Tom Ferry Success Summit 2022: The Essential Real Estate Event of the Year

Sep 7, 2022

tom ferry success summit 2022 dallas texas

The biggest real estate event of the year just happened and the Virtudesk team saw everything that was there to see! Revisit the Tom Ferry Success Summit 2022 with pictures from the Virtudesk team and a recap of all the amazing things we got to do!

Virtudesk Attends the Tom Ferry Success Summit 2022

If there’s a real estate event you can’t miss, it’s always the Tom Ferry Success Summit. Our team wouldn’t have missed one of the biggest and best Tom Ferry events so we hopped on a flight to Dallas, Texas to join everyone!

At the Success Summit, the Virtudesk team met many real estate professionals looking for ways to strike that work-life balance they want. We also met some clients who were very excited to tell us about how their virtual assistants have changed their lives!

If you’d also like to have the help of a virtual assistant to balance work and life without too many sacrifices, you can fill out this form so one of our Consultants can get on a call with you.

A whole lot of people dropped by our booth as the Tom Ferry Success Summit went on splendidly. On stage, rockstar agents took turns sharing lessons on productivity, leadership, entrepreneurship, and a whole lot more. Major reveals from the Tom Ferry team also made the entire experience so much more exciting.

One of the highlights of the events was the announcement of the Lead Generation Playbooks for everyone at the Summit. These were step-by-step guides on demand, brand, and referrals that make going to the Summit a truly life-changing experience for every real estate agent.

Check out this highlight reel from our team and relive all the amazing things that happened at the Tom Ferry Success Summit 2022!

The First Ever BAM BASH

The Virtudesk team was also able to attend the first-ever BAM Bash hosted by Byron Lazine and the rest of the Broke Agent Media team. It was a spectacular soiree where thought leaders and entrepreneurs from different niches got together to have fun and get connected.

Did we mention that this all happened by the poolside on a roof deck? The BAM Bash was such an iconic experience and our team can’t wait for the next one. Check out this snap from the poolside event!

broke agent media bam bash

Party with the Tom Ferry Coaches and Coaching Clients

If you think the Summit is all work and no play, you’re definitely mistaken. Everyone also got to party with the Tom Ferry coaches and coaching clients! 

Yes, the Summit was also as fun as it gets, but it got even better as everyone had the time to mingle and connect with each other without thinking about what was next on the schedule. It was all dancing and chatting with friends, both old and new. This party really was one of the highlights for some of us who missed in-person events, especially Tom Ferry events!

A Meeting of Minds with Byron Lazine

The Virtudesk team also had a hang out with BAM during the Tom Ferry Success Summit 2022, This turned into a podcast session with Virtudesk CEO Pavel Stepanov and BAM Co-founding COO Byron Lazine.

On the podcast, Byron and Pavel talked about how Pavel went from law school to real estate, to becoming the CEO of an INC-5000 listed company. Listen to Pavel’s story and what he has learned in his journey to becoming a self-made entrepreneur on this episode of The Byron Lazine Podcast.

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