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Virtudesk proudly offers accounting and bookkeeping virtual assistant services. Whether you need help with bookkeeping, monthly invoicing, personal and professional banking, accounts receivable and accounts payable management, or monthly and quarterly expense reporting and reconciliation, you can be sure that our virtual assistants (VAs) can handle the job. They have the skills to work on all the necessary accounting tasks any business or sole proprietor faces in their daily lives.

What an Accounting Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

The increase in demand for accounting virtual assistants is due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, these professionals help lighten your workload so you have more time for other things. Some tasks you can assign to them are:

Administrative Services

Accounting is the arduous process of recording and summarizing all the financial transactions a business makes. Since various documents and meetings are required to ensure that all the receipts, bills, statements, invoices, and checks are accounted for, having a VA can be incredibly advantageous as they can help you organize your documents. They can even help you manage your schedule.

Marketing Services

Accounting professionals need marketing services because they need to make sure that they reach their target audience and stay relevant with their current customers. With the help of a VA, you can focus more on your branding, public relations, search engine optimization, social media management, or digital advertising to attract prospective clients.

Prospecting Services

With the development of technology, the traditional way of attracting new clients is changing as almost everything shifts online. Reliable accounting virtual assistant services can help you generate leads and increase your client base. VAs can even help you find potential partners and improve your relationship with your existing customers.

Customer Services

Accounting firms are more than just number crunchers. They are also in the business of being trusted advisors for their clients, which means they need to answer people’s questions and attend to concerns promptly. Hiring a VA can help you make sure that you are on top of everything and that no messages or calls are left unanswered.

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Mar 15, 2023

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Rick Garza

Bright and Early Productions

I’ll rate Virtudesk 5/5. My experience with Virtudesk was fantastic. I like your follow-ups and consistency is very refreshing and it makes me feel very confident in hiring Virtudesk.

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Misti Bruton

AVO Realty

We hired a VA because we needed help on recruiting for agents and I am very satisfied with my Virtual Assistant. The experience with Virtudesk is really good and I am really really happy.

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John Rainville

One of the reasons why we hire a Virtual Assistant is because a VA can’t walk out my door and take my business. Second, the cost value and the third is, we just had a super well qualified hardworking admin – I am very satisfied with my VA. We are also constantly getting follow-ups to ensure that we are very satisfied.