort, and teams were running around with smiles on their faces, cheering each other at the top of their lungs.

virtudesk celebrates summer con with amazing race relay
Blue Team giving their all at the pool relay station for the Amazing Race

As the activities went on, a feast was also being prepared for hundreds of people for lunch. By the time everyone was famished from all the games, it was time to feast!

An Out Of This World Evening

After continuing the race, exploring the waterpark, and spending more time with each other, the sun began to go down, painting a beautiful horizon that signaled the beginning of an out-of-this-world evening.

The stage was set across a shore of smiles, the music warmed up as everyone started on the grazing table.

The crowd grew bigger and the dinner buffet opened up. It was the beginning of Virtudesk’s Havana Night for Summer Con 2022.

The night was lit with torches and neon lights while tropical flora livened up the venue. The cool ocean breeze was also welcome as the program started.

The hosts welcomed everyone to the event, officially starting the night Virtudesk celebrates Summer Con 2022. A talent showcase allowed everyone a preview of some of Virtudesk’s most talented artists.

Fire dancers warmed up the crowd for a long night of partying. Prizes were awarded to winning teams from the race, and members who were very lucky during the games.

orange team wins at virtudesk summer con 2022
Orange Team wins Virtudesk Amazing Race 2022!

There was even an impromptu drag show featuring talented queens who expressed their appreciation for the family’s inclusivity! 

A short film that chronicled the event was shown, warming up everyone’s hearts as they relived the fun they’ve had so far. The open bar also got everyone ready for dancing the night away.  

CEO Pavel Stepanov ended a short but sweet message by saying, “Look up at the sky,” prompting a spectacular fireworks show, painting the skies with brilliant lights, and putting smiles on everyone’s faces. This also cued the DJ to get the party started as more drinks came along for everyone to enjoy.

The dancing began and the great soiree was finally at its peak. It was an amazing event where everyone had nothing to do but enjoy the success everyone worked so hard for.

New friendships began and older camaraderie also deepened. The night was witness to the fact that the Virtudesk family truly knows how to party.

virtudesk family celebrates summer con 2022
Virtudesk Family at the Summer Con 2022

Coming Home

The sun once again welcomed another day of being with family and friends. Some slept in while others continued conversations at the breakfast buffet.

More fun at the beach was spent before everyone proceeded to go back home. This time, carrying joy in their hearts from an amazing celebration with their Virtudesk family.

Remote work has its challenges, but Virtudesk is here for its family. The Virtudesk Summer Con 2022 was a testament to the success virtual assistants are more than capable of accomplishing.

If you’d like to work with our amazing and hardworking virtual assistants, feel free to fill out this form so one of our Consultants can get in touch with you.

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