Lead Generation Techniques & Best Practices Today

Apr 5, 2018

Lead Generation Techniques & Best Practices Today
Lead Generation and Email Marketing is the best way to make sales online. That’s why true lead generation always involves collecting the prospect’s email address.


Blogging may be a far from the typical Lead Generation tool. Since it’s hot in the market considering getting leads from blogging would be a perfect move. However, the idea of blogging may give you the option to educate and convert strangers into something that you could gain from.

Social Media Buttons

Social Media plays one of the biggest parts of lead generation as everybody utilizes many social media platforms. Again similar to blogging your ultimate goal is to spread the word by the use of likes shares and comments and turn them into potential leads.

All about Video

As YouTube is one of the world’s second largest search engine and the social network Facebook which is poised to give video extra reach in their newsfeed. A video speaks a thousand words an from that generating a lead can be easy peasy for you.
A couple things to consider:
Keep the video short and simple, but not too short. For the initial promo video, try to keep it under a minute and a half. Consider having more in-depth videos available to describe various features of your product or service. Know your strengths and weaknesses. If you are not great at both creating videos or public speaking, then you should hire someone. Always better to have a good first impression than a cheap bad impression.

Remember community and meetings

Attend conferences. This will help you find a network of influencers who may promote your product as well as potential customers.Best if you will be invited as a host at conferences as long as you can add value. Speaking can help you get a lot of exposure. More exposure more leads.

Create query driven content material

Google Search is a gold-mine for ideas that help you gain leads. Type the name of your competitors and check what’s their top pages. Watch what keywords are being searched and often used for extended phrases.

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