Virtudesk Testimonial: Paul Lopez at Paul Lopez and Associates

Mar 26, 2021

We are always in gratitude whenever our clients share their stories about how our virtual assistants help them revolutionize their business. Today, Paul Lopez, President at Paul Lopez and Associates, shares his about his Virtudesk testimonial, finding the right virtual assistant company to help him and his business.   Paul has been in the real estate industry for 21 years. His clients are incredibly happy whenever he helps them make the best decisions since big transactions like selling a home or buying a home for the first time can be truly a long, tiring, and emotional process. But with his help, his clients are able to find a way to bring order in every situation.

Paul's Virtudesk Testimonial

“My name is Paul Lopez and I'm a real estate broker. I've been in real estate for about the last 21 years and last year, right around when the pandemic hit, I realized that it was the right timing for me to go ahead and open up my own brokerage. There's a lot of virtual assistants out there who will contact us and contact me personally to try and work for me but there's that trust factor that isn't there. In fact, I interviewed one prior company and they told me that I wasn't able to meet with my assistant virtually like we do with Virtudesk via Zoom, and so I felt like that was going to be an odd way to work and I didn't move forward. In my Facebook groups, I belonged to LabCoat Agents and somebody had posted a question about hiring a virtual assistant and that's where the recommendation was made for Virtudesk.” paul-lopez-quote If you want to watch Paul’s Virtudesk Testimonial, go to our YouTube channel to watch his full testimony. paul-lopez-youtube-testimonial The marketingadministrativeand prospecting services are some of our most popular services. If you are interested to learn more about what types of virtual assistants we have, how you can use virtual assistants to leverage your business like Paul did, or want to sign up, just fill out this online form.

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Rick’s photo

Rick Garza

Bright and Early Productions

I’ll rate Virtudesk 5/5. My experience with Virtudesk was fantastic. I like your follow-ups and consistency is very refreshing and it makes me feel very confident in hiring Virtudesk.

Misti’s photo

Misti Bruton

AVO Realty

We hired a VA because we needed help on recruiting for agents and I am very satisfied with my Virtual Assistant. The experience with Virtudesk is really good and I am really really happy.

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John Rainville

One of the reasons why we hire a Virtual Assistant is because a VA can’t walk out my door and take my business. Second, the cost value and the third is, we just had a super well qualified hardworking admin – I am very satisfied with my VA. We are also constantly getting follow-ups to ensure that we are very satisfied.