19 Virtual Marketing Assistant Tasks to Outsource

Apr 5, 2022

virtual marketing assistant tasks you can outsource usa

Marketing is an essential business function. Virtual marketing assistants offer their services to contribute to their client’s marketing goals. 

They help teams and organizations reach and exceed their business goals by taking over tasks that can be performed remotely.

Using their knowledge of marketing tools and techniques, they provide services like graphic design, video editing, social media management, and copywriting, among many others.

Today’s blog looks into some tasks businesses outsource to virtual marketing assistants and how your business can benefit by doing the same.

What is a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

Virtual marketing assistants are remote marketing specialists who offer services that help out marketing teams and businesses grow their reach and connect with their target audience.

They help out in developing marketing strategies, setting and achieving marketing goals, as well as in creating marketing collateral and digital assets for offline and online marketing.

Below is a list of some of the tasks you can outsource to virtual marketing assistants.

1. Create Graphic Designs

Graphic design is important for businesses in any industry. However, it can take up too much time to design various templates, edit and create assets, and even in brand and logo studies.

Letting go of your graphic content creation can free up a lot of time for you as an entrepreneur. This makes it a practical choice to outsource the task to a virtual marketing assistant. 

Your virtual assistant can be the one to create templates for ads, social media posts, blogs, emails, and more. Not only that, but they can also conduct research on how to better represent your brand to your market so your message is always clearly communicated.

2. Edit Videos

Video marketing is another powerful marketing tool for business owners nowadays. This is another time-consuming task you can let go to attend to more pressing matters only you can do.

A skillful video editor virtual assistant can help you establish a powerful and consistent presence on today’s video marketing platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

This can help your business’s reach grow, as well as nurture your audiences into actual customers in the long run.

Look for a video editor virtual assistant who specializes in producing social media content and ads to help you create compelling content that portrays your brand the way you want your community to perceive it.

3. Assist in Podcasting Marketing

If you run podcasts or wish to start doing so, you can get the help of a marketing virtual assistant to gain better use of your time.

Podcast marketing virtual assistants can help you discover the best tools to produce high-quality episodes. Their main task will also revolve around editing your podcast and publishing it on the best channels available for your audience.

They can also help you with preparing scripts, and topics, planning your episodes, writing show notes, and many other tasks related to running a successful podcast show.

4. Execute Copywriting Tasks

Effective copy turns strangers into followers, and followers into buyers and advocates. This is why hiring a skillful copywriting virtual assistant can be hugely beneficial to the growth of your business.

With a dedicated copywriter, you can have more effective ad copy, social media calls to action, emails, and other written content that actually produce returns.

5. Perform Content Management

Content managers are in charge of optimizing websites, publishing written content, and distributing content for businesses. Any level of content management ensures that your brand’s message is consistent across all the digital platforms that you use.

Marketing virtual assistants working on content management work closely with other departments to learn more about your customers and your products.

This process allows them to better bridge the gap between the value you offer, and the actual pain points of your customers through the content they publish.

Content management will also involve search engine optimization tasks to ensure that your content gets the most traffic that it can from your target audience.

6. Implement Digital Asset Management

Digital assets are all the files your business uses to create visual representations of its message and branding for your audiences. Assets can be logos, documents, photos, motion graphics, presentations, audio, and many more.

Having a virtual marketing assistant perform some degree of asset management means your team members spend less time getting lost in a complicated library of old and new files.

Your branding also becomes consistent, and your team will be able to comply with copyrights and licensing rules more easily.

Digital asset management tasks include creating an asset storage system on cloud-based storage drives like Google Drive and Dropbox or using specialized systems like Cloudinary and Brandfolder.

Your marketing virtual assistant can help in enforcing your asset management system, as well as conduct workshops on proper usage and styling of your digital assets in representing your company through visual content.

7. Conduct Market Research

Market research is essential. It helps companies create strategies that work and action plans that produce returns.

Marketing virtual assistants can conduct market research to discover more about your company’s target customers. They can provide reports on trends and how to best get in touch with them and communicate with them.

Conducting market research also involves performing comparative analyses with your direct and indirect competitors.

Having constant updates on the state of your target market can help keep your marketing and sales teams up to date on the best ways to connect with your market and position your brand as the top choice among your customers.

8. Develop Marketing Plan

Starting a business means you’ve already developed a marketing plan to guide you in growing your business. This, however, will always be a work in progress considering how quickly market trends and consumer behavior change.

Your virtual marketing assistant can assist in continuously improving your marketing strategies by adding new research, as well as collating internal data into insightful reports.

This way your business can continuously evolve in response to the customers that actually return the same value your business provides.

Your marketing virtual assistant can also conduct training sessions on new marketing tactics, campaigns, and internal processes.

9. Track Metrics and KPIs

You can delegate the responsibility of tracking marketing metrics to your virtual marketing assistant. This is done by training and informing them on your marketing business goals, and how to gather and interpret metrics.

