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Jan 5, 2021

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Solo law practices often times have many more tasks to complete on a daily basis rather than just spending time with clients or working on a case. These types of tasks can include appointment scheduling, answering phone calls and emails, legal intake, and so much more. Although these tasks are essential for running your practice effectively, just imagine how much more time can be spent with clients if you didn’t have to do any of these tasks. You could potentially spend more time winning a case, taking on more cases, or spending previously lost time with family. That’s why lawyers today are increasingly relying on legal virtual assistant services to complete much of the repetitive grunt work their office is responsible for. Another reason virtual assistants have been more popular among lawyers, than in-house staff assistants, is because 1.) it can significantly save on costs and 2.) allow small law offices to pay assistants for what they actually work. Many law offices need work completed by an assistant, receptionist, or secretary like research, social media management, and phone answering. However, the law office doesn’t have enough of those tasks to hire someone full-time. Thus, virtual assistants offer lawyers a great opportunity to delegate their labor towards a more efficient avenue. Below, we’ll go over what a legal virtual assistant actually is, what tasks are commonly delegated and outsourced to legal virtual assistants, and more.

What are Legal Virtual Assistants

As you may have guessed, legal virtual assistants help small law offices and solo lawyers with their legal work. Legal virtual assistants can be responsible for much of the legal research involved in gathering information about a case, administrative work, marketing including social media management, client intake, client relationship management, and more. They can do everything a legal secretary can do.

What Tasks Can You Delegate to a Legal Virtual Assistant

Listed below are the most commonly completed tasks a legal virtual assistant can do for lawyers. However, this list is not exhaustive and is generalized for all practices.  
  1. Answering service, answering phone calls
  2. Email inbox management
  3. Social media management a. Creating social posts including creating graphics and copywriting b. Scheduling posts on social platforms utilizing social media management tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social c. Moderating comments and DMs d. Pulling analytics reports for improved social performance e. Finding online groups (e.g. LinkedIn Groups) of like-minded lawyers for you to be a thought leader in f. Schedule blog posts
  4. Other marketing and promotion
  5. Scheduling and confirming appointments
  6. Client legal intake a. Attracting new leads b. Collecting contact information c. Pre-screening and conflict checking d. Scheduling a consultation e. Collecting information you’ll need for their case f. Getting a fee agreement signed g. New client onboarding
  7. Legal research a. Gathering information about a case and compiling it into a detailed, standardized report
  8. Data Entry
  9. Transcription
  10. Prepare practice-specialty documents a. Litigation b. Estate planning c. Family Law d. Corporate e. Immigration f. And more

Tasks to delegate to a legal VA Infographic

Does a legal virtual assistant have to have a degree?

Law offices sometimes require at least an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. Usually, they require some legal experience for legal virtual assistants they hire. It all really depends on the law office and the lawyer who is hiring. Some virtual assistants won’t even need a degree if they are only answering phone calls, managing social media, and doing administrative work. Overall, it depends on the requirements of the practicing office, the tasks a lawyer expects their virtual assistant to do, and how much background knowledge they prefer their virtual assistants to have. At Virtudesk, all of our virtual assistants that work as legal virtual assistants have full bachelor’s degrees in paralegal studies, so you can be confident in your virtual assistant’s knowledge base and skill if you choose to hire from Virtudesk.

Other Names for Legal Virtual Assistants

Sometimes, legal virtual assistants can assume many titles. Below, is a list of commonly used titles of legal virtual assistants who are assigned specific roles and tasks. Fore example, a legal intake receptionist would largely be responsible for client intake, and most likely manage little to no social media, legal research transcription, and other tasks.
  • Legal Intake Receptionist
  • Legal Answering Service
  • Paralegal Virtual Assistant
If you are a practicing lawyer, and found this article interesting and want to lean more about legal virtual assistant services, fill out this form, and one of our sales managers will be in contact with you.

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