10 Tasks You Can Delegate to A Recruitment Virtual Assistant

Jun 30, 2022

Tasks You Can Delegate to A Recruitment Virtual Assistant or virtual recruiter

As a recruiter or business owner, you probably already spend a lot of time screening resumes and candidates. If you’re looking to free up your schedule for more opportunities, you can try hiring a virtual recruiter assistant.

Also known as recruitment virtual assistants (VA), these are remote professionals who can take over administrative and specialized tasks for recruiters. Need help preparing multiple job descriptions and screening resumes? Try delegating those tasks to a virtual recruiter.

Read along to find 10 tasks you can entrust to your recruitment virtual assistant, and how these can help you grow as a recruiter and a business owner.

Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Recruiter

Whether you’re in the recruitment department, a search firm, have your own agency or starting your own business, you can outsource some of your tasks to a virtual assistant. This can help you get the time you need for more urgent tasks, and also the mental space to get creative with your practice.

Here are 10 tasks you can delegate to a virtual recruiter to free up your time.

1. Talent Sourcing

Whether you’re active or passive about finding talent to fill a vacancy, a virtual recruiter can assist you in multiple ways.

Your recruitment virtual assistant can help you source candidates from multiple job sites and social media sites simultaneously. They can do this by preparing well-written job descriptions and posting them online.

They can also sift through profiles on job sites like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, GlassDoor, and others. This can take hours on end and disable you from doing other tasks, making delegation a very useful strategy.

As a recruiter, your search gets tougher when there’s a larger pool of talent you need to go through. A virtual recruiter can help you find your best candidates a lot faster.

2. Candidate Screening

There are multiple ways to screen candidates, and you always want to be thorough to avoid wasting anyone’s time.

Delegating some of the work to a virtual assistant can help you find your shortlist of top applicants much faster. They can review resumes, administer online skills tests, get on phone calls, and even screen video applications.

If it’s part of your process, you can also have them pre-screen candidates using cover letters, reviewing their social media profiles, and instructing them to work on a trial work assignment.

While you can integrate AI to review hundreds of resumes instantly, it can also be useful to have an extra set of eyes check out applications rejected by your software. There might be great candidates whose resumes weren’t AI-friendly.

Your screening and pre-screening steps help you single out the best candidates based on a system you’ve built. Your virtual assistant can help implement that system faster while you can work on other tasks.

3. Schedule Management

Another important aspect of recruitment is managing the schedules of everyone involved in the process. As a recruiter, you could be dealing with multiple candidates for multiple job titles. Then there are the hiring managers and employers on the other side of the equation.

Especially for industries like real estate where most anything needs to be done on a schedule, it’s invaluable to have meetings booked and rescheduled ASAP because there are other appointments on everyone’s calendars.

Whether you’re in real estate recruiting, executive headhunting, or just looking for candidates, it’s a huge plus to be working with a virtual recruiter. They can manage your entire schedule and the schedules of your staff, and negotiate availability and meeting times. They can also manage your calendar by sending meeting invites.

More importantly, they can assist you in making time for urgent tasks that come up within the day by making calls and messages for rescheduling appointments.

4. ATS Management

Recruitment is typically a function of HR within an organization. In some industries, in-house recruiters also perform tasks outside of a recruiter’s role. In-house recruiters sometimes double as HR associates, marketing specialists, and others. 

Full-time recruiters also have their fair share of tasks that they have to juggle, typically involving volume hiring. 

As such, it can be an ongoing challenge for all recruiters to keep their applicant tracking systems (ATS) updated at all times. 

That’s on top of checking in with multiple employers and candidates in a day or performing non-recruitment tasks like handling a client management system, or even a content management system.

Hiring a recruitment VA and delegating ATS management can help recruiters gain more time for the other daily tasks that they need to accomplish, without compromising the quality and accuracy of their ATS.

The same benefit of having a virtual assistant can be enjoyed by solopreneur headhunters who manage everything on their own, from finding clients and candidates to negotiating benefits and onboarding new hires.

5. Follow-Up

Whether you’re following up with a candidate’s interest, employment status, or availability, your virtual assistant can do that for you. 

Virtual recruiters can handle follow-up calls and messages with candidates, hiring managers, or HR personnel you’re working with. This can help ensure movement in your pipeline and help you meet your target KPIs faster.

This also means you can have all messages and updates replied to or followed up within the same day, without having to spend more time at work. 

6. Onboarding

Every time you place a candidate with an employer, or successfully hire one, your duty as a recruiter may also require you to assist them in getting onboarded onto their new team.

