Everything You Need To Know to Level Up Your Networking Strategies This 2024

Jan 30, 2024
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Everything You Need To Know to Level Up Your Networking Strategies This 2024

“It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” This is just one of the many sayings often thrown around in the business world, a glimpse of how much industry experts value the importance of Networking in setting the tone for a business's success. Not only does this expand and progress relationships within your respective industry, but it also opens up doors of opportunities to capitalize on and kickstart the beginning of the year with a bang.

In this article, we'll be going over everything you need to know about the importance of networking strategies you can implement to ensure you're well-equipped to take on the new year and work toward success surrounded by fellow experts.

The Role of Networking in Business Growth

Effective networking spans beyond just expanding your contact list; it's about building quality relationships with industry experts or communities that resonate with your values and get you one step closer to your objectives. A great example is real estate, an industry that thrives on client satisfaction and networking. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, more than half of both buyers and sellers find their agent through recommendations or referrals from friends and loved ones, further proving the advantages that come with knowing the right people.

Going beyond industry-specific data, statistics show that business executives disclosed that they would lose 28% of their business if they stopped networking, with 80% of professionals believing that networking can be a vital factor in progressing their careers. These data support that networking is a recurring concept that every entrepreneur should embrace regardless of whether you're a small business or operating on a larger scale.

The Benefits of Building The Right Connection

Diverse Experience and Unique Opinions

Immersing yourself with people in your industry as one of your networking strategies offers varied backgrounds and expertise that can bring a plethora of perspectives to be used as a point of consideration when making major business decisions.

Considering other perspectives is crucial for long-term sustainable growth as this approach allows you and your business to implement new network strategies with thought-through solutions during challenges you encounter throughout the year. This is due to the acquired viewpoints you've gathered, contributing to both your problem-solving skills and overall personal growth.

Collaborative Community

Networking often paves the way for creating communities that thrive on collaboration. This opportunity allows members to meet fellow entrepreneurs, share knowledge, enhance peer-to-peer support, and engage in idea exchanges while working toward the same goal: to succeed in their respective industries.

Aside from the benefits of meeting like-minded professionals, being in a community also creates a safe haven for collaborative leadership that empowers connectivity and engagement across different industries.

Access to Manifold of Resources

One of the exclusive benefits of investing in effective networking is the vast array of resources that would otherwise be inaccessible to people outside the immediate circle. These resources can come in many forms. From access to diverse insights and mentorship to tangible assets such as financial aid, investments, and equipment, these resources can help elevate your business to new heights.

Better Reputation and Increased Credibility

Establishing a good and credible reputation among your peers and in your industry is an approach that yields benefits for businesses overall, especially when incorporating it into your networking strategies effectively. This often comes to fruition when meeting potential partners or clients through a trusted connection. With a recommendation from a well-known expert in your industry, you are getting a powerful endorsement of your reliability as a business.

Once you've built a reputation for being an effective business, your credibility will follow. This newfound trust you've developed within your market can lead to smoother operations, such as faster business dealings and increased clients or partners.

Foster a Supportive Environment

Every business leader, regardless of the industry, goes through a period of bumps along the road at one point in life, but that doesn't mean you should deal with it alone. Networking offers an invaluable and encouraging environment that can significantly help overcome the hurdles of navigating the intricacies of your industry.

Being with a supportive network of industry experts can offer emotional support such as guidance and inspiration. This level of emotional support is crucial for ensuring that you stay motivated to grow and set an excellent example for your team. A network built on the foundation of support can also make sharing experiences, advice, and constructive feedback a smooth experience for everyone involved.

Benefits of networking

Tips and Strategies to Build An Effective Network

Find The Right People

In the world of networking, sometimes focusing on quality over quantity and seeking the right people is the smart decision to make. While building your network, ensure that you connect with individuals who share your vision of success and can contribute to taking it one step closer to reality. This factor will not only let you maximize your relationship but also translate to bigger opportunities moving forward.

