5 Reasons Why VA Companies are More Secure

Dec 17, 2020
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5 Reasons Why VA Companies are More Secure

Utilizing freelancers and virtual assistants is a great business strategy in order to take advantage of out-of-house labor and skill. Even better, there are more opportunities now than ever for freelancers to pick up.

71% of freelancers had more work available to them in 2019 than in 2018. That number only increased in 2020. By 2024, it’s projected that 43% of the U.S. workforce will comprise freelancers. 

Although freelancers are a great solution for business needs, especially when you don’t have the skill in-house, it can provide a lot of cyber security risks for your business.

That’s why it’s recommended and safer to hire a virtual assistant through a virtual assistant company. Below, we provide the five main reasons why VA companies are more secure.

VA Companies Have Cyber Security Insurance

VA companies are more secure, largely because they have cyber security insurance.

Virtual assistant companies put systems in place to protect against and prevent data breaches and use cyber security insurance to cover a business’s liability for a data breach.

This way, if a data breach does happen, customers will be informed immediately and they will be helped to restore their personal information and recover compromised data.

If a freelancer you hired ended up stealing from you, it’s very likely that more damage could be done.

That’s because there’s no system in place to notify you as a customer of their services if and when the malicious activity took place, as opposed to a VA company.

Therefore, a freelancer that potentially steals from you could do more damage in the long term, simply because you weren’t aware of it.

At Virtudesk, we make sure we have cyber security insurance in order to provide a secure and smooth process for recovery if something were to happen.

When you and our virtual assistants are working together, your personal data will not be shared with Google. It won’t be visible to anyone but to you and your virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistants Are Highly Trained

Not only are virtual assistants from VA companies highly trained, but virtual assistants are required to have a certain education and experience level before onboarding with a virtual assistant company.

Oftentimes, they are college-educated and have years of experience in their respective field, just like a freelancer.

However, despite a wealth of experience, virtual assistants that come from VA companies also have a huge bank of learning resources and mentors to access.

At Virtudesk, we have an online academy for all of our virtual assistants to access, called Virtudesk Academy. They not only get trained but can reference this online school if they need to learn something new on the job.

are va companies more secure virtudesk academy

For example, we have online courses for industry-leading CRMS, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Transaction Coordination, Real Estate, and so much more.

This way, if there’s something our virtual assistants encounter they don’t know, they can consult our academy and our experienced account managers for guidance and mentorship, as opposed to regular freelancers.

Virtual Assistants are Held Accountable for Their Work

In virtual assistant companies, VAs are held more accountable. Virtual assistants are managed by an account manager that oversees them and their work.

Additionally, they are required to have daily check-ins with not only the account manager but their clients as well. This helps establish clear work expectations and accountability for work completion.

At Virtudesk, our virtual assistants not only have daily check-ins with their managers and clients but are responsible for submitting an End-of-Day (EOD) report.

The EOD report is submitted every day to the client to show them how many hours their virtual assistant worked, what tasks were completed when, which platforms were used to complete them, and any comments they have.

Our virtual assistants can write down the status of the task they were working on in their EOD reports.

AI Technology Can Track Your Virtual Assistant’s Work

are va companies more secure timedly

Nowadays, technology has the power to know where you are and what you’re doing. With virtual assistant companies, the work of virtual assistants can be monitored and tracked.

At Virtudesk, we use our own platform called Timedly to monitors the real-time activity of our virtual assistants. Timedly can monitor what times virtual assistants log in and out for the day.

It can track how much time was spent on each task and takes screenshots of the virtual assistant’s computer screen every 2 minutes or less so that clients can check in on their progress during any time of the day.

This is another way we hold our virtual assistants accountable for the tasks they are assigned.

By hiring a freelancer, clients wouldn’t have available the technology in order to track their freelancers' work as closely, risking lost productivity and decreased task completion.

Virtudesk Fosters a Culture of Honesty and Hard Work

You can guarantee that our virtual assistants will be the most hard-working and efficient in the entire virtual assistant industry.

Not only do we have systems in place to keep track of our VAs’ work (as described above), but we place a strong emphasis on our company values, including integrity, respect, dependability, reliability, consistency, and efficiency.

We train our virtual assistants to be honest and hard-working. As a company, we all believe that hard work, genuine effort, and an eagerness to learn will pay dividends for long-term success and happiness.

5 Reasons Why VA Companies Are More Secure

If you're interested in expanding your productivity without risking security, fill out this form and one of our Consultants will reach out to you about Virtudesk’s virtual assistants.

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