Top 10 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Feb 22, 2018
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Top 10 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

In this new era, people are now using social media for both personal and professional matters. Social Media is the lifeblood of the people on how they can connect, engage and socialize with others. From family reunions, a date with your loved ones to even landing new jobs, getting promoted, and so on. But before we proceed, let’s talk about what Social Media is.

According to Wikipedia, Social Media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. There are several platforms out there like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and of course, Facebook.

In the Real Estate Industry, Real Estate Agents must learn how to apply social media to further engage with their customers. You may have created business pages but if you don’t have any background on how to engage with your audience, then you have to make some changes to your strategy to make it more effective.

In this article, we will be giving you the Top 10 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents so you can efficiently and effectively market your business.

1. Make a Great Professional Social Media Page

When it comes to advertising or marketing your Real Estate Services, it is best if you would set up and utilize a business page via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platforms that you might think will be useful rather than your personal social media pages. This way, it will help you to reach your target market and promote your services. Make sure to include all the details that need to be included such as your contact information, office location, and such.

2. Keep Things Local

Once you’ve set up your Social Media Page, there’s a bunch of ways to engage with them. Make sure to post relevant posts as possible. Post about things happening locally, like building new restaurants, groceries, hospitals, upcoming events, and pitch how these can be beneficial to your future clients.

3. Take a Second Look at Photos and Images

Photos or Images play a very important role, especially on social media. It is the most engaging and eye-catching content on your posts. It gets your Audience’s Attention and keeps their interests, it even helps them to remember your message and your brand. Make sure your images are sized flawlessly and perfectly.

Note that social media platforms require a certain size for the photos to effectively be posted with the highest quality. Consider using Canva for your social media posts. This application lets you create posts for any social media platform and provides you with a template that is within the size that social media platforms accept. This way, you are sure to have your photos uploaded in the best quality possible.

4. Engage with Clients in Contests

Contests are one of the great ways to promote yourself as a Real Estate Agent. People love free things, so why not open up contests from time to time to keep your audience excited? You can also give them discounts or giveaways. By doing these, you can make a solid relationship with your customers and even get more. There are a lot of great contest ideas out there that you can do as a Real Estate Agent.

5. Start Conversations

A great way to show your value to the existing customers or audiences of your posts is to engage with them through their Like, Leave a Comment, or Ask a Question (if any). Also, it is better to address them by their names so they may feel comfortable engaging with you.

6. Listings on Social Media

You can directly post your Listings on your social media business pages. This will help in marketing your Listings to a broader target audience. The advantage is that it facilitates direct contact between you and your prospects or potential customers as they can directly send you a message or even leave a comment in REAL TIME!

7. Using of Geo-Targeted Ads

Isn’t it great if you can get so specific in reaching your target audience? You can actually target audiences specifically within your desired locations. One good example is on Facebook; the two ways to target are Targeting Promoted Posts or Ads, and Any Status Updates.

8. Use the #Hashtag

Using a Hashtag is a way of making it easier for people to find, access, and follow a post or conversation (on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). Create an original, innovative, relevant, and a catchy hashtag related to your post to instantly curate yours and everyone's post with the same hashtag.

9. Have an Effective Content Strategy

Your Social Media Page will never be an effective one if you don’t have a very good content strategy. Sprout Social provided a step-by-step guide for your Social Media Content Strategy.

The Must-Have Social Media Content Strategy

  1. Establish Social Goals That Align With Business Goals
  2. Choose the Right Social Network
  3. Design Your Content Creation Process
  4. Research the Perfect Content & Keywords
  5. Create a Consistent Schedule
  6. Use Engagement to Create a Community
  7. Track Performance & Adjust

10. Measure Your Activities

Would you like to know how well your strategy is working? Have you ever thought of how it's going? By using social media, it is very important to know if your activities are successful or not. So that you can learn what to improve on and how you can improve it. You may use any social media management platform to know the metrics information about your activities.

Social Media is indeed a great tool and can really help you to market your business. As a real estate agent, knowing the top trends and techniques in Social Media will efficiently help you, build a solid and long-lasting Real Estate Agent-Customer relationship and acquire new ones.

You may choose any social media platform either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or YouTube so you can engage more with your existing customers and/or with new potential ones. Just keep these Social Media Tips in mind and let yourself shine through!

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