Virtudesk Testimonial: Veronica Vera

Jul 23, 2021

virtudesk testimonials veronica vera

It makes us very happy when our clients take the time to give us feedback on how they find working with our virtual assistants. Their Virtudesk testimonial gives us direction to become better at helping them, and that’s what we’re always about.

Receiving good feedback then becomes a rewarding experience for our whole team because that means we’re doing something right.

Veronica runs her real estate business valuing accuracy in communication that is always supported with data. Her virtue of transparency helps her create deep connections in life and in business.

Today, Veronica Vera shares how Kate from Virtudesk has helped her run her business. 

Here’s What Veronica Had to Say in her Virtudesk Testimonial

“Taking a leap of faith and hiring my Virtudesk VA, Kate, was a game changer in my business. First, I want to say the hiring process was extremely organized which for my detailed OCD personality was a huge plus. Second, the quality of contender's I had to choose from was remarkable. 

Upon a lot of thought and consideration, I decided Kate was the BEST fit for my team. Kate is a SUPERSTAR among stars! I have thrown multiple (sometimes difficult) software systems at her to learn mostly on her own.  

When I ask for task support, she reads between the lines by gathering more data, saving data, or taking a task a step further to create better outcomes. I can literally go 6 hours without saying anything to her and when I reach out to her, I get a response in 2 minutes or less...  Every challenge I throw at her she conquers with detailed efficiency! Five stars is nothing compared to her stellar performance!

As a side note, I am happy with the additional support provided by management. There have been a few shifts in my business where I needed extra clarity in regards to what I could and could not do with help from Kate. Her manager, Erwin, has been extra helpful with helping me with any and every question I have sent his way. I am extremely pleased with the extra help.

Overall, I can't say enough about Virtudesk as a company. EVERYONE shows up to work hard everyday. What more can you ask for in business?”

Tasks Veronica Delegates to her Virtual Assistant

Real estate virtual assistants provide a lot of valuable support to real estate agents. For Veronica, game-changing support came through the following tasks she delegated to her virtual assistant:

  • Checked Emails daily
  • Follow up on Shopping Buyers and check on Sellers from time to time
  • Check Concierge Auto email for the properties that need approval or rejection
  • Monitor Company phone for inquiries (Text or Call)
  • Research about different properties to offer Leads
  • Making sure that the needs of all the Leads are being attended
  • Call different contractors for appointments or updates
  • Random admin tasks

Additional Tasks You Can Delegate to Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

You too can experience game-changing support for your real estate business. With a real estate virtual assistant, you’ll have the opportunity to close more sales every year, save on operation and hiring costs, save time for more professional and personal matters, and overall achieve more work-life balance. 

If you’re wondering about how this can happen for you, here are some of the tasks you can delegate to a real estate virtual assistant.

  • Coordinate title/escrow, mortgage loan, and appraisal processes
  • Answer phones, take messages and transfer calls
  • Schedule appointments, and update staff calendars
  • Generate leads through marketing campaigns like Facebook Ads
  • Update internal databases, and create and update spreadsheets
  • Circle prospect neighborhoods around just listed/just sold houses to look for potential sellers
  • Create marketing collateral like flyers, brochures, yard signs, door hangers, sell sheets, etc.
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Rick’s photo

Rick Garza

Bright and Early Productions

I’ll rate Virtudesk 5/5. My experience with Virtudesk was fantastic. I like your follow-ups and consistency is very refreshing and it makes me feel very confident in hiring Virtudesk.

Misti’s photo

Misti Bruton

AVO Realty

We hired a VA because we needed help on recruiting for agents and I am very satisfied with my Virtual Assistant. The experience with Virtudesk is really good and I am really really happy.

John’s photo

John Rainville

One of the reasons why we hire a Virtual Assistant is because a VA can’t walk out my door and take my business. Second, the cost value and the third is, we just had a super well qualified hardworking admin – I am very satisfied with my VA. We are also constantly getting follow-ups to ensure that we are very satisfied.