Achieve Your Business Goals With the Best Virtual Assistant Services

Dec 27, 2021
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Achieve Your Business Goals With the Best Virtual Assistant Services

Running a business involves an unending list of tasks. Yet, there’s only so much time in a day to get them all done on time. Keeping up with scaling a business and demands coming left and right from the industry itself can be tough. 

However, with the best virtual assistant services, the workload gets lighter, tasks are done faster, and the costs go lower. In this article, we explore the best virtual assistant services provider and how they can help you achieve your business goals.

Table of Contents

What Is a Virtual Personal Assistant?
Where To Find Virtual Assistants
Different Types of Virtual Assistant Services
1. Real Estate
2. Accounting
3. Social Media Management
4. Marketing
5. Administrative
6. Healthcare
7. Property Management
8. Insurance
9. Legal
10. Customer Service
Qualities To Look For in an Online Virtual Assistant
1. Attention to Detail
2. Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills
3. Problem-Solving Skills
4. Effective Decision Making
5. Technological Knowledge
When Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?
How To Hire a Virtual Assistant From Virtudesk

What Is a Virtual Personal Assistant?

A virtual personal assistant is an outsourced remote professional who performs tasks commonly attended to by a secretary or a personal assistant. Incorporating them into your business’s organizational structure means you’ll be hiring someone who will remotely attend to matters that will help you get more things done.

Popular options are virtual admin assistants and virtual executive assistants who aid in workflow enhancement. They provide assistance mainly by covering smaller tasks, which usually include data entry, schedule management, securing and preparing important documents, social media marketing, and more.

A virtual assistant’s job makes it easier for business owners to take on high-level tasks and decision-making for the entire organization. They provide an expansion to the company’s capacity by taking on time-consuming tasks that free up other team members for their main tasks. Furthermore, this is all without stretching the company’s budget too much, as virtual assistants provide cost savings by offering their services for a lower rate than a local hire.

Where To Find Virtual Assistants?

Here’s a list of some of the places to get a virtual assistant. Just go to these websites and look for virtual assistants who can match your demands to start the screening process.



Upwork is a freelancing platform where you can find professionals offering their services, depending on their area of expertise. Here you can find freelancers for specific tasks, or project-based virtual assistant services.



Fiverr originally started as a platform for task-based freelance work priced at $5 each. Now, they’ve become a platform for freelancers to offer their services and decide on the prices by themselves.

Virtual Assistant Assistant

Virtual Assistant assistant

Virtual Assistant Assistant is a resource where you can find virtual assistant service providers categorized based on their niche. They also display reviews from customers who have worked with these providers to help you decide on who you’ll hire.


Best Virtual Assistant Services USA Virtudesk

Virtudesk is a Washington-based virtual assistant services provider. We focus on managing the small tasks so clients can focus on the most important ones for running their businesses. Compared to freelance platforms, Virtudesk immediately offers a pool of highly-trained virtual assistants for our clients. Once we understand a client’s needs, we will provide 3 to 4 candidates for them to interview and select. Hiring a virtual assistant with us means skipping the large amount of time it takes to screen and scout reliable candidates on the internet.

We offer virtual assistants who specialize in marketing, customer service, prospecting, transaction coordination, management, administrative work, and more.

In the next section, you’ll discover different types of services offered by virtual assistants to their clients.

Different Types of Virtual Assistant Services

Here are ten of the many solutions you can find from the best virtual assistant services. Virtual assistants can serve many different industries.

best real estate virtual assistant services USA

1. Real Estate

Real estate virtual assistants are known to help brokerages and agents with prospecting and transaction coordination. However, their capacities also extend to taking on admin work like inbox, schedule, and listing management and taking in customer phone calls through a VoIP service. They can also be hired to provide customer support, create marketing collateral, and execute campaigns for lead generation.

2. Accounting

Getting a full-time accountant on the payroll can be costly. However, the bookkeeping tasks and reconciliation of financial statements remain necessary. That’s where accounting virtual assistants come in.

Virtual assistants with accounting backgrounds can help out with keeping track of your company’s finances and transactions and making sure everything is balanced. Beyond bookkeeping, they can also provide reports regarding the company’s financial health, helping you decide the next steps towards achieving your business’s financial goals.

social media management virtual assistant services USA

3. Social Media Management

Social media has recently evolved into an avenue for businesses to grow in many aspects. Through social media networking, one can develop a network that supports their business’s revenue-generating activities.

A social media virtual assistant can help you build and execute a strategy to grow your brand on different platforms simultaneously. Excellent social media work entails daily updates, which also needs daily work on what to post and when to post. Social media virtual assistants can do that for you.

4. Marketing

Establishing your position within your business’s industry is a heavy task. You’ll need to do more than just social outreach and email blasts. The execution of this goal has to be planned, strategized, and monitored.

Marketing virtual assistants can produce effective copy, blogs, emails, branded graphic designs, and videos to help you reach your marketing goals. With the best marketing virtual assistant services, you’re not alone in reaching out to your audience and finding the market segment that can provide your business with sustainability and success. 

Best administrative Virtual Assistant Services USA

5. Administrative

Administrative work is a daily matter that all businesses need to take care of. As a business owner, this can take up too much of your time and have you working past ten hours a day. Getting an administrative virtual assistant means delegating all that work to someone who can give it the attention it needs.

You can let them handle your schedule, translate emails and calls into appointments, attend meetings and take minutes, and even sort all your important documents so you can work faster every day. The immense support they provide by taking on the small tasks will have your productivity multiplied by a lot, allowing you to establish and scale your business faster.

6. Healthcare

Virtual assistants in the healthcare industry are reliable in providing administrative support and taking care of telemarketing tasks. For healthcare professionals, a virtual assistant allows them to focus on applying their expertise without neglecting other aspects of their business.

Even for health and wellness practitioners, healthcare virtual assistants can help out with schedule management for appointments, as well as keeping track of client or patient records. Virtual assistants with a background in nursing or experience in the healthcare industry can even be tasked to fulfill a set of even more specialized tasks.

Best property management Virtual Assistant Services USA

7. Property Management

Property management involves a lot of work that can be done remotely. Outsourcing the work to a property management virtual assistant can take off the load without breaking the bank.

Virtual assistants for property management help agents by keeping records accurate and compliant, handling complaints, and advertising vacancies. They can also do research to help determine standard market prices, suppliers, and contractors for maintenance and repairs. What’s even better is that they can provide after-hours support to tenants and owners if it’s compatible with their offshore arrangement.

8. Insurance

With the help of insurance virtual assistants, agents get to focus on networking and building relationships instead of getting swamped with clerical work. Insurance virtual assistants can take care of the huge amount of paperwork involved with the insurance industry. They can make sure everything is accurate and secure so costly lawsuits can be avoided.

Insurance virtual assistants can also carry on prospecting tasks and provide agents with qualified leads. Additionally, they can do internal quote preparations, follow up on leads, and provide support for both team members and clients.

Best legal Virtual Assistant Services USA

9. Legal

If there’s anything that a legal secretary can do remotely, it can be outsourced to a virtual legal assistant. They can take on the heavy load of preparing legal documents for clients, scheduling meetings or consultations, and even transcription work.

Virtual legal assistants can help with legal research, conflict and background assessments for pre-screening, and researching for information that can help lawyers with their cases. They can also onboard new clients and assist in getting fee agreements signed.

10. Customer Service

Customer service is essential to almost any business nowadays. However, it can be costly for small business owners to hire someone to specialize in this task. A customer service virtual assistant can provide the support your clients need without costing as much as a local hire.

If your business needs it, offshore virtual assistants can work after your regular business hours and provide reports on client demands regularly. If you know how valuable this is for client retention, you should consider hiring one or two customer service virtual assistants so you can offer round-the-clock support for your clients.

Qualities To Look For in an Online Virtual Assistant 

If you’re interested in working with a virtual assistant, here are the qualities you should consider. This list highlights important qualities that matter with the nature of work being delegated and accomplished remotely.

Best Virtual Assistant Services USA qualities

1. Attention to Detail

It’s important that a virtual assistant is able to consistently pay attention to detail. The work they do can involve a lot of paperwork and setting up meetings. Especially if they’re handling sensitive information and legal documents, it’s invaluable for your virtual assistant to work as detailed as possible. 

2. Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills 

With work being carried out remotely, it’s very important that your online assistant’s communication skills are excellent. This means instructions are clear, questions are addressed, and nothing is amiss when it comes to receiving and submitting work. This also means that they understand the output expected of them, as well as the limitations and the importance of the work they do.

3. Problem Solving Skills 

Your virtual assistant should have the necessary problem-solving skills needed for the nature of your business. They may encounter issues while you’re on a trip, in a meeting, or simply not there to be asked for help. They need to be able to tackle problems on their own, especially if it’s within the scope of their delegation.

4. Effective Decision-Making 

Decision-making is a skill. It’s the knowledge about your business that you’ll equip your virtual assistant with during training. Make sure to find someone who can make decisions as the job entails working remotely. A virtual assistant with effective decision-making skills will have you working with a proactive teammate, expanding your productivity and improving the area of your business they work in.

5. Technological Knowledge 

Mastery of basic productivity apps is a must for every online virtual assistant. This means they can easily pick up on the tech you use in your operations. This would also mean they can help you build and improve on a working dynamic, especially through the productivity programs and CRMs you use within your business. Technologically skilled virtual assistants will help you work much faster and more efficiently almost immediately after onboarding.

When Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

If you’re already considering hiring one, and you know you have tasks you can and should outsource, it’s probably time for you to hire a virtual assistant. It’s a cost-effective way to start scaling your team and getting things done. Watch this tip from our CEO, Pavel Stepanov, on when you should hire a virtual assistant.

when do you need a virtual assistant services provider

How To Hire a Virtual Assistant From Virtudesk

Hiring a virtual assistant from Virtudesk means you aren’t doing it on your own and scouring the corners of the internet for talent. That’s skipping a huge step in the process of finding the right virtual assistant for your business. We have an available pool of talent for future clients who are college-educated, pre-screened, highly-trained, and ready to take on the tasks your business needs.

Through a discovery call, we’ll create an action plan with you. Our clients are then matched with five talents according to their demands. Onboarding with our coaches takes place after you’ve decided on your virtual assistant. If that doesn’t work out right away, you can easily ask for a replacement. You can find out more about this on our FAQs page.  

If you want to get started, just fill out this form, and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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