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Whether you need a product tester, or a tech support person to answer calls, engage in e-commerce, fill out online orders or any type of processing, you should consider a virtual assistant

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Philippines VA IT Experts

“I’ll rate Virtudesk 5/5. My experience with Virtudesk was fantastic. I like your follow-ups and consistency is very refreshing and it makes me feel very confident in hiring Virtudesk”

Rick Garza, Bright and Early Productions

Philippines VA IT Experts

“We hired a VA because we needed help on recruiting for agents and I am very satisfied with my Virtual Assistant. The experience with Virtudesk is really good and I am really really happy”

Misti Bruton, AVO Realty

Philippines VA IT Experts

“One of the reasons why we hire a Virtual Assistant is because a VA can’t walk out my door and take my business. Second, the cost value and the third is, we just had a super well qualified hardworking admin – I am very satisfied with my VA. We are also constantly getting follow-ups to ensure that we are very satisfied”

John Rainville,

Excellent resource! They are very helpful.
Philippines VA IT Experts
Chris Kjorstad
17:25 08 Jun 21
Zoe was a great VA. Always on time and put in a lot of effort to learn a very difficult cold calling job.
Philippines VA IT Experts
Travis Carroll
13:01 25 Mar 21
Virtudesk is a great option for anyone needing a VA on a part time basis. They have really went to great lengths to make sure I was getting a good ROI.
Philippines VA IT Experts
David Ezrailson
17:12 19 Mar 21
I started with VirtuDesk 6 months ago. My assistant is amazing. When I was interviewing I knew I wanted someone who was a reflection of me and y personality. She is great!!! Always on time, always on task, very detailed. She provides great feedback. Don't be afraid to tell them when something isn't working. What I love is Virtudesk is always willing to help tweak scripts until you find something that works. She's gotten me multiple leads including a buyer in the 2 million range. I Could not be happier with their service.
Philippines VA IT Experts
Christina Johnson
18:08 18 Mar 21
Highly skilled virtual assistants who are trained to cater to specific industries. I recommend this company to all my business colleagues.
Philippines VA IT Experts
Natalya Maze
19:23 25 Feb 21
Absolutely fantastic. My entire admin side of my business is leveraged out to VAs. I have been working with 1 for about 9 months before I hired my 2nd one. She was able to yield me way more business than I ever could working solo. Also she is amazing with my customers. I hired a 2nd VA just last week and she already set multiple listing appointments with one already going on the market this Friday. Would highly recommend.I understand that it may be hard to pull this trigger, it was very hard for me too, but this is a great company, they are 100% legit and I will personally vouch for them at any time. Just do it! :) Partnering with them has been a great asset to my business and will be for yours.Thank you Virtudesk!
Philippines VA IT Experts
John Carey
16:54 14 Oct 20
I am EXTREMELY pleased with the services I am receiving from Virtudesk!! My virtual assistant has helped to catapult my business to the next level. Thanks to my virtual assistant, my business structure is becoming more organized, my branding has improved, new systems are in place and my VA has helped me to cut expenses by implementing more efficient systems and platforms. Very efficient, very professional, pushes me to do my best, helps me to stay focused on our goals..!! I am beyond happy!!
Philippines VA IT Experts
The Shereece Monroe Group
05:15 17 Sep 20
Excellent service great follow up and Derren is above average with work presented. Always timely and helpful. I highly recommend this company
Philippines VA IT Experts
14:19 04 Sep 20
VirtuDesk is amazing.. So impressed with the customer service.. I've had couple of VA and they all have be awesome. Management is always there to help & support you. Very professional and VirtuDesk is great choice when you need assistance in your business. Grateful for VirtuDesk
Philippines VA IT Experts
Lisa Lombardi
18:19 18 Aug 20
This is a fantastic company That has helped my firm tremendously.I recommend it to anyone.The service is excellent! The owner is top notch! Anna Levtov Azza Corp.
Philippines VA IT Experts
Anna Levtov
21:00 14 Aug 20
I love virtudesk. You are amazing! Great results.
Philippines VA IT Experts
Mary Ann
06:07 14 Aug 20
Premier Property Management has been using VirtuDesk services for several years and has been very happy with the services provided.Mia Fernando and Sara Martinez, our current virtual assistants,have provided extraordinary customer service and proved to be fast learners with attention to details.They are great additions to our team.We enjoy working with them and we will definitely use their services going forward.
Philippines VA IT Experts
Raluca David
14:27 12 Aug 20
I had a great experience with the Virtudesk team, leadership and virtual assistants they provided for me. Will definitely look into hiring them again for my future projects and need. Thank you!
Philippines VA IT Experts
Yaasha Sabba
21:05 19 Jun 20
Love these guys, the team was on point and does not dissapoint
Philippines VA IT Experts
Natalie Amoroso
00:06 17 Jun 20