Virtudesk Achieves Greater Growth and Recognition with These New Awards

May 13, 2022

Virtudesk achieves greater Growth 2022 usa

“The name came up very spontaneously,” said Virtudesk CEO Pavel Stepanov. Naming the company came from combining “virtual” and “desk”, “kind of an epiphany of working remotely,” for him and his old team.

A few years have passed and Virtudesk has achieved greater growth, garnering recognition from the business world’s most renowned awarding organizations.

Celebrating the success of the Virtudesk family, here are some of the most recent awards that recognize the hard work and dedication of Virtudesk.

1. INC 5000

Acknowledging dedication to growth and prosperity, INC 5000 introduces Virtudesk as the 1068th fastest-growing privately-held company in the United States.

Founded in 2016, Virtudesk was able to achieve a 454% growth in the past three years, making it the 20th fastest-growing privately-held company in Seattle.

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, CEO Pavel Stepanov was able to navigate toward stability and growth by grounding the company in family values, and showing clients that they would be taking serious losses if they cut their payroll during such an uncertain time.

inc 5000 recognizes virtudesk growth 2021 USA

“We took some measures that actually allowed us to operate without laying people off,” he says in an interview. This included reducing profit and helping virtual assistants keep their clients by studying the effectiveness of outsourcing in a tight labor market.

Focusing on preserving people’s livelihoods and businesses, the company ended up growing with its clients, worthy of being in the INC 5000 list of 2021, in spite of a pandemic.

2. Growjo

On a global scale, Growjo also recognized Virtudesk as the #1 fastest-growing outsourcing company in the world for its 2022 list.

virtudesk achieves greater growth recognized by growjo USA fastest-growing outsourcing company

Growjo acknowledges Virtudesk’s milestone of growing its employee count by 209% in the last year. This means the company is able to empower more people with more jobs, and boost the growth of its new clients’ businesses.

This recognition also places Virtudesk 755th on a global list led by OpenSea, Axie Infinity, and SellerX.

3. Titan Business Awards

Celebrating and honoring outstanding entrepreneurship across all industries, Titan Business Awards also includes Virtudesk on their list of winners for the year 2022.

titan business award virtudesk 2022

Titan gives the Achievement award to Virtudesk recognizing its 454% 3-year growth achievement. Once again, this validates all the hard work and passion behind Virtudesk’s success in spite of a global pandemic.

4. American Business Awards

The American Business Awards becomes next on the list of prestigious organizations recognizing the Virtudesk family’s hard work that earned an outstanding growth of 454% during a 3-year period.

virtudesk achieves greater growth with silver stevie from american business awards 2022

From the list of winners, Virtudesk becomes one of the few entrants to win a Silver Stevie Award for being one of the fastest-growing companies with up to 2,500 employees.

Virtudesk feels immense gratitude for once again being recognized for the growth achieved by the organization.

5. Better Business Bureau Accreditation (BBB)

Virtudesk’s efforts to provide quality services that truly help its clients have paid off immensely with an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

virtudesk better business bureau accreditation 2022

Virtudesk now joins the roster of trustworthy companies that operate with integrity, valuing security and honesty from promotion to delivery of its services.

This accreditation inspires continuous action for the company to contribute to an ethical marketplace where trust is valued over anything else.

More Notable Virtudesk Features

Apart from awarding bodies recognizing Virtudesk’s values and efforts, there are also noteworthy features that brought heartwarming validation to the Virtudesk family.

1.) Pavel in Insight Success Magazine

Facilitating a community where business leaders are given the spotlight to inspire others to strive for excellence, Insights Success features CEO Pavel Stepanov and Virtudesk on the cover of their issue featuring the Top 10 Disruptive Virtual Assistant Companies to Watch.

The issue features interviews with executives from virtual assistant companies, covering the scope of their respective services, the values behind their success, and their journey to getting there. Read Pavel’s exclusive interview here.

2.) Starter Story's 40 Trending Virtual Assistant Businesses

Inspiring budding entrepreneurs and new business ventures, Starter Story also features CEO Pavel Stepanov’s journey and blueprint to success.

The publication also featured Virtudesk on its list of 40 trending virtual assistant businesses, along with other aspirational businesses grounded on helping others achieve more through delegation and workflow optimization.

3. Pavel’s Founder@ Interview

Sharing stories of aspirational founders and entrepreneurs, Founder@ (Founder At) published an interview where CEO Pavel Stepanov was given the platform to share the wisdom he’s gained from his years of being an entrepreneur.

“Execution trumps overthinking,” he says, also echoing Nike’s famous “just do it” slogan. Pavel has learned many things from putting up businesses, but the most important advice he shares to empower upcoming entrepreneurs is to prioritize action over perfection.

Growing Businesses and Communities

Through Virtudesk, Pavel continues to build a community supporting other leaders and entrepreneurs who wish to expand their output through leveraging delegation and outsourcing.

You can join the exclusive Leverage community to learn from other experts about modern entrepreneurship, delegation, and outsourcing to virtual assistants. You can also join our weekly webinar and podcast featuring successful entrepreneurs from different industries.

At the heart of Virtudesk are virtual assistants helping business owners and leaders work smarter, not harder. 

This efficient system of delegation is also practiced in the company, employing skillful virtual assistants from the Philippines in marketing, sales, and other day-to-day business operations.

For more tips from Pavel, you can follow Virtudesk on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or subscribe to our YouTube channel to get business development tips from the CEO, himself.

If you’re interested in hiring a virtual assistant to help reinvent your productivity and grow your business, you can fill out this form and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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