Doing this helps you gain more time you can use to run your business instead of crunching numbers. It also gives your team access to more relevant data considering a dedicated team member now keeps your metrics reports updated.

10. Conduct Email Marketing Campaigns

You can continue to reap the benefits of email marketing without using up more of your time by outsourcing this responsibility to a marketing virtual assistant.

Your virtual assistant can dedicate more time to email marketing to further improve your current funnels and templates. They can even segment your mailing list and personalize your strategy to improve your conversion rates and overall performance.

11. Execute Brand Strategy

Your virtual marketing assistant can also function as your in-house branding specialist. This involves supervising the execution of your visual and content style guides, ensuring a strong and consistent brand identity across all platforms.

They can also help provide research and improvements to your current branding style to further solidify your message and increase awareness and recall among your audiences.

Virtual marketing assistants can do this by taking charge of your content production, building a brand strategy, and supervising its execution.

12. Run Digital Ads

The task of planning and creating a budget for your digital advertisements can also be delegated to a virtual marketing assistant.

They can look for the best ways to make the most out of your budget when it comes to finding hosting services, targeting techniques, design, and other factors relevant to creating effective advertising campaigns.

13. Qualify Marketing Leads

Your virtual marketing assistant can also help out in generating qualified leads for your sales team. 

After training your virtual assistant on your target customer profiles and sales qualification process, they can go ahead and create a system to determine marketing qualified leads.

Virtual assistants can further establish specific profiles for marketing qualified leads, and even create content and pages that help out in your lead qualification and generation processes.

14. Look for Networking Opportunities

Your personal network is a great start for your business’s network to start growing. Eventually, your business needs to be able to tap into larger groups of vendors and prospects and establish a relationship with them.

Your virtual marketing assistant can provide you with research on relevant networking events and groups within your space. This helps in preparing to introduce your business to more people, as well as in establishing your business’s presence and position among its competitors.

15. Event Production

Planning an entire event, be it personal or virtual, can be taxing, especially for business owners who already have a lot to do.

Marketing virtual assistants can help out in planning events, inviting guests, contacting vendors, and pretty much anything that can be done remotely to coordinate an entire event for your business.

This doesn’t only include marketing and networking events, but also internal events that help build rapport between everyone in your company.

16. Social Media Strategy

Virtual marketing assistants are experts in translating marketing strategies into social media plans

They can help you establish your business’s social media presence, optimize content for each platform, and execute a robust marketing strategy on the best social media platforms for your business and audience.

Virtual marketing assistants can do this by creating an editorial calendar, scheduling posts, writing captions, and creating and editing your content.

17. Ads Strategy

Social media can also be leveraged to tap into specific audience groups using in-platform ads. The research and preparation for this, however, can take up time, so it can be a wise choice to delegate this to your virtual assistant, instead.

They can create an entire strategy, including the target market profiles, campaign goals, budget, and even prepare templates that are almost ready for publishing. They will also be responsible for making adjustments in the budget and targeting once the ad is promoted and numbers start coming in.

Doing this can ensure that you can keep up with trends and avoid using ineffective designs when connecting with your target audience through social media ads.

18. Analytics Reporting

Social media analytics reporting is another key task you should delegate to your marketing virtual assistants. This ensures that your social media performance is always at its best by observing how your posts are performing.

Marketing virtual assistants can use tools like Hootsuite or eClincher to track your social media performance easily. They can then create reports and actionable insights to help your marketing team better leverage social media marketing for the growth of your business.

19. Community Engagement

Your virtual marketing assistant can be your dedicated community engagement manager on your social media accounts.

This means they will be responsible for collecting audience inquiries, suggestions, insights, and more. Doing this can help in providing your audience with consistent care through social media channels.

By interacting with your audience through direct messaging, follows, likes and other social media actions, your brand’s engagement can be impacted positively. This can increase your reach, as well as avoid neglecting possible leads coming from social media.

virtual marketing assistant tasks infographic usa

Your Marketing Virtual Assistant’s Weekly Schedule

Depending on the tasks you wish your virtual marketing assistant to focus on, this is what their schedule may look like. You can also make adjustments depending on what strategy your marketing is currently using.

virtual marketing assistant sample schedule usa

Delegating Tasks to a Virtual Marketing Assistant

Virtual marketing assistants can be exactly what your business needs right now. You can leverage your online presence to extend your reach, produce more leads, and close more deals with the help of a virtual marketing assistant.

They can also help improve your business’s off-line presence with branding, copywriting, and content creation tasks.

Instead of hiring multiple local marketing specialists, you can start out with a team of virtual assistants performing the tasks your business needs. This can be a cost-effective way to establish an in-house marketing team for your business.

If you wish to leverage the skills and expertise of virtual marketing assistants for your business, feel free to fill out this form, and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you.

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