Virtudesk Testimonial: Lisa Lombardi at Chicago Title

Mar 19, 2021
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Virtudesk Testimonial: Lisa Lombardi at Chicago Title

When we hear the success stories of our loyal clients, we cannot help but feel grateful and delighted with the experience they have had with Virtudesk and how their virtual assistants help them revolutionize their business. Today, Lisa Lombardi, Senior Sales Executive at Chicago Title, shares her Virtudesk Testimonial, how she discovered Virtudesk and her experience working with her virtual assistant.   Lisa was able to discover Virtudesk through Tristan Ahumada, CEO of LabCoat Agents. Here is her story and how she pushed through with hiring a virtual assistant from Virtudesk.

Read Lisa's Virtudesk Testimonial

Coach Nica: So by the way Lisa again I would like to thank you for the opportunity to interview today. So, we also have your VA Aimee with us right now, so let's start with you by telling us how did you actually find Virtudesk the first time.  Lisa: Yeah, so I asked him [Tristan Ahumada]. I said, “Hey do you have a great virtual program?” because I was in a different one. I had a virtual assistant before coming with you guys and it wasn't a very good experience. I know that with Tristan he's definitely a stellar in the real estate industry. He always knows where to go and what to do so he gave me the referral I'd say about two years ago.

The Tasks That Lisa Delegated to her Virtual Assistant

Lisa is one of Virtudesk’s longest clients on board because she believed in the company and she is experiencing the importance of having a virtual assistant with her company. As for the responsibilities of her VA, here are the tasks that she took off her plate and delegated to her VA: Coach Nica: You have been with us for a very long time, and can you tell us as well like what task do you usually assign Aimee on a regular basis? Lisa: Well, God, we pretty much talk all the time but like first of all when she gets in she makes sure that you know she checks her emails because a lot of times I'll be emailing her certain things before you know her shift so I'll do something like the night before. She checks the birthdays because we really feel like it's important. At least you know I do and Aimee really likes it and is very good at it. She'll send out you know messages on Facebook. I'm wishing everyone, you know, my clients a happy birthday, and then she'll text me the birthday so I make sure that I reach out to them sending them a happy birthday. Then she does a lot of my updating and she does a lot of graphics for me when I do postings on Facebook and Instagram through a lot of my technology at Chicago Title. Then there's times that I have her maybe call my clients and ask them for certain information and she opens up all my orders for me and she does all the openings and closings so we know exactly who our clients are and so there's times that we have new clients so she'll add them in the elite database. My gosh what does she not do she does so many things I'm telling you. So trust me she has a lot to do. Coach Nica: It is pretty amazing that you have a very good partnership with your VA Aimee, so how did you establish accountability with your VA? Lisa: Well I think you know unlike what I tell people when you know people ask me, how you know working with the VA - I think if people are not patient and they're not willing to really teach their VA it's gonna be hard for them. That would be like even having an assistant right next to me, you have to take the time to really explain what you're doing. And as salespeople we were, we're like in different directions all the time because there's so much that we have to do. But I think you know if I have to say anything, what's really important is you know to do one thing at a time. I think you have to connect with your VA and realize even though we're so far away that you know what they are, such as a good asset for you. She's been such a great asset for me, I can even tell you like my numbers are doing so well because I don't have to do all the things that Aimee does.

This is What Lisa Had to Say About Virtudesk

Coach Nica: My last question would be how would you be rating your VA and Virtudesk as your experience? So, like on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, and why? Lisa: Okay well I'm definitely gonna vote you guys number ten. I mean you have been amazing, I just wanna let you know any times I've had certain situations you've always been there for me. You've always reached out. Your company is very good at communication. You are excellent at communication and I feel very, how do I say this, I feel important. I feel like if I have issues you’re always there to help me and that is very important. Seriously, I'm so grateful and thankful that I found you guys I mean when I say that you guys are a ten you're definitely a ten. The whole organization is a ten and the VAs that I've had previous to Aimee were excellent as well too. But you know what I think with anything we're always striving and working, you know, on our business and I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm very grateful for your company because I feel like that's what you guys are giving to me is that I'm able to help my clients and be more efficient because I have a you know a great VA. lisa-lombardi-testimonial If you want to watch Lisa’s Virtudesk Testimonial, go to our YouTube channel to watch her full testimony. video-testimonial The marketingadministrative, and prospecting services are some of our most popular services. If you are interested to learn more about what types of virtual assistants we have, how you can use virtual assistants to leverage your business like Lisa did, or want to sign up, just fill out this online form, and one of our Consultants will reach out to you.

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Byron Lazine

Co-Founding Chief-of-Operations at BAM (Broke Agent Media)

I’ve been using Virtual Assistants for years throughout all of my companies. Once we found Virtudesk the process got even easier and allowed us to scale out our hiring. Highly skilled and accountable professionals. 100% recommend!

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Before getting started with Virtudesk I had my doubts that they would find what I was looking for. I needed a very particular person to add to my team and let me tell you I am highly pleased! My virtual assistant Myril is the best! I am excited to grow my socialmedia accounts with her. Thank you Virtudesk!

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I am very happy with the assistance Virtudesk is providing for my real estate business. This is a newer position for my company and we are working through the creation and efficiency.