10 Influencer Marketing Manager Tasks You Can Assign to a Virtual Assistant

Mar 24, 2023
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10 Influencer Marketing Manager Tasks You Can Assign to a Virtual Assistant

Getting an influencer marketing manager to coordinate all the moving parts of a successful marketing campaign is a great investment for a business. The cost of adding another person to your team, however, will definitely affect your budget and your ROI not only for the campaign but for the rest of their employment.

Executing an influencer campaign can be a daunting task considering how many influencers you will have to reach out to and coordinate instructions, deadlines, and content reviews with. 

To alleviate some of the pressure without stretching your budget too thin, you can outsource influencer relationship management and campaign coordination to a marketing virtual assistant.

Marketing virtual assistants are known for performing a plethora of tasks remotely in the digital age. They can be social media managers, paid advertising associates, content creators, podcast producers, virtual event planners, and so much more.

Read along to discover tasks revolving around how to manage influencers that you can outsource to marketing virtual assistants.

10 Influencer Program Management Tasks

Setting up influencer programs can be tough, but it’s only the optimization and strategizing you may have to work on occasionally. Here are the other tasks that you will commonly encounter as you keep working with influencers:

1. Market Research

As each campaign may have a specific goal, you will also have to reevaluate your entire approach. As such, you will be conducting market research multiple times. This step includes but is not limited to, audience research, influencer profiling, content research, and trend analysis.

2. Negotiation

You or your influencer marketing manager will also have to dedicate time to ironing out specifics with every influencer you’re working with. As there are different types of influencers, there will also be different demands you’ll have to make adjustments for.

3. Contracts Management

With multiple influencers on your campaign, you’ll be negotiating, preparing, and documenting many contracts at once. This task will always come around as long as your brand is using an influencer marketing strategy, so make sure to carve out some time for contracts.

4. Influencer Outreach

Finding different influencers will also require you to reach out to them one by one. This is why designing an influencer outreach campaign will be beneficial to your program. Make sure you’re always tweaking this process so you can build a great network of influencers to advocate for your brand.

5. Brand Onboarding

Each influencer will also have to be introduced to your campaign briefs and go through the brand onboarding process. This is the part where an influencer marketing manager makes sure that they are able to create content aligned with your brand’s online presence and company values. 

Skipping this step can create a disconnect between your brand and the content an influencer creates to represent your values. Make sure to properly onboard every influencer to have effective campaigns that really show your brand’s value.

6. Content Collaboration

Some influencers work more collaboratively than others. You will have to carve out time to collaborate in these cases.

Depending on the extent of your collaboration, this can come in the form of revamping old content with newer trends, using licensed media from your brand, or creating content that will be owned and published on your platforms.

7. Product Collaboration

There will also be influencers who will agree on a product collaboration. Your business model will dictate if this can be done on a short-term basis or within a longer ambassadorship period.

For the latter, you may need a dedicated product specialist from your team to work hand-in-hand with an influencer.

8. Campaign Execution and Coordination

For the duration of your campaign, you’ll also need to dedicate some time to watch over the progress of the content published by the influencers you’ve contracted.

This can include responding to the best comments, flagging content that may need revisions, or even scheduling the rollout of your content from multiple influencers.

9. Analytics Reporting

Analytics reporting is a crucial part of optimizing your influencer program. This is where influencer marketing managers crunch the numbers to gain insight into the level of success your collaboration has achieved beyond sales, likes, or comments.

With the results from this process, you’ll be able to formulate a data-driven approach to succeeding in both influencer marketing and influencer outreach.

10. Campaign Monitoring

The overall supervision of your influencer marketing campaign also falls into your team’s to-do list. This means that you have to be involved at some level every step of the way to ensure success.

Without micromanaging influencers, you’ll need to do your part in each collaboration. This is especially true when new trends dictate that you make immediate adjustments to your strategy.

influencer marketing manager tasks how to manage influencers

Influencer Marketing as a Powerful Marketing Practice

Recent studies report that up to 81% of marketers who worked with influencers found the strategy to be effective. 

Social media users today put high trust in influencers when it comes to purchasing decisions. Getting mentioned by even one micro-influencer has now become one of the most favored strategies for businesses.

With its massive benefits as a paid media strategy and for getting earned media, the workload can also stretch one influencer marketing manager too thin. To mediate this effect, outsourcing tasks to a marketing virtual assistant (VA) is a recommended strategy.

Used in other industries to tackle recurring tasks, bulky paperwork, or even time-bound projects, the cost-efficiency of outsourcing to virtual assistants can also be leveraged for the success of your influencer marketing campaigns.

If you’d like to get started on finding the right VA for your team, fill out this form so one of our consultants can get in touch with you.

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