Virtudesk Testimonial: Laura Santa Cruz at TitleCapture

Jul 16, 2021

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Here at Virtudesk, we are passionate about helping clients find more ways to leverage their businesses for growth. That’s why we take the greatest joy in hearing from our clients about the success they’ve had, so far, with their virtual assistants.

Laura Santa Cruz, Director of Sales for TitleCapture talks about what it’s like for her and her team to work with a virtual assistant in this Virtudesk Testimonial.

TitleCapture is a tech organization that provides support to real estate brands. From an estimate app to a multivalue platform, TitleCapture is now used by 1000+ title companies for their growth.

Driven by a passion for growing with other businesses, Laura has been with TitleCapture for more than 6 years now.

Here’s What Laura Had to Say About Virtudesk

Interviewer: My name is Alec. I requested for this time--for this meeting with you to get your feedback on how Evelyn is actually doing for your team, for your company. If there's anything that you wanted to share. 

Of course, your experience with her. Hopefully, there won't be any concern but we can also talk about that, as well. If there are any opportunities that you want her to cover. At least we can provide her with the support that she'll be needing in the future. 

Laura: No, she's doing exceptional and she always has, and she's really just rolling with the punches. Every new segment we send her way, she enriches. And she is like a little elf. At all times. As cute as can be, but very efficient. Do you receive her reports every day?

Interviewer: Yes.

Laura: Okay, so you see what I see as far as what she does. 

So you know what she's doing on a daily basis and everything is accurate and she's updated to include a couple of new projects we have her working on, kind of to help me in the BDR state, as far as reaching out with two leads. That's something new that she's implemented. 

In addition to that, overall, this was just presented on Monday. She's enriched a total of (1,155) leads for our company. So that was presented by the President to the founders. We have two companies. One is called Netsheet and one is TitleCapture. The parent company is Veolia and she is in the mix of both companies at all times. 

She works directly with me, but she works directly also with Liza. Keith, which is our owner- she's doing a big underwriter project for him right now. So, I have nothing. No concerns whatsoever. Only praises.

virtudesk testimonial Laura Santa Cruz Quote Card

Interviewer: Wow, that sounds really good, Laura. Also to tell you a little bit of background on how she actually performs here at Virtudesk, she's doing good. She's very open with her ideas if there's anything that we can improve on for our company, as well. Thank you so much for your time, Laura. We do really appreciate it. We also appreciate that you can see the works of Evelyn.

Laura: And the growth! She's capable of so much more than she does, and we're seeing that every day. So we're utilizing her in so many different segments and avenues. She's growing, therefore we’re growing.

Watch Laura’s Virtudesk Testimonial on Youtube

If you want to watch Laura's Virtudesk Testimonial, go to our YouTube channel to watch her full interview.

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Rick Garza

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I’ll rate Virtudesk 5/5. My experience with Virtudesk was fantastic. I like your follow-ups and consistency is very refreshing and it makes me feel very confident in hiring Virtudesk.

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We hired a VA because we needed help on recruiting for agents and I am very satisfied with my Virtual Assistant. The experience with Virtudesk is really good and I am really really happy.

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One of the reasons why we hire a Virtual Assistant is because a VA can’t walk out my door and take my business. Second, the cost value and the third is, we just had a super well qualified hardworking admin – I am very satisfied with my VA. We are also constantly getting follow-ups to ensure that we are very satisfied.