Tips to Find the Best Real Estate Virtual Assistants for You

Feb 17, 2018

The Real Estate industry has been remarkable these years. Every Real Estate Agent needs help and one of the easiest aides that they could get is hiring someone to help them grow the business – getting a Virtual Assistant. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to be part of your team not only boosts your team productivity, it also reduces costs and boost revenues. This gives you more time on commission-generating activities. But before you can enjoy the perks of having a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, you must first identify and be particular with the qualifications and specializations of every applicant so you can discover someone who best suits the job description.

Here are some tips to find the Best Real Estate Virtual Assistants.


Virtual Assistants are everywhere nowadays – global to be exact! So you could choose a remote VA or someone locally. Most remote Virtual Assistants use English as their second language thus, you don’t have to worry about language barriers or communication skills problems.

Dedication is always present and most of them are also flexible with time and even render overtime without any issues.

Most VA’s who work remotely are more affordable and cost-effective as you don’t have to shoulder their resources. As for those who work locally, you could reach them thru the web or several methods like email, chat or phone(video calls), Local VA’s language will never be a barrier as they are native or local within your business. They can talk to your prospects easily. A local VA serves as your secretary or may represent you in your absence.


There are market rates set depending on the task and location of the VA. Salary Tables are now available to check for the rates depending on the VA’s specialization. Some may have per day or monthly according to the agreement. Local Virtual Assistants are more expensive than remote virtual assistants. That also makes Asia one of the top producing locations for qualified assistants.


We have 2 types of Tasks – Dedicated and Tasked Base.

For Dedicated, usually, this is with a firm or long-term basis. They are focused on the outcome of a certain project. Accountability is secured as you see how they prepare things to perfection. They work as regular employees that could touch base immediately. As for the Tasked-based VAs here are the usual Tasks that they do:

Usually, they work remotely and do administrative tasks like E-Mail Management, Appointment Setting, Meeting Reminders, and Social Media Management. Hiring Task-based VAs may also be your potential to prepare them for full-time personal assistants.  The other advantage of task-based assistants is that they can conform to your style of work or look for systems that would match or cater to both your needs and the VA’s needs

Finding the best Real Estate Virtual Assistant can be tough. That’s why you must know the skills that you are looking for in your Best Virtual Assistant.

There are 2 types of skills to consider.

Hard Skills – The skills that specifically pertain to the requirements of the job. These are the things that bring highlights to the job post or experiences that you have acquired over the years. if your candidate has these skills, this gives them the edge over other Virtual Assistants.

Soft Skills – The main attributes that define your candidate's attitude and approach to work. Their work ethics is something that defines a Virtual Assistant's behavior towards work.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a big decision to make your business grow. It may even increase the profit and maximize your business potential to the fullest.

So in getting them, there are a lot of things to consider.

1. Perceive the responsibilities that you need

Be specific about the qualifications and specialization of every applicant so you can find someone who fits the job description. Create a Skill Set. Identify the skills that you are looking for in your VA and pick the best Hard and Soft Skill that you think would be the core skill of your business.

2. Quality Selection Process of Recruitment

Ensure that your Talent Acquisition Team creates specifications and instructions clear to all possible applicants. Paper Screen for Qualifications and schedule Initial Interviews to funnel the applicants.

3. Short List of Candidates

Create a short list of your top 3 or 5 best agents. The benefit of comparison through tests and interviews is to further assess down to your final applicant.

4. The 80-20 Rule

The 80-20 Rule advises you to rent a candidate based on 80% character and 20% technical and essential qualifications.

The idea behind the guideline is that every person who is committed and dedicated to the activity may be skilled to obtain top-of-the-line proficiency. I believe, with these tips, finding and selecting your best VA will be a lot easier, the VA to whom you entrust your business. Now you can get your own real estate virtual assistant by using the tips that we shared so you could take care of your Real Estate tasks so you can focus on what you do best!

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