You can have your virtual recruiter coordinate your new hire’s onboarding with HR to make sure your candidate is fully assisted and properly onboarded.

This ensures that both candidates and hiring managers have a pleasant experience working with you. If you’re working for or running a recruitment firm, this can be highly valuable feedback that you can use to promote your business.

7. Promotion

Delegate promotion to your virtual assistant and expand your reach faster. If you’re an employment agency, your virtual assistant can prepare promotional graphics and videos to post on social media.

They can also draft blog posts and emails to promote your services to both job seekers and employers. Your virtual assistant can even strategize your distribution of promotional material so it always reaches the right audience.

Whether you’re an agency or a company recruiting for new roles, a virtual recruitment assistant can help you promote your job ads by determining your budget to promote posts, and boosting your posts on sites like Indeed and LinkedIn. Your virtual recruiter can also create tear sheets, white paper, and other training material for new hires.

As a recruiter, you know how valuable it is to be looking for the right people in the right places. Investing in a recruitment virtual assistant can help your business be found by those looking for a job, and help scale your business faster.

8. Network-Building

Networking is important for recruiters. A recruitment professional with an established network of job hunters and employees can easily maintain a healthy pipeline and keep their business running.

As such, building a recruiter’s network is important for their success in the field. This can be an ongoing project for a recruiter’s virtual assistant.

Your recruitment virtual assistant can keep up with events that can help you grow your network. It can be live recruitment events where you can find candidates (e.g. job fairs), an organization you can join to tap into various resources, or any other unique opportunities where your practice can benefit. 

They can even build their own online network of potential applicants on social media. They can reach out to people looking for work in certain specialties on LinkedIn, and tell them about your job openings.

Hiring a virtual assistant can help you more easily expand the network in which you promote vacancies, headhunt or find companies to recruit for. 

If you find yourself always having too much time in between placing candidates with a client, getting a VA can be a worthwhile strategy for you.

9. Inquiry Review

The inquiries you receive are very important. These can be from interested candidates or possible clients who can both help you grow your business.

To avoid missing out on opportunities, you can have your virtual recruiter manage and review inquiries from all your available touchpoints. They can be trained to respond to common questions, and then bring you inquiries immediately outside their scope.

10. Create Weekly Reports

Keeping track of your KPIs and performance metrics is an essential part of growing a career or a business. As such, creating reports should be a regular part of your to-do list.

As that can take a lot of time from gathering data to extracting charts and creating actionable insights, you can delegate some parts of the process to a recruitment VA.

This way, you only participate in the managerial part of creating actionable insights and tuning your reporting process. It also ensures that reporting becomes a regular part of your process no matter how busy your week can be.

Your virtual assistant would be able to present their reports to you on several metrics including the number of candidates they screened, interviewed, and are passing to you for a second interview. They can tell you how many people are interested in getting hired by your company and what job sites are producing the best and most candidates.

How a Virtual Recruiter Can Help Those in Real Estate

Recruitment in real estate is an ongoing process for teams and brokerages due to the naturally high attrition rate of the industry. 

Apart from meeting clients and moving transactions along, real estate recruiters then also have to scout the market or agents in different phases of their careers. This will require them to take personalized measures in approaching each candidate, requiring more recruitment work to be done.

A recruitment virtual assistant can take over some of these tasks so a recruiter in the real estate industry isn’t drowning in work all the time. Hiring a virtual recruiter lets agents, brokers, and realtors delegate tasks like candidate outreach, talent sourcing, and onboarding to their virtual assistant.

The VA will then be responsible for going through the team’s MLS to look for producing agents, looking for pre-licensed and in-school candidates to invest in, sending them personalized messages, getting on calls, and assisting them in the recruitment process.

Meetings and interviews will also be scheduled by the real estate recruitment virtual assistant. Another project they can work on is tracking these leads and their sources to find out an efficient real estate recruitment strategy.

Sample Schedule of a Recruitment Virtual Assistant

Interested in what a full-time recruitment virtual assistant can do for you? Here’s what their week can look like.

sample schedule of a recruitment virtual assistant

Finding the Best Virtual Recruiter for You

You can find a recruitment virtual assistant by either scouring the web for freelancers or working with a VA firm you can trust.

As a recruiter or business owner, you know how long it takes to seek qualified candidates and hire and train them for the role. You may find it easier and more convenient to work with a VA company like Virtudesk.

You not only get to enjoy the added productivity and cost savings from hiring a VA, but you also get support from your VA’s Account Manager, and a curated learning resource center for VAs among others.

If you’d like to hire a virtual recruiter from Virtudesk, all you need to do is fill out this form and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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