Elevate Your Business with Virtudesk's Premier Call Center Services

Jun 11, 2024
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Elevate Your Business with Virtudesk's Premier Call Center Services

In this fast-paced business world, customer service is one cornerstone of success. 

You might be managing a property, running a medical clinic, having an e-commerce level business, or working in the travel and hospitality  arena, to mention just a few. Regardless of your business field, counting on a reliable call center service center is crucial. And this is where Virtudesk can make a difference. 

We understand the importance of keeping a seamless communication with the customers and we specialize in providing top-notch call centers services to maximize your customer experience. 

Understanding Virtudesk’s Virtual Call Center 

Instead of setting up an off-site call, you can hire call center services and have your own virtual call center with remote, experienced professionals from the Philippines handling your inbound calls from their homes. Besides their professional expertise, hiring assistants from the Philippines will noticeably reduce your expenses.

To provide you with the best call center services, all of our virtual assistants undergo extensive screening before starting working for you. They also receive intense training and regular additional training on the best practices of the industry.  

Call Center Services

If you are looking for enterprise-level solutions to scale your customer interactions, you can hire a virtual call center from Virtudesk. When you hire our customer service virtual assistants or call center agents, we’ll help your company onboard a remote, home-based call center for your business. Check our different service packages and choose the one that best suits your company's needs. 

Why Choose Virtudesk Call Center Services

At Virtudesk, we focus on providing mid-sized businesses with comprehensive call center solutions.  Our services aim to enable your business to achieve absolute customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and thus drive business growth through improved efficiency and professionalism. 

Here’s how you will benefit from Virtudesk’s call center outsourcing services:

1. Comprehensive Call Center Solutions

Virtudesk's comprehensive call center services include: 

  • inbound and outbound call center services,
  • technical support,
  • after-hours support. 

Our trained call center representatives are prepared to handle numerous customer interactions, granting your clients timely and professional assistance.

2. 24/7 Contact Center

Nowadays, having a contact center operating 24/7 is no longer an option but a necessity in the competitive business world that never sleeps. With Virtudesk, your business will be present round-the-clock, providing support to your customers at the exact time they need it. Constant availability makes an impact on customer satisfaction while fostering trust and creating customer loyalty. 

3. Expertise Across Industries

Virtudesk contact center services are tailored to an ample range of industries. We believe there is no one-solution-fits-all. Therefore, all of our agents receive specific training in the specific business field.   

Virtudesk’s call center services are tailored to a diverse range of industries. We are HIPAA certified, making us an ideal partner for medical clinics. 

Our expertise also extends to:  

  • property management, 
  • e-commerce, 
  • travel and hospitality,
  • and software companies. 

Regardless of your industry, Virtudesk has the experience and skills to support your business needs.

4. Cost-Effective Call Center Outsourcing

Virtudesk can drastically reduce your overhead costs when outsourcing call center operations to them. 

Our call center pricing is highly competitive without compromising excellence. Check our pricing packages, discover which one suits your needs better and obtain the best value for your money. 

By outsourcing your business processes, you are free to concentrate on what you know best: doing business. 

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An Overview of the Key Call Center Services We Offer

1. Inbound Call Center Service

Our inbound call center services ensure that your customers' queries are handled with utmost care. From service inquiries to technical support, our experienced representatives find customized and accurate solutions. Increased happy customers will translate in returning customers. 

2. Outbound Call Center Services

The goal of Virtudesk’s outbound call center services is to help you reach your target public with effectiveness. By keeping proper communication at the right time, be it telemarketing, customer follow-up, or surveying, our seasoned staff makes sure to communicate your message clearly and professionally.

3. Technical Support

One of the most irritating situations a customer may face is technical issues that prevent them from performing their desired task. Our skilled technical support team counts on the technical skills to troubleshoot and solve any issues that may arise. With reliable tech support, you will keep your customers happy and minimize downtime.  

4. After-Hours Support

Businesses operating outside the regular 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. working hours need reliable after-hours support. 

Virtudesk’s after-hours support ensures that your customers can get the same quality assistance and satisfaction they can normally obtain during your regular business hours.  

Benefits of Partnering with Virtudesk

1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is at the very core of any business’s success. Partnering with us, you can rest assured that your customers will receive prompt, kind, and effective solutions. Your team will strive to provide the best services, even going the extra mile to meet your customer needs. 

2. Scalable Solutions

Are you growing in your business? If so, your client base grows at the same time; your customer service needs increase as well. That’s why, at Virtudesk, we offer scalable call center solutions. We accompany you in your growth, whether you need to handle seasonal spikes or an expansion of your services. 

3. Access to Continuously Trained Professionals

We train our call center representatives not only on the technical skills but also on the soft skills necessary to maintain positive interactions with your customers. To achieve that, our agents are trained to handle different customer situations and moods so as to represent your brand with both top technical service and human quality, putting an accent on creating empathy with your clients. 

4. Cost Savings

Setting up an in-house call center can be costly not only financially but also in terms of mental peace and time. After all, time is money, so you would probably not want to spend unnecessary time managing an in-house call center. 

Save money, time, and headaches with our transparent call center plans and get the best value for your investment. 

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Getting Started with Virtudesk

Partnering with us is as easy as 1-2-3! No need for any hassle process; we want to save you time and effort. So, this is as simple as following a few steps to get your call center working for you:

Contact Us

Get in touch with us. Tell us about your call center requirements and we will give you a thorough overview of our services and how they will help your business.  

Customized Solutions

According to your needs, we will create a personalized call center solution so you can offer your clients top quality services. 


Once you evaluate our proposed solution and give us the green light, we will implement the highly customized call center solution. 

Ongoing Support: 

Part of our service includes providing seamless call center operations. Any concerns or adjustments can be availed anytime. 

Still Thinking Why Virtudesk Can Be Your Call Center Solution? 

Virtudesk offers an ample range of call center services to serve the needs of medium-sized to large companies. No matter if you need inbound or outbound calling, after-hours support, technical help, or query responding, our solutions were designed to deliver an experience to satisfy your customers’ needs and to grow along with your business. 

With Virtudesk, you count on high-tech call center services that are cost-effective, high-quality, and scalable.  Do not allow inefficient customer services hold you back. Contact us today, tell us about your business needs, and find out how our call center services can take customer interaction to a new level and let your business grow. 

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Byron Lazine

Co-Founding Chief-of-Operations at BAM (Broke Agent Media)

I’ve been using Virtual Assistants for years throughout all of my companies. Once we found Virtudesk the process got even easier and allowed us to scale out our hiring. Highly skilled and accountable professionals. 100% recommend!

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Rebecca Julianna James

Realtor / Content Creator

Before getting started with Virtudesk I had my doubts that they would find what I was looking for. I needed a very particular person to add to my team and let me tell you I am highly pleased! My virtual assistant Myril is the best! I am excited to grow my socialmedia accounts with her. Thank you Virtudesk!

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Chelsea Erickson

Realtor La Belle RE Group

I am very happy with the assistance Virtudesk is providing for my real estate business. This is a newer position for my company and we are working through the creation and efficiency.