Explore Different Communities

Quality connections in networking are often made in the least expected scenarios. That’s why it’s essential never to limit yourself when seeking out these connections and explore communities outside your current industry. Aside from meeting new people, stepping outside your typical professional circle can allow you to gain different perspectives that could provide solutions to potential challenges and open up opportunities for future collaboration projects.

Join Industry Networking Events

In terms of networking strategies, nothing compares to the connection you will make during industry events. These gatherings are usually in the form of seminars or conferences and oftentimes serve as a melting pot of opportunities just waiting to be capitalized on.
At Virtudesk, we attend events catering to different industries to further our chances of expanding our network. Whether through major real estate events such as the Tom Ferry Summit and conferences by eXp Realty, or in the healthcare industry through Becker’s Healthcare’s annual conferences, we allocate time to be present at these events since it allows us to gain insights into the latest trends, build strong relationships with colleagues, and learn from the most renowned industry experts while also raising awareness of the services we offer.

Virtudesk joining networking events

Increase Your Presence on Social Media

Engaging online is a crucial part of any business that wants to thrive, especially in the context of networking. Allocate time to exploring platforms like LinkedIn, X, and Instagram to strengthen your professional roots. With social media becoming mandatory to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of today’s business world, take the time to showcase your expertise and utilize content channels such as blogs to share expert insights. Networking strategies such as this not only help in building new connections but also keep you updated on the latest trends and opportunities in your industry.

Due to these platforms catering to different types of users, it’s also important to keep your content diverse and aligned with your chosen platform’s niche. Implementing the use of a content calendar can do great wonders as this can help you stay organized while putting out high-quality content, especially when using multiple social platforms.

A great example of how we implement this strategy at Virtudesk is the approach we use to our primary social media platforms. On Instagram, we make sure to craft eye-catching content such as our blog promotions and customer testimonials. While on Linkedin, we take a more professional route, offering insights and knowledge that entrepreneurs can find valuable. By curating our content according to the platform’s intended audience, we’re increasing the possibilities of attracting new people and expanding our network in the process.

Virtudesk social media platforms for networking

Nourish and Continue Building Existing Relationships

As much as your networking strategies revolve around making new connections, maintaining your existing relationships is just as important. Nurturing these relationships would involve regular communication and ensuring that you’re ready to offer help whenever they require it. This can also mean mutually attending each other’s events and social media efforts, such as content, to contribute to deepening the quality of the connections you already have.

tips and strategies for an effective network


Recognizing and prioritizing networking as an essential element for your business is crucial in getting you one step closer to success. With the right connections, you are getting the level of growth and innovation to equip your business with the necessary tools to compete in today’s business landscape.

Keep in mind that there is no clear path to effective networking. It’s a continuous process that requires effort in building and maintaining relationships that align with your long-term goals. As you take on 2024, focus on growing your connections and incorporate virtual assistants to ensure you can maximize your networking efforts accompanied by an incomparable level of support, such as scheduling important meetings, performing administrative tasks, and handling the overall routine tasks of your operations. 

Explore your virtual assistant options now by scheduling a discovery call with us. To stay updated with the latest techniques that you can implement in your operations, sign up for our official Virtudesk newsletter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can networking contribute to business growth?

Networking can help in increasing business growth through access to new clients, partnerships, investment opportunities, and industry insights that can enhance performance and opportunities.

  • How can I use social media for networking?

You can use social media platforms like LinkedIn, which is perfect for professional networking since it offers opportunities to connect, share insights, and raise awareness regarding your business.

  • Is networking beneficial for all types of businesses?

Regardless of your industry, networking offers opportunities that could lead to collaborations, knowledge sharing, and expansion to whole new markets.

  • How can startups benefit from networking?

Startup entrepreneurs can benefit from networking by gaining mentors and finding investors to further their credibility in their respective industries.

  • How can networking help in influencing a business owner’s decision-making?

Involving yourself in communities is an excellent part of networking, and immersing yourself in these types of environments can offer diverse viewpoints and experiences that could be used as a point of comparison when dealing with future challenges